Dumb Problems [NOT 4/10/21]

Hi, friends!

How did your Monday go?

Are you having any problems lately that are basically ridiculous yet you’re still fixated on it?

Here’s mine.

I am a little diva and prefer Spanish olive oil. It’s got a light fruity flavor and since I use olive oil so much in salad dressings, chickpea salads, etc etc.

So normally I get it at Trader Joe’s. Out. TJ’s shares a parking lot with a Target, I walk my sad ass over. Nope, none there either.

Two grocery stories later, I finally found a Spanish olive oil.

I guess at least around here, extra virgin olive oil is also in short supply around me. Some of the stores were pretty light on the shelves even of the California olive oils. NPR had a segment this morning about labels being hard to get for wine bottles and that fucking up distribution, so maybe a similar problem for a lot of the olive oil distributers.



  1. Literally every industry is facing covid-induced labor shortages to go on top of workers realizing they have options that is not some company town bullshit. Also literally none of the customers are recognizing this and keep yelling like if they yell enough it will power a time machine or some shit.

    • Yeah I mean if I couldn’t find it, I wasn’t going to say anything. I would just buy Italian olive oil and go on with my life. I worked at Target years ago, stores bust their asses to get stock on the shelves so if that many spots are bare you know the back room also doesn’t have any.

  2. The thing is, olive oil is essentially fruit juice when you think about it.  So it’s perishable.  Most “extra virgin olive oil” is just rancid shit that isn’t actually fit for human consumption.  By all means, get your Spanish olive oil during the warm months.  But, when the weather turns cold and you’re out of the Spanish stuff, you’d be well served to find a Southern Hemisphere oil from some place like Chile or Southern Africa.  Get your oils from a specialty store which deals with this stuff and has a dedicated distributor who can validate the supply chain.  The oil costs more, for sure, but at least you know what you’re paying for.

  3. Also the towel bar in my guest bathroom keeps falling off the wall. Do we think Gorilla Glue would fix it? I’ve already anchored the screw and it’s still loose

    • Push-in anchors that just get wider in the drywall hole, or toggle-bolts/Molly Bolts/ butterfly anchors?


      If Molly bolts don’t work, you may need to move the towel rack over just a bit, and screw into the studs, rather than trying to simply anchor on the drywall….


      That’s what we ended up having to do at the house of one of my former roommates–the dolts who built her house cut allllllll sorts of corners, to keep costs down, *and* hers was the Model House in that neighborhood, so alllll sorts of “dumb/non-functional but pretty!” went on there.

      In the downstairs bathroom, they just screwed into the drywall (NO anchors!🙃), and the towel bar kept falling.

      We anchored it with the crappy plastic ones, those fell out after a month… tried the heavy-duty plastic ones, and they also lasted about a month…

      We were going to use Molly bolts… but my dad came to visit for *some* holiday, annnnnnd he decided to fix it permanently for us by drilling 3″ screws right into the studs so it wouldn’t ever fall out again.😉🤣💖



    • Things were OK here today–we had a training day out in the boonies, because of the holiday (it happens that way for many of the “odd” holidays, at our district).



      As is sooftenthe case, the morning/keynote session was…. not really applicable (or easily applicable anyway!) to early childhood SPED programming–this was a session on teaching an early reading curriculum… annnnd that’s just not relevant when the pre-K’ers aren’t speaking or even noticing that there other *people* around them… let alone being able to read sight words, repeat rhyme sounds & break down or add syllables in words!🙃🙄🤣


      Also–personal rant–thanks to the stupid standardized testing system we are SO incredibly *stuck on* as a “measurement of learning!” here in the US, we as a society are demanding developmentally inappropriate levels of “knowledge” be shown by children nowadays!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


      I’m NOT kidding, when I say that kids are expected to be reading on the first day of Kindergarten nowadays (NOT developmentally appropriate!!!), and that the shiz we were learning to teach today,?


      In *our* generation (older millenial/X’ers, through Boomers), we were learning this stuff in second and THIRD grades!!!!🙃🙃🙃

      The program we learned about was *insisting* that three and four YEAR olds*** should easily grok this stuff, if we were to teach their system with fidelity.🙄


      Seriously, we are working on getting *most* of our kiddos to simply sit through circle time without wandering off, and to play without throwing things or dumping out *allthetoys* at once… yet someone thinks “these kids should TOTALLY be able to read in 26 weeks!


      I’d LOVE to get ed back where it’s SUPPOSED to be, developmentally–with the time before Kindergarten simply being about “learning How To Do School” and learning how to get along with others, with a *bit* of academics (which was tailored to each kiddo AND developmentally appropriate!) thrown in there.




      (***not *grades,* but YEARS!!!😒😒😒)

    • are you certain it’s the wall anchor?

      Just asking, cause I had a loose towel rack in my apartment bathroom, that I just assumed was a bad wall anchor, and ignored it for years.

      I forget why (probably bored…), but at some point I went and tried to take it off the wall and give it a looking-over and see if I could do something about it, and it was simply the towel rack itself wasn’t properly assembled, and once I undid and properly redid the thing, it mounted to the wall just fine, and hasn’t so much as wiggled since.  And that was… I can’t even remember, so at least 4-5 years or more ago, and before then falling off the wall was probably a monthly event…

      Anyways, pretty much what emmer said, one of those expanding/unfolding toggle bolts would probably hold more weight/strain than a simple anchor.  going directly into a stud would be better yet, but that rarely fits with most design plans and such.  would be a small amount of work, but if you could also put a finished piece of some 1xsomething(4?) as a backer to the towel bar, that would give you more flexibility with the placement, as you could screw that into the studs, and then screw the towel bar into that.  put in some hole plugs, or even just spackle/putty over the screw holes, and stain or paint it to match other decor, etc.

      Anyways, GorillaGlue might work, but I think it would likely be temporary at best, and probably messy.  If you do decide to go that way, lightly moisten the wall, the anchor, the towel rack, and anything else you want to be glued with a damp rag  – the polyurethane is water-activated, and having a little bit of moisture present helps.  And try to keep it clamped/braced, and keep an eye on it periodically to clean up any expansion seepage before it fully sets, like with a qtip or something.

  4. Hi everyone! Not to thread jack – but I finally got a job and started today. I’m replacing someone who got fired so I have virtually no prep time and the hours are going to be insane. Unless someone wants to write some posts for Back to One – I’m going to have to put it on hold until December some time – or I might be back in a couple of weeks if we strike. All of IATSE(our union for  film crews) voted overwhelmingly yes(like 98%) to strike – so if the Producers union doesn’t step up in negotiations we’re going on strike around Oct. 15. If we do – I don’t think it will last too long – maybe a couple of weeks – but who knows. If you want to write about anything entertainment – feel free and have fun – it posts onWednesdays @ 2pm – category- TV & Film and tag Back to One.

    Just in case you’re curious – it’s a rap/hip hop film that is totally out of my wheel house – but it’s with a producer that works all the time – so I need to do a really good job. Anyway – I’ll be around just not as much. I can still do the Duan on Tucciday – it doesn’t take as much of my time. Thanks for your patience and understanding! Oh – and the female actor I went antique shopping with was Mary Steenburgen who is absolutely as lovely as you would expect.

  5. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!


    This isn’t little, but it certainly is stupid. I recently had to take a COVID PCR test because someone I was exposed to tested positive.  I also took a rapid antigen test that came back negative.

    This morning, I received the email saying my test results were ready. Clicked through, and it’s “dnt” (for “did not test”), no further explanation. Now I need to throw away 4 additional days of quarantine to take another test and wait for the results.

    Well, fuuuuuuuuck.

    I called the testing company (as instructed on their follow-up info), and waited on hold for over an hour…then finally the most soporific-sounding person answered and proceeded to read the disclaimer I’d already seen multiple times on their form communications. When she tried to transfer me to a nurse, the person who answered the phone was a rude lady who was not a nurse and demanded to know my name before moving forward. When she repeated it back incorrectly and I spelled it out again, she disconnected the call.

    That was 1hr, 20 mins I’m never getting back, on top of the four additional days of living in limbo.

    Fuck you, PWN!!!!!!!!

  6. Not a problem (except for the folks who don’t enjoy long-form twitter, of course!🤣😉), but something that may give a few of y’all a giggle…


    It’s LONG, yes!


    But funny, in a very fun, silly, and enlightening way, too!😉

  7. Most of my stupid problems that I keep fixating on are really dumb, like internet arguments.  I think I offended some pretentious Aikido wanker by mentioning my experience practicing Aikido in a dojo with an overabundance of pretentious wankers, and how their pretentious wankery was getting in the way of them learning proper technique, and more likely for them to get hurt, or hurt someone else if they ever tried to use Aikido in a stressful situation.  Your lack of desire to break someone’s bones isn’t going to do jack shit when you torque a wristlock too much, because you were never taught that a wrist lock becomes a wrist break with enough force.

    But clearly the person trying to explain that a wristlock can become a wristbreak is a violent brute, and just doesn’t understand the finer points of the peaceful art…

    And now I’m just wishing I actually used wanker/wankery in my actual post, and not just this paraphrasing of it…


    In more isolated-entirely-to-me dumb problems, I really have to stop “I’ll just watch this final episode, and get another beer or two” before going to bed.  I get less sleep than I’d like, I probably don’t really need to drink those extra beers or two (or three…), and then I end up not remembering most of the episode, and just have to rewatch it again later.



    • right there with you on that one last episode and beer thing

      i really should be putting myself to bed by about 11…before if possible…but i dont…and then the duans up…so i have to at least check that out…and just one last episode

      aaaand then its midnight..and my 5 am alarm clock seems awefully close by (and then…i might still one more episode…)

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