Early Friday [NOT 11/3/21]

image of some fancy cocktails

Hi, friends! Sorry for the super late NOT, but my cousin who I hadn’t seen since December wanted to get together and ahhhh wine was enjoyed and sobriety was debatable.

How did everyone’s Thursday go? Mine was meh but better with wine and laughter and puff pastry appetizizers.



  1. Today was…fine. Therapy is kicking my ass. But, we had our first 60-plus degree day which got rid of all the ice on the lake which meant lots of hooded mergansers and ring necked ducks all blooping under the water looking for food. I love watching those birds. They’ll be on their way north in about a month but that’s when the orioles arrive. 

    • Unfortunately they have to come up here for a clerical review in order to feed us Canadians our US civics lessons so we can form our own extremely biased opinions of the US to make ourselves feel better as a country until the winter when they go back down there for more info. They can’t hold a candle to our geese but their subtlety is commendable. 

      You still have your pigeons which I hope fulfils your appitizizations (that one may or may not have the ability to alter) in the meantime. That said, if you give me $1400, I’ll play duck duck goose with you so you don’t feel like you’re missing out?

    • …therapy is a mixed bag from what I’ve gathered from various people…mostly what I hear is that it helps to shop around until you find a therapist who’s a good fit but that sounds like a nightmare all of its own to me?

      …either way glad you have the birds to watch…& best of luck with it

  2. @butcherbakertoiletrymaker Been there. Then I ghosted my therapist during the pandemic, and now some stuff has happened that means I’m gonna have to go crawling back. Story of my life – one step forward, two steps back. 

    I’m glad you have lovely birds to watch, that must be soothing. 

    • @Hannibal The main problem right now is that I had to seal off that part of my life completely almost 30 years ago just so I could function on a day to day basis.  So, any approach in that direction becomes incredibly difficult and I spend most of my time fighting through tears to find the words.  So a big part of the work is going to be finding a way to actually process all that crap so that it’s not a constant re-traumatizing event.

          • It’s pretty intense but beneficial. My therapist used buzzers instead of the lights. You go over the specific problem or incident, first verbally then in your own mind. You hold the buzzers and the therapist will ask how you’re feelings change, repeating  as necessary. I had a physical reaction following some of my sessions since we hold trauma in our bodies. I was so sore. And there can be crazy dreams and nightmares while your brain processes the therapy. All in all though  I found it very positive. 

  3. eh…thursday went okay…didnt fall into a coma (im blaming the skyhighatrist for that one…i guess this time i really did need to get some shit of me chest)
    just one more day of relaxing work to go and then i gotta figure out wtf to do with the weekend as i have nowhere else to be this time
    lots of vidja games i guess…as for the time being it seems i really mean it with the not drinking this time ( 2 weeks in and im not even having to talk myself out of getting beer yet….i think i might be broken)

  4. I spent the evening looking up children’s books online. I miss libraries. Any DeadSplinter parents know of a site or IG account that makes children’s book recommendations which focus on “In Own Voices” authors, authors of colour, no gender biases… basically intersectional feminist leanings?

  5. Thursday the research site that I never bothered learning how to use reared up and bit me in the ass. Forced me to confront my ignorance and ask embarrassing questions. Customer service was great though and I was able to look brilliant to the boss. whew.

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