Evening Plans [NOT 24/6/21]

Hi, friends!

How do we feel about evening scheduled events? I’m about to rush off to a hair appointment which like fine but I’d prefer not doing things after work. I have other friends and coworkers who are always up for things after work.

I’d say it was because I’m getting old but even when I was like 24 I didn’t want to do shit after work.



  1. no plans here…i should be asleep
    me daughter just came downstairs crying her eyes out about those poor natives burried under a school in canada
    awww….i understand her distress and only wish i was still so soft to the world
    but to get back to the original point….i would love to do shit after work…but you know…ive worked all day..im fucking knackered…so fuck off?

    • I like to be emotionally shutdown as well but seeing as I have been ranting about Canadian history for pretty much my entire life and only NOW people are seeing it with their own eyes…and white fragility is running rampant right now…I’m not about to let apathy get in the way of ensuring it is a learning experience for some. Specifically one I’d refer to as “daughter”.

      A lot of Canada is “canceling” Canada Day and the “leader” of the Conservative party is BIG MAD about it. Some Canadians are going with orange on Canada Day, instead of red, in some sort of white protest to symbolize literally EVERY CANADA DAY PROTEST THEY HAVE BEEN ANNOYED BY UNTIL JUST NOW that have gone on since long before they were born.

      I’ll be wearing orange for Nederland in Euro anyway…coincidentally enough there is some history there including checks notes pretty much inventing the slave trade so perhaps a learning experience all around is a possibility?

      • Perhaps soon I’ll type out a lengthy rant to someone (I pity the “someone“) who can find a way to turn it into actual words in a way that would make, imo, a pretty decent post? 

        Anyway…I’ll spare y’all tonight. See you on July 5th…

        don’t do anything I would do!

      • I felt like Canada did better with First Nations than the US has done, but like that bar is so fucking low it’s a tavern in Hades. Like oh, there wasn’t a forced march across the country to be relocated to shithole places in Oklahoma? Great job, here’s a blue ribbon!

      • eh…are you saying i should lecture her about shit she’s already upset about?
        coz as i see it…the fact she’s upset about canadian natives…all the way over here
        means shes miles ahead in the giving a fuck game…
        i can teach her how to be a cynical bitter fucker….but this caring thing…thats all her own….and i dont want to shit on it

        • definitely not.  i was using your comment to say what i am experiencing. as a cynical bitter fucker who is dealing with someone doing a whole lot of caring…and the fact that i have absolutely no fucking clue what i’m doing…it’d be way above my head to offer suggestions.

  2. Once upon a time I always did stuff after work.  But, within the last 10 years, that has dropped to almost zero.  Lots of reasons for it, including:  my commute was 1.5 hours so by the time I got home and had dinner, it was time to get ready for bed; Mrs. Butcher’s chronic pain ramps up after 4:00, which makes evening activities a problem; for the past 15 months, we haven’t done shit at any time of day.

    I’d like to do things in the evening, maybe once a week, but at this point the issue with Mrs. Butcher’s pain basically makes it a non-starter.  So, we’ve taken to sitting on the swinging bench on our dock instead.  That works just fine.

  3. I always schedule hair appointments for my stylist’s first Saturday slot because parking is a pain at the location so I need to get in and out early. I’m ok with “errands” after work but if someone wants to do a social thing? Ugh. And for doctor appointments, honestly I’ll usually take off a couple hours early just because the traffic is better. 

  4. Luckily I am at a point in my life where I choose to do things instead of work.  Today it was go meet some friends for beers.  Day drinkers unite!

  5. work has been wearing me out this week.  Both longer hours, and more physically demanding work.  So most of this week, once I got home, I didn’t even want to do laundry or go buy beer and takeout (luckily, I was stocked and had some leftovers…)
    Yesterday I meant to leave work an hour+ early to make up for all the days I’m staying late, but something came up last minute, so I got out 30-40 minutes early.  :/  was enough to throw in some laundry and get takeout, without feeling pressed for time or exhausted.
    I’ve got a three-day weekend coming up the next two weekends (late/misplaced Juneteenth, and then the 4th of July), so I’m looking forward to those…
    But, most normal workdays/weeks, I don’t really want to do much – just throw in some laundry, go get beer and take out, and fuck around on the internet for a couple hours before crashing.  I can maybe handle something once a week or so, as long as it’s planned in advance, but I really don’t want to deal with spontaneous shit when I’m this tired and on a tight schedule…

  6. oh right i keep forgetting these are off topics
    i woke up an hour before my alarm….(i mean shit….i went to bed after 1 am..its only normal i’d be awake again before 4 right?) anyhoos…ive currently had 4 coffees and im just now aproaching the time i would normally have my first one…..soooo….time for at least 4 more
    if my morning soundtrack is anything to go by…im going to be a handfull at work today 🙂

    they might be waking me up more than the coffee is

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