End of the Week! [DOT 17/12/21]

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag here at Casa McGee this week. Work is crazy with clients being needy. Weekend is busy with cookie baking and bad holiday movies. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Is anything getting done these last two weeks of 2021?

Biden officially acknowledges Build Back Better will miss deadline but says he’s ‘determined’ to see bill on Senate floor ‘as early as possible’

[Grumpy Cat] Good.

Judge overturns deal giving Purdue Pharma’s Sackler family civil immunity from opioid claims

Stock up!

FDA eliminates key restriction on abortion pill as Supreme Court weighs case that challenges Roe v. Wade

That was fast. What’s a milkshake duck but for allegations of sexual assault?

Peloton Deletes Chris Noth Spoof Ad Following Sexual Assault Allegations Against Actor


Urban Meyer fired by Jacksonville Jaguars 13 games into disastrous stint

No thank you.

The first true millipede: new species with more than 1,000 legs discovered in Western Australia

On the other hand…

Have a great day!



  1. Here is your morning inspiration, brought to you by Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta:

    As famous-friends-of-the-author blurbs say on the back of seemingly every work of “literary” fiction that rolls off the presses, “So wise. So true.”

  2. got another rona case at work…management notified the people he worked with directly at 2pm today…which is great..cept the dude went home sick monday morning and test results dont take 4 days here

    beginning to see a pattern here im really not liking much

    management telling the guys who needed to get tested to keep quiet about it isnt exactly helping their case…also backfired as they immediately told everyone they met on their way out

      • im thinking they learn it in management school…..

        they must learn a special kind of math there…

        coz i cant figure the math for let 3 guys whove been in close contact with a confirmed case work and mingle for most of the week and only tell them right before the weekend so if they or anyone else that hears and has been in close ish contact decides they need to take leave to get tested they lose staff for just an hour or two right before the weekend

        is better than tell everyone right away…maybe lose a bunch of people for the day…but not risk the whole fucking shop having rona next week?

        then again…. only a 3 day week next week…and half the staff is off anyways…. wouldnt surprise me if they factored that in too……. fuck it….if they catch rona we wont see them again till january 3rd anyways…they should be fine again by then…

  3. Chris Noth “I did not assault these women.”

    These women, hmm. That sounds familiar. Like something another well  known, lying sexual predator once said.

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