Errands! [NOT 23/2/23]

Hi, friends! Happy Thursday!

My cable box just decided to die yesterday. After a call to customer support where the nice rep couldn’t fix it from her end, the options were to schedule a technician to come out and replace the cable box, or just disconnect it and go get a new one myself from the local store.

Not gonna lie, I have zero interest in a tech visit unless necessary. But also, I’m not a workday errand girl. I’ll stop at the gas station or pick up a few groceries if I have to, but holy crap anything involved like going to the cable store? Nope that’s gonna wait for the weekend. When I worked from home more during covid, I was more willing to venture out on worknights, but alas not so much now.

How about y’all? Are you *fuck this shit I’m home for the night* people? Or do you have no issue running around after the work is done for the day?



  1. does it cost money ?

    if no

    go do everything for me now!

    if yes

    go fuck yourself!

    and i hate you!

    but before you fuck off…… do i need a code or something?….

  2. I hate crowds or waiting in line so I do everything during off times.  I grocery shop early in the morning & usually don’t leave once I am home after working.

  3. I schedule all my appointments and errands for as early in the morning as possible. I hate traffic, looking for parking and lineups. The grocery store opens at 6am, I’m there at 6:05am. Down side to that is the produce is left over from the day before. But at least I don’t have to deal with crowds and it’s still early enough to pick up a coffee and fresh pastry on the way home.

    • You live in a strange & wonderful country & someday I will visit & join the insanity.  I grew up loving Oranjeboom  but I think they were killed off?  Sad, I would like to buy you a few my good sir!

      • oh man..oranjeboom….festival beer is how i remember it…

        bleached your teeth it did……. also caused a strong urge to sing oh ran yi boom oh ran yi boom we all love oh ran yi boom!

  4. I tend to go out after work. And sometimes during work. There’s a lot of advantages to working from home, but I get restless. I’ll run out to Target or Walmart at lunch just because. Sometimes I go to the mall and walk up and down. Other times I just take a walk here.

    Ever since I started working I always tend to leave at lunchtime. I just feel like I’m in prison or something if I’m shut up in the office all day. I do less of that now, but I still do it a couple of times a week.

  5. Well, remember that my typical workday is from noon to 8:30 (or possibly later, if I’m on a call), so my errands after work and then dinner tend to be fairly limited to filling up the car with gas, stopping at the grocery store or Target or maybe dropping a bill in the mailbox at one of the post offices that seem not to pose so much of a danger of getting robbed these days.

    I did make a point today of taking in the pair of shoes I got for Christmas to get the orthotic lift put on one of them, and inquiring about getting set up with a new dealer psychiatrist, so I’m rather proud of myself for that at least.

  6. Hey, wait a minute. I know where you work. Don’t you have any pull in regard to getting a new cable box without much fuss, or is that, like. . . not your department? 

  7. I hate anything I have to do that disrupts my routine…this weekend is about to suck real hard as I have to be very much present among those of whom I’d very much prefer I wasn’t.

  8. Testing commenting again… I’m a “stay at home mom” which means that I’m never actually AT home, just running around getting everyone else where they need to go! I try to make appointments for the afternoon whenever possible, and shopping, etc., gets done… whenever I have a few minutes or it’s on the way home from something else. We used to do all grocery shopping at about 2am because there was almost no one else there, but it seems that Covid killed the 24-hour grocery stores.

  9. I’m all about running errands on the way home, because once I get back here & park down in the parking garage, I don’t wanna leave if I don’t need to!

    I’ll totally walk somewhere local, but I don’t want to drive anymore, once I get back here–unless it’s a *really* quick jaunt… like to go pick up Popeyes, Topper’s Pizza, or Domino’s (all juuuuust a couple blocks too far to walk there & back, and still have the food be warm once you get home)…

    I WILL go out for those if we’re ordering, because the delivery fees for DoorDash & Grub Hub are ridiculous in our area (typically $25+ *before* tip!), and it’s usually 10 minutes round-trip.

    But with Target and 2 grocery stores within walking distance of home, I just stop on the way home if I need groceries, or WALK to Target (no parking, and it’s a  small store, but less than a block away!).

  10. you know….kinda off topic… but the missus said i was lying when i said its only ever me that chucks out the wrappers and empties out the little food waste bowl ive got on the side…you know..for peels and egg shells and shit like that…

    so i stopped doing it all week

    i now has 3 bowls of food waste…and a stack of plastic wrappers by the back door


    im half tempted to leave it till either she or the daughter does actually do it….but 6 months from now when they get around to it coz we ran out of fucking bowls they’ll just use it against me coz see…its not just you what takes the crap out…

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