Election Night Live Blog

Tell us what’s going on in your neck of the woods. I’ll be drinking whiskey and beer and watching the returns, hoping Janet Mills sends Paul LePage back to Florida where he belongs.



  1. I’m drinking heavily & watching early returns & all I can say is Fuck You Florida!!!!  I know the NBA has their heart in the right place but I need some games to keep my mind off this shit!!!!

  2. LePage, a former two-term Tea party Governor and national laughing stock, made a big deal of fleeing to Florida immediately after his second term, but said he’d be back to run again if Janet Mills won the subsequent election.  Maine allows for two consecutive terms, but you can sit out a term then run again.  Naturally, LePage claims not to be a Florida resident, because the property is in his wife’s name.  I predict that if he loses election, he’ll be back in Florida by Thanksgiving.

  3. Maggie Hassan (D) looking okay so far defending her Senate seat in NH.  Her opponent, a retired General, repeated the “litter boxes in schools for furries” lie, then instead of backing down challenged his detractors to prove him wrong.  NH has the reputation as “the Mississippi of the North.”

    • Wes Moore grew up in a rough neighborhood in Baltimore, but had mentors and people looking out for him, went to a military school where he had more mentors, etc., eventually became a Rhodes scholar and Army officer.  He wrote about “the other Wes Moore,” a kid with the same name who grew up a just a few blocks from him, who wound up doing life for murder.

  4. Missouri is going to probably legalize recreational weed tonight but vote in a fuckton of republicans.

    Just like when rejecting right to work was voted on twice, raising minimum wage was passed, medicare was expanded, etc etc by voters. Because you can put something on the ballot that democrats would typically want more than republicans and it generally wins, but then people are so fucking racist and stupid that they vote for republican politicians.

    • Myo–regarding Noem?

      NEVER underestimate the stupidity/gullibility of redneck white dudes, when it comes to conventionally-attractive white women, who have “crazy” eyes and who know how to shoot a rifle…

      She’s right up there with Palin & Bachmann, for the ill-informed country/cowboy-wannabee sorts whose ideal woman is “A hot chick who likes hunting, attends church regularly, and is fuckable!”


  5. AZ looking good so far.


    Isn’t WI the most important for gov for the sake of democracy federally in the future because of their supreme court and rwnj leg? I think that is the state I have been reading about for a few months?

    The gov race there is “too close to call” 😐

  6. WTF is up with meth heads people in KY?

    All Rand Paul has done over the past few years is make a fool of himself in committee and fundraise off of #FireFauci…

    …like…is that what KY wants? The next 2 years in committee to be wasted on ruining Fauci’s retirement for the sake of Rand Paul’s wallet?

  7. Bruce Poliquin (R) challenger for the House in Maine 2nd District 2 just sent his supporters home, but he’s not conceding, he just wants them to get some sleep.  Who does that?

    The incumbent, Jared Golden, is a DINO.

  8. Every election they scare us about WA Dems losing & it never happens.  I love that most of our state ignores the noise & does the right thing.  Fuck you Tiffany Smiley & your blind husband!

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