Dunzo! [DOT 28/10/22]

I am so over this week! I have to be in the office today at 8AM. I am NOT a morning person, therefore I am displeased.

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend! Got any exciting or spooky plans?

Counting down…

Battle for Senate control marked by volatility as midterms near


Americans die younger in states run by conservatives, study finds

I enjoy Twitter; I imagine I’ll be spending less and less time there.

Elon Musk has taken control of Twitter and fired its top executives


Amazon stock sinks 13% on weak fourth-quarter guidance


NFL Thursday Night Football live tracker: Tom Brady leads Buccaneers against Lamar Jackson and Ravens

Today in What the Actual Fuck!

Woman goes to work, gets swallowed whole by 22-foot python

People are sharing classic tweets and this one is a fan favorite:

Have a great weekend!



  1. That game was all Ravens in the second half.  TAWMY FAHCKIN BRAY-DEE was visibly upset with his team and while the commentators said the receivers were not onthe same page, I was thinking maybe TAWMY FAHCKIN BRAY-DEE has early dementia and it is he who is “not on the same page.”

    There was a moment in the 4th quarter when the Bucs went for 2, and the RB got stuffed.  Brady not only made no effort to help, but stood there pouting as the Raven defenders almost threw the RB into Brady’s knee, which would have been fucking glorious.

  2. Facebook’s stock dropped roughly 25% in the last day with more bad financial results.


    Zuckerberg’s high spending to build his Metaverse dream continues to be attacked, but the bigger problem is Zuckerberg himself. He screwed up Facebook’s basic model and turned it from a place for yuppies into a place for creepy old obsessive cranks. He listened to his right wing advisors Peter Thiel and Joel Kaplan and tried to coddle the GOP, and only got burned as a result. And his imperial approach to privacy and user safety gave Apple the green light to throw a wrench in his ad business.

    And then he’s done nothing to build new products that people might want to use. He seems stuck trying to cram content down the throats of captive users and worsening the appeal of his core product.


    There are calls for Zuckerberg to dump the Metaverse and cut costs, but there’s one thing he understands that his critics do not — Facebook is bad, and just being Facebook won’t work. The problem is he has no idea how to fix things, and he ruined the brand so much he’ll never get unhappy customers back. Keeping him at all is going to guarantee the failure gets worse.

    • He screwed up Facebook’s basic model and turned it from a place for yuppies into a place for creepy old obsessive cranks.

      This. Zuckerberg allowed his desire to “control the narrative” and feed the right-wing corporate culture to drive out anything resembling normalcy. It’s largely a cesspool now, and even the more “wholesome” posts are generated by right-wing nuts.

      I’ve got a pretty large family and a TON of people I know from high school etc., and it’s easy to identify the Trumpers because they’re still posting on Facebook. Yes, a lot of the posts are innocuous, but if you pay attention, it’s the same people posting pictures of their dogs now that were railing against wearing masks a year ago. Kids and moderates won’t use it.

      Problem is the old obsessive cranks are not a significant economic factor, so advertising doesn’t accomplish much. Businesses have largely realized that and simply abandoned it. My company won’t touch it — no ROI. Even Republicans like Rick Scott crashed and burned trying to leverage it for fundraising. It’s pretty much a shambling zombie corpse now.  Free Halloween tie-in there.

      • Zuckerberg stupidly thought (and people like Joel Kaplan egged him on) that Facebook’s basic brand was about letting anybody in. But every bar knows you have to cut off certain customers way early or else all of your regulars quit.

        Leaks have shown Facebook employees were screaming internally that Joel Kaplan’s policy interference was screwing the Facebook brand as a fun (or at least acceptable) place. Zuck locked them out, and reports suggest he’s getting even more insular and interfering.

      • Now that I’ve pondered it for a hot minute, I do belong to some hobby groups there and those are pretty active and have engaged users. You know what every single one has in common?

        Tight moderation. Go off topic and they’ll slap you down in seconds. You’re there to discuss one subject and sometimes some adjacent topics. Do not stray from the path.

        Now if Zuck had any sense, he’d lean into that and then try to encourage groups and get advertising from businesses that offered products for those special interest groups.

        Huh. I think I just recreated MySpace. Or maybe GeoCities.

        • Exactly.  In one of my hobbies, it is littered with RW nutjobs but the man who runs the forum kicked the crap out of everyone who posted politics.

          Even I keep my liberal tendencies in check, but the sadly most of the guys who kept trying to break the rules were wingnuts.  There was one liberal guy who like to egg them on, but stopped after getting slapped down.

          Facebook, is not that guy.  Facebook is a fucking mental sewer.

          • A huge part of Facebook’s problem is they eventually shut down groups but almost never toss bad actors. They have invaded privacy so much they know who the trolls are, and quick intervention would make their job so much easier in the long run. But Zuckerberg always blocked that approach.

            Probably because he rarely uses his own product.

  3. FIRE

  4. WUT?!?



    The husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was attacked during an early-morning break-in of the couple’s San Francisco home, her office said Friday.

    “Early this morning, an assailant broke into the Pelosi residence in San Francisco and violently assaulted Mr. Pelosi,” Drew Hammill, a spokesman for the speaker, said in a statement. “The assailant is in custody and the motivation for the attack is under investigation.”

    Paul Pelosi, 82, was taken to a hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

    Nancy Pelosi, who has been fundraising and campaigning with Democrats around the country, was not in San Francisco at the time, Hammill said. The speaker, who is second in line to the presidency, has a security detail provided by U.S. Capitol Police.

    “The Speaker and her family are grateful to the first responders and medical professionals involved, and request privacy at this time,” Hammill said.

  5. Ngl, I adore the calls to Tumbler-ify Twitter!😉😄😂🤣💖



    And, while I know no furries irl, from what I’ve seen of them on TV & on Twitter?

    That “Ride or Die” thing is at least as accurate as K-Pop fans, the Beehive, Swifties, and Barbs *also* being 100% “Ride or Die”😉

    So there is every chance that Twitter is going to become some terrible Zombie-mashup of Tumbler 2.0×Nazi-infested YouTube🙃

    • Wow. That says six servings but I would bet you could easily cut each one  in half and have plenty for 12. Just the butterscotch sauce for that recipe sounds like enough dessert for a week.

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