…dumber than thou [DOT 18/5/20]

& still dumbing it down for all he's worth...

…well, the weekend’s over but it looks like some folks haven’t really got past the last few days yet

he’s so proud of this one that he pinned it…

…there’s really only one problem with him touting the term to his faithful followers…neither he nor they can explain what the hell it is that Obama supposedly did…but it doesn’t stop them grasping for new answers based on a creative interpretation of past events…but we’re talking laughably fucking stupid claims that you’d need to be beyond hope of remedial tutoring before you’d be willing to entertain

would have been true, even…had he skipped the re-tweet & just kept the account name & the one line…

…it’s a well-trodden path for the cerebrally-challenged cretin in charge…or indeed for his various protegees & progeny…if in doubt then muddy the waters by levelling accusations against others that mirror offences you know yourself to be guilty of

…the “clever” bit is that because they have to find out you’re guilty before they make their claim (& you know you’re guilty AF from the off because you’re the most transparently criminal asshole ever to be mistakenly awarded the office) you can almost always make your claim first so when your deluded support run across the one against you they can chalk it up to a childish form of tit for tat & choke it down with the rest of the crap you force them to guzzle


…but mostly you just contradict reality on the basis that you in fact are sufficiently craven to rely on your supporters doing the hard work of maintaining their own cognitive dissonance to cleave to your fiction over the abundance of evidence to the contrary


…so I guess we know this bit’s pretty true

Obama Lives in Trump’s Head

…the man is positively overcome by his desperation not to admit to himself that he looks like a child next to his predecessor…that however imperfect Obama’s tenure in the White House may have been the fact remains that every aspect of it stands as a rebuke to quite literally the entirety of the shambolic Dolt45 cult…& it is beyond embarassingly obvious that it tears him up


…but arguably it’s worse than that


…& – not to put too fine a point on it…dumber than that…straight up denial of reality levels of stupid with the added bonus of risking lives & livelihoods throughout the nation


…but we can’t just give him the old “you’re fired!”…because…reasons?


…when you get right down to it…the closest anaolgy I can figure if that he’s literally throwing americans on some sort of pyre in the hope that their corpses are going to act as a firebreak to keep him from burning just long enough to scrape that second term


…not that he seems keen to be doing much to help out at the state level


…but then some questions seem like we know the answer before anyone asks


…& some things don’t come easy


…which is why you have to confront the painful numbers if you’re going to know where you really are with this thing


…not piss away your chance to do something contructive to instead fuck about with the old sound & fury routine like you’re nostalgic for the days of mutually assured destruction


The United States and other nations might use Monday’s World Health Organization meeting to place blame on China.


…or just flat out can’t spare the time from the full-time job that is covering your ass because you just can’t help the fact that your personal ABC stands for Always Be Criming





…so…given all of that


…I can almost understand this


…& things like these actually make me smile


…& I’d even be pretty relaxed about this proving to have something to it


…but really it all seems pretty up in the air



  1. So, I live in a small town adjacent to the blue stronghold of the ATL. Lately, in talking to neighbors – that lean heavily repub(I steer clear of any political talk usually) – I have found that none of them think the virus is that bad. One neighbor thinks that he is healthy enough through having grown up on a farm that he developed an excellent immune system by being around so many animals. My only reply was “That’s an interesting approach.” I literally couldn’t think of anything else to say to that.

    The other exchange went like this –
    Me: Not enough people are wearing masks.
    Neighbor: I’m not wearing a mask. I’m not sick.
    Me: Oh? You got a test?
    Neighbor: No, I just know I’m not sick.
    Me: Well, how do you know you’re not a carrier?
    The neighbor then goes into this whole 20 min “scientific” reason that she isn’t wearing a mask because it cuts down on your O2 which is bad and that they also make you continuously breathe the virus back in. It was crazy. Then, trying to be polite –
    Me: Well, I guess having a sister that’s an ER nurse in NYC has just made me very aware of what the virus does.
    Neighbor: Well, my friend that works in a hospital in Forsythe Co says they’ve only had two cases. Two. We are not NY.
    Other neighbor standing with us: It’s all fucking China’s fault.

    At which point, I just ceded the battlefield and because I’m petty – I looked up Forsythe Co – they have 400 recorded cases with 10 deaths.

    You can’t talk to them. For every comment I made about wearing a mask or people dying – they contradicted me with all of this repub propaganda. It’s like come on people – you are so disappointing. I guess my point is – Does anyone know how to successfully talk to these people without scratching your own eyes out?

    • …some of the expressions are priceless…you can almost hear them thinking “I’m looking at the same shit you are & I’m telling you there is no way it’s more interesting than me let alone the shit we could find if we went for a walk right now…how are you not getting this?”

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