Egg Me On [NOT 10/12/21]

Please do not say raw!

The My Brain Is Fried Friday NOT series of the most important questions in world continues…

How do you like your eggs cooked?

I like a classic scrambled egg on the occasions when we eat breakfast for dinner. Other persons (who shall remain nameless) only eat eggs when they are found within baked goods. And we have vegan folks at DS, who may use a plant-based egg substitute?

Boiled – Over Easy – Poached – Fried – Sunny Side Up – Dippy – Scrambled – Never

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  1. I have two preferred versions. No, three, depending on definition. 1. Scrambled 2. Over easy 3. Omelette

    Over easy is the only version into which I do not introduce other ingredients. For scrambled and omelettes, I will add (at various times):

    1. Tomatoes

    2. Bacon

    3. Ham

    4. Cheese (virtually any type including feta)

    5. Vegetables (mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, onions, spinach)

    I also season my scrambled eggs. For an Asian twist, I add ginger and rosemary. Italian seasonings if I’m including tomatoes. And so on.

    We shall not speak of bacon as a side to eggs. I am still scarred by Butcher’s burnt bacon offerings.


  2. I like eggs all ways. But my favorite is as a savory steamed custard. It’s soft like silken tofu… had to look it up: chawanmushi is the closest I can find. My mom makes it with ground pork, mushrooms, and chives.

    • I just googled chawanmushi and ooh, I’d eat that!

    1. Slow-cooked
    2. Over easy
    3. Soft-boiled
    4. Tea-smoked
    5. Tamago
    6. Omelette
    7. Mixed into a hot soup
    8. Soft-poached
    9. Scramble
    10. Scrambled

    When I was a wee one, I did not like scrambled eggs that much (something about the yolk being mixed in with the white, and the general lumpiness of it all), and I did not like runny yolks, so I learned to ask for my eggs cooked “over hard” at restaurants. Now I’ve seen the light and I love a slightly oozy yolk (if the establishment/source is trustworthy). I also think the ’90s made me unnecessarily fearful of egg yolks and cholesterol in general.

    • Last time I saw her, my daughter made slow-cooked scrambled eggs with crabmeat for me and it was the most delicious thing I ever had.

      I’m hoping to see her again early January when I drive up to Chicago to see what they’ve done with the place.

  3. Depends on the context.  Plain scrambled eggs aren’t really my style.  At the very least, I will have to serve those with a good salsa.  Over easys are good in most breakfast situations.  I’ve always had a weakness for putting one on top of a piece of toast and eating it that way.  Poached are most excellent on top of corned beef hash or eggs benedict.  Most of the time, however, I’m eating breakfast burritos.

  4. I like eggs almost every way, soft boiled with toast for dipping into the yolk,over easy with fried potatoes and crispy bacon, poached In Purgatory also known as shakshuka or in ramen.  As in omelette preferably with mushrooms and Parmesan cheese, as a frittata or quiche, My least favorite is scrambled.

  5. I love eggs of most all variety but favorite egg dish is eggs Benedict.  One of our employees & many of our patients give us fresh eggs which are sooooo much better than any store bought.  Tonight I will put scrambled ones in my pineapple fried rice.  I love sunny side up ones on rice or grits with Portuguese sausage.  Now I’m hungry & need to go make dinner.

    • I grew up eating free-range eggs from a small local farm, and I didn’t experience typical supermarket eggs until a middle school home-ec class.

      I had to make something involving an egg, and I smacked the egg against the counter with the same force I was used to using for cracking the free range eggs, and the supermarket egg just… liquefied? shell and all.  So, I spent that afternoon in the principal’s office, trying to explain that I didn’t do anything wrong, and something was clearly not right with that pale little egg thing…

  6. Usually on my face..

  7. I do not like them here or there 😝

    I am the “baked goods” person. Also fried rice.

  8. I love them in any form. I have scrambled eggs the most; hard-boiled would be my least favorite, but I’ll still eat them.

    Anybody else remember Eggs Erroneous from “Ernest Goes to Camp”?

    (Start at 1:41)

  9. how about mayonnaise?

    If that’s not an acceptable first choice, then I guess fried?  Hard boiled is cool too.  Honestly, I’m not that picky, so I just tend to favor the easiest cooking options…

  10. sunny side up with bacon

    or scrambled

    or as a giant frittatta

    hardboiled is good too…still runny in the middle for egg n soldiers…mmmm

    really…i just like eggs

    • unrelated side note…just popped out to the bakery for my saturday morning croissants and its -7c outside

      that woke me up….wtf weather…where’d that come from?

      wanting to be over 10c again tomorow…..wonky assed weather over here…the forcasts are increasingly unreliable

  11. Eggs?


    I DO like them here and there, I do like them anywhere.

    do like green eggs and Ham, I DO like them, Sam-I-Am!😉😁💖

    Scrambled, Green Scrambled & Green Scrambled in Breakfast Burritos (they turn green, if you scramble them & drop in some cubed avocado, with the other mix-ins😉), Poached, Bennedicted-Poached, Hard-Boiled, “Sunny-Side-Up” the way my mom used to make them–which is apparently called “steam-basting” and not “Sunny-Side-Up” because those are apparently raw eggs!🤢🤢🤢

    Fried Rice, Singapore Mei Fun, egg drop soup, and especially hot & sour soup are other TASTY ways to have eggs.

    Devilled eggs, Creme-Brulee-ed, Flan-ed, Hollandaise, Shakshuka-ed, Merengues, baked into… anything, almost😉, and Mayo–as Lochaber mentioned, are good, too!

    Basically, the only way I don’t like eggs, are the cold egg-custards with salty/savory liquids on top, and the “foamy”-textured baked styles, like Quiches, Frittatas, or the “foamy”- styled “egg bakes”…

    Those ones ALL taste ok, buuuut–like Oatmeal, or peach “fruit-on-the-bottom” yogurt, I simply can’t get past the texture of them. (They hit my gag reflex for some reason as soon as they hit my tongue, and I can’t even manage to chew ’em, before I need a napkin to spit ’em out into!😱🤢🙃🥴)

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