Easily Distracted [NOT 28/6/22]

Hi, friends!

Do you feel like you’re easily distracted? Is it anything or just some stuff?

Like I can ignore external noises easily – people talking at the next cube, someone nearby bathing their desk in eucalyptus essential oil, etc.

Texts from my friends? Not that big a deal during the workday.

But alerts on my phone? Ahhh not so much. You bet your ass I’m going to stop and see what’s going on there!!

Today with the Washington Post alerts coming in rapidly about the hearings? Holy fuck was that distracting.



  1. everything is distracting…..or maybe better put…i pay attention to everything

    i mean…im currently home alone….its nice….i can actually wear my headset on both ears

    put other people in the house and its one ear only….and you better believe i catch all conversation around me whilst listening to music and know whos in what room

    same at work….i see and hear all

    tho…oddly enough…paying attention to all that shit…is also how i focus on my own work

    i drift off into lala land if i only focus on one thing at a time

  2. I’m a wreck right now thanks to fucking SCOTUS. Friday I couldn’t work at all, and yesterday wasn’t great. Got some things done today, despite the “blockbuster” testimony.

    I get that Ms. Hutchinson is an actual eyewitness to Trump’s fuckery, but it’s not like we haven’t heard all this before. So yeah, nice corroboration but “blockbuster” is a bit hyperbolic in my view.

    Also there is the not inconsiderable fact that discrediting that orange fuckwad is nice, but he still managed to destroy the judiciary. Which was literally the last thing protecting us from christofascism. Fuck, now I’m off down the path of darkness again …

    • …there was some new stuff in there, I think?

      …hearing law enforcement talking about seeing people with AR-15s…the suggestion he wanted metal detectors removed so the people who wouldn’t get in “the shot” for his speech because they didn’t want their weapons confiscated could come closer…the fits pitched over not getting to go with his pet mob to breach the capitol…the low-end gangster movie script the witness intimidation stuff at the end seemed cribbed from

      …& the part where meadows (who was talking to someone he needed to shut himself in a car to confer with) was too busy to even be told the crowd was breaching barricades at the location he was even then trying to get people to sign off on taking his boss to…after spending part of the previous evening talking to roger stone, mike flynn & rudy about plans for the day…plans that conversations rudy was around for previously would seem to indicate involved saying “oath keepers” & “proud boys” a bunch

      …I mean…I get that so much of what the former guy did was egregious to the point it kind of warps the baseline…but that was some insane stuff to be showing up in first hand (or at least first-hand-adjacent) testimony about shit done by a technically-president & I’m not sure I’ve got my head around all of it yet

      …but at something like a potential half-way point for the committee hearings when it comes to the question of whether they’ve got the goods…it seems like there’s a lot of there, there…& it might be that more is going to be in their show & tell than I for one worried they might have?

      • …that said…it seems like they had today’s hearing all-of-a-sudden seemingly because that was as quick as they could set it up after she ditched her previous trump-affiliated lawyer…who was advising her to take one for the team & get indicted for contempt by refusing to testify

        …so…hard to sympathize with someone who worked their way up through GOP support staff to being personal assistant to the chief of staff for the most seditious occupant in the history of the oval office

        …but as heel turns go it seems in some senses to have been prompt & pretty absolute…which I’m inclined to award points for?

  3. I’m only distracted by certain noises: high pitched or repetitive sounds, or very low sounds that i can’t get a bead on. Car alarms & lawn machines are prime suspects.

  4. I was trained in my audio career to listen to everything.  So, it’s taken a lot of years since then to be able to actually tune things out.  However, I don’t know if I’m easily distracted so much as I find it hard to focus at all.  This, it turns out, is yet another in the long list of trauma symptoms.

  5. Depends on the situation.  If I’m focused (like say on survival) then I’m a laser beam of focus.

    If I’m without a task then anything is a damn distraction and pretty much my own worst enemy.  The worst damn sounds are loud eating sounds. Like my dad, I go crazy.

    • My chewing drives my daughter crazy but I’m innocent, I swear.

      Nothing is worse for me than mosquito frequency sounds. I have to stop what I’m doing to kill them, block them out, or flee.


      • …I think it’s the intermittent part that really twists the knife…unless that’s just me?

        …but it’s not just the mosquito pitch in my case…more years than I’d like of not sleeping as well as I’d wish has me feeling that way about flies…really any kind of persistent but irregular buzzing

        …might be a context thing, though…most of the time I don’t have a problem with sprinklers for example…but for a couple of years I lived somewhere where there was an automatic sprinkler system that kicked in every couple of hours overnight…& every time it did any I-will-not-look-at-the-clock-it’ll-only-wind-me-up attempts to avoid frustration adding itself to the litany of things keeping me awake was toast

        …I came to loathe that sound…but I know the person in the next door room found it soothing if they woke up in the middle of the night?

  6. I am consistently focused on what everyone around me is doing or saying wrong…eapecially when it comes to efficiency. And for the most part I keep it inside which I find to be very distracting.

  7. Around here, it’s ADHD. We call it ADos. Attention Deficit… oooh, shiny!


    I’m either super easily distracted or super focused. There’s not really an in between. I can sit and read or crochet for hours, but if I’m cleaning the house I tend to do half of this task, half of that one, start the third, remember what I was doing in the first place and go back to that, and eventually I find myself doing something unnecessary like scrubbing grout with a toothbrush when I started by doing laundry.

    ETA: all 4 kids have been diagnosed ADHD, and I’ve been told I’m the non-hyperactive version.

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