Dunzo! [DOT 29/7/22]

Happy Friday gang – the work week is dunzo!

I’ve had so many meetings and so little sleep, so I’m looking forward to the weekend.

You all got any fun plans? And don’t say ‘camping’ – I said fun (wink).

I like this headline since it excludes Manchin as a Democrat

Manchin says he ‘never walked away’ as Democrats push spending deal

Not shocked that Ken ‘vaginal ultrasound’ Cuccinelli continues to be a POS

Jan. 6 texts missing for Trump Homeland Security’s Wolf and Cuccinelli



Apple beats on revenue and profit, expects growth to accelerate despite ‘pockets of softness’

I don’t recall if I shared this before; I meant to. Worth watching again…

What are you doing if you win?

21 ways to live luxe if you win the $1.02 billion Mega Millions jackpot

Have a great day!



    • you know…as i have too much time to think today…

      you’d almost think the radicals and anarchists are on the gubments payroll

      nothing kills support for a popular protest quicker than they do….makes life real easy for the powers that be

      • He’s had his ups and downs. He was on a long tear accusing public health experts of covering up that extremely thin Wuhan bioweapons Covid origin story. He’s done a lot of silly papering over of GOP rank and file insanity trying to turn it into an issue of the politicians.

        I think he gets things on a lot of levels but hasn’t cauterized the nagging part that wants Aaron Sorkin to be right. He isn’t Aaron Sorkin, but he is still too sentimental that way.

    • child bearing potential?

      pretty sure if i said any of the women at work have child bearing potential i’d be in for a very serious chat with hr

      you know…entirely aside from the whole fucked uppedness of denying prescriptions based on that

      • I don’t even think that’s feasible and they know it.

        Every pharmacy near me is CVS or Walgreens. Or a grocery store pharmacy that is managed by one of them. Or associated with one of the two catholic hospital systems.

        I can probably find an independent pharmacy but like there’s a lot of places where they’ve been run out of business.

    • When I worked at a bank, we had an associate (read: teller) that was a prominent member of his local church. Little old ladies would come up to him and hand him cash and say, “Brother _______, would you put this in my account?” He would then pocket the funds. Eventually one of them went to the manager and said, “I don’t understand this. Brother ________ was supposed to put $X in my account, but I don’t see it.”

      However, we couldn’t A. ask any other people who banked with us about it or B. call the police. He was fired, but if we started asking questions of other people, we ran the risk of lawsuits, with the minor associated risk that some of them would claim they handed Brother ___________ money that they didn’t. Where possible, the bank added the missing money back to the account at the bank’s expense. Brother __________ went on his way, no doubt to scam other old ladies.

      There ain’t no grift like a religious grift. Just ask L. Ron Hubbard.

  1. Meta stock dropped another 5% yesterday after bad financial results were released, making it a 50% drop in recent months.

    Which makes this NY Times article by Mike Isaac from three days ago even more embarassing.


    ‘Operating With Increased Intensity’: Zuckerberg Leads Meta Into Next Phase

    Facebook’s founder is setting a relentless pace as he pushes his company through a tech transformation during a global economic slowdown.

    “Leads” is justified how? Why not “stumbles” “flails” or “hides?” Framing this as an issue of an economic slowdown as opposed to Zuckerberg’s terrible strategy is a reach.

    The article completely undercuts its claims that he is pushing for a new phase by giving a laundry list of hacks and loyalists he is elevating. And in an obvious sign that he’s blowing it, while that’s going on he’s planning on slashing rank and file engineers.

    C’mon Times — you had a monster story opportunity that would have gotten a ton of eyeballs, and you settle for writing Zuck fluff that you know you’re going to be choking on soon? Pull off the bandaid and just admit he’s bad at his job and surrounding himself with bunkermates.


    • Because the NYT believed that they’d still get paid by FB/Meta.

      Meta has announced they’d scrap that program where the MSM would actually get some cash for their articles.

      • I think it’s transactional, but not that way.

        I think reporters like Mike Isaac and their editors are basically captives of the tech industry PR system. They don’t have the basic mental capacity to imagine a world that is outside of the PR framework.

        So the potential cost/benefit calculations are only seen in terms of what it might mean for tech PR access, not the bigger potential gains.

        It’s sort of someone who is a committed lottery player trying to pick Powerball bets based on max payout, without ever being able to think if there is a better way to use that money in the first place.

        The Times is so far down the hole that they aren’t even thinking in terms of Facebook payouts, it’s literally just can I get a quote from Nick Clegg’s office about a privacy policy revision date.

  2. Normally it stinks like landfill at the office. But outside and in the ground floor, not once I get to my floor.

    Today the whole area reeks of flooding and mold and it is permeating the entire building through the hvac.

    • I don’t really have much to say except that the Guardian has at least three stories today about this not-so-bombshell ruling. Also, an interesting aspect to British legal life is that when a case is brought the loser has to pay the winner’s legal fees. This is supposed to deter frivolous lawsuits (imagine if we had that here; the closest thing we have are contingency lawyers and sometimes people ask for their legal fees as part of damages.) The other thing is Britain uses far fewer juries than the US does, which can also go both ways. A judge is unlikely to award the stupendous damages that sometimes come out of jury trials, and which are inevitably appealed and reduced. On the other hand, you’re relying on the judgment of one person who, being human, has quirks and blind spots.

    • …as a sports heathen I mostly skip references to either a rooney or a vardy…but to the extent that I know how this went it’s…bizarre?

      …two women who are largely known for being “WAG”s…as in “wives & girlfriends” of footballers…very well paid footballers, at that…used to be friends…which is why the one had access to a “private” feed the other posted stuff to…things from said feed made it into the papers so colleen posted some bait to figure out who was doing that & subsequently announced it was mrs. vardy…& that she had the receipts

      …quite why the latter decided it was worth throwing an awful lot of money at lawyers in an attempt to salvage her good name is a mystery to me given that it seems like most everything she tried to claim in court was refuted by her ex-friend’s barrister by the simple expedient of quoting her own whatsapp messages…& now she’s on the hook for something like £3million

      …which I rather suspect is in broad strokes going to come out of a joint account rather than be covered by whatever the tabloids gave her for the tidbits she leaked to them?

    • The rocket parts will impact Earth at a location with a latitude between New York City in the north end and New Zealand the south,


      seriously….thats the best estimate we can make?

      well…i for one am relieved it wont hit either of the poles

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