emergency NOT in case of NOT not turning up

not to say NOT wont turn up..just in case

ever have those nights where you just dont get sleepy?

yeah…me too…its a shit

anyways…just dropping in an emergency NOT

feels free to chat about whatever…me…im going to bed the minute i feel sleepy

hopefully thats this year

anyways..i assume seasonal duties caught brighter out.

hows everyone keeping?



  1. One of Mrs. Butcher’s co-workers visited a relative over the weekend.  Said relative tested positive today.  Mrs. Butcher worked with the co-worker on Monday and Tuesday.  They wear masks 100% of the time at work, but she’s pretty shaken by it.  We’ll see what happens.

    • That sucks!  Sorry to hear.  We started giving Covid shots on Monday & so far it has not been rolled out well.  We can’t solicit people but they are not sending eligible people to us very well.  I heard tonight that at present rate will take 10 years to get under control.  Biden better really have his shit together on this!

      • I ran across that same stat/claim recently, and am really hoping it’s mostly a product of this completely incompetent administration, and that that number will drop sharply within a month or two.
        Even so, I’ve heard that the vaccination process requires two shots, at least a month apart, and that the individual won’t be effectively vaccinated until at least a month after the second shot, so I think we are looking at something with at least a two month lag time, but likely much more, so I don’t expect we will see any significant reduction in spread until March, and we still have the upcoming holiday spike to deal with…
        (apologies for being a downer…)

        • We are doing Moderna vaccine & it requires 28 days between doses & 14 days later you should be good to go.  Who knows for how long at this point.  Good reason for hope but not confidence at this point.

    • Had a coworker test positive back in… October?  maybe November?  (fuck, I was bad with time to begin with, but it’s just a complete lost cause now…), so we all got tested and had a couple days of “work from home”/COVID leave. 
      my workplace is pretty low risk, it’s rare that there is more than a 1/2 dozen people in, and usually we are all spread out working on different stuff, with plenty of ventilation and such.  Nobody else came back with a positive result, so we were back at work (minus the initial person) in less than a week.  Initial person had a pretty mild/asymptomatic case, and was back at work slightly later. 
      Hoping the situation with the Mrs. and her coworkers goes as uneventful as possible.

    • Yeah, we had the same thing happen at work. My boss had to remind everyone that if they kept fucking around with precautions and we lose enough time we can start seeing lost business. Had to basically threaten to start firing people over lack of masks and distancing. I gave it a 3/10 Tom Cruise.

    • lol…its nearing 4 am here
      i still feel like i can go for weeks
      figure i should probably just lie down shut me eyes and see if it takes soon….but…im not even a little bit tired yet…..
      i kinda need to physically knacker meself to sleep i guess

        • yeah it sucks
          but if it isnt my brain…its my body nowadays….i can be comfy as all hell on my back staring at the ceiling…or having my eyes closed… but then i wake meself by snoring….roll over and i overheat
          ….its pretty annoying

  2. ever have those nights where you just dont get sleepy?

    …why yes…yes I do…too many of the damn things, to be honest…which might be good for stacking links for the DOT…but all in all excessive waking hours is not something I’d recommend

    • and despite all the lack of sleep you are still the most eloquent person i know
      if not in person i guess
      one wonders what you could do if you actually got some fucking rest

      • …that’s perhaps more kind than I deserve…but thank you, all the same…as for what I’d do…I guess I’d let you know…just as soon as I get that “rest” thing cracked?

        …either  way, I hope you got some shut-eye in the end…sometimes even without actual sleep it helps to just lie there with eyes closed…but I mean the other kind

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