Eastside vs Westside

Growing up I was an Eastsider & did my best to avoid the Westside, unless the waves were just too good to avoid. Our Westside was beautiful but the locals there were very territorial and broke into cars of us Eastsiders or beat the crap out of us.

Then I moved to Washington where I became a Westsider. In WA., the Eastside vs Westside is much less dangerous. We are the crazy Liberals and they are the crazy Trumpers. We are techies & they are farmers. So DUANers, what side are you? Or are you North vs South? Some other?

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  1. I was born in the Northern Midwest, but have lived all over.  I’ve lived in AK, the South, the Deep South and New England.  But I’ve always been partial to the high desert of New Mexico, even though I don’t live there anymore.


  2. I grew up in the steel towns surrounding Pittsburgh. As an adult I’ve moved around a lot, mostly below the Mason-Dixon. I think I’ve finally settled down here in the Bluegrass.

    Frank Black – I’m Not Dead (I’m In Pittsburgh)




    John Prine – My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight




  3. I been East and I been West, but I’m Midwest down to my core.

    I’m not saying this song was written about me, but there are many rumors to that effect.

    I’m so Chicago, that when I pee and don’t get any on the floor, my wife plays this song over the house P.A. system.

  4. This is so difficult if you’ve led a peripatetic life. 
    East Coast. Northern US. Central and South America. East Village/Lower East Side. Upper West Side. West Harlem. East River. South Brooklyn. North London. E1. Southern England. Amsterdam West. South Korea. Zuid Holland. Oostalgia. Eastern Hemisphere. 
    But, in the end, the most important division in my life is one that came down quite early on. I’m glad to move about on both sides now: 

  5. Spent time on both coasts as a kid, but landed in Midwest by kindergarten, spent 20 years there, then on to Idaho. Been in Boise since ’96, don’t really see myself living anywhere else. And I love an excuse to post this song.
    B-52s – Private Idaho

    I regret nothing. Except that I didn’t post this in the DUAN about songs that need to be played LOUD.

  6. Northern Midwest here–REAL Midwest, not that “Ohio-Pennsylvania-Indiana-masquerading-as-*the Midwest*” nonsense!🤡🙄😒
    West side of Big Muddy, OF COURSE😉
    Because Minneapolis is, and always will be the superior twin😉😈🤣
    (Honestly, I DO like St. Paul, too! But Minneapolis is the rowdier, weirder, twin, annnnnnd it’s just more comfortable to me, because of all the odd & random weirdness😉😁🤗
    Because I tend to like *both* the Westside AND the East;

    And,because there IS no other city, quite like *my* city;

    Or a neighborhood quite like mine, either😉😁🤗


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