Everything. Is. Fine. [DOT 1/2/20]

They have mistakenly given me the car keys today, so here’s a round up of things that caught my eye, besides the obvious #Brexit and Impeachment news…

The stock market continues to react rationally on a daily basis:

This fuckin’ guy:

And this one:


Mad respect to Kesha, who’s latest album debuted on the top of the charts:

This is the actual best; if you ignore all my links besides this one I will be Ok with that:

I am on team Pineapple On Pizza (don’t @me), but this is a bridge too far:

Have a great weekend! What time is the Super Bowl?



  1. …you know what the best bit of you doing today’s DOT might just have been?

    …the bit where I find out I’m not the only one who sometimes forgets to check the schedules time reads “AM”…so I did the whole ftfy thing…& thank you…

  2. No. I thought sardines were the only thing I could not eat on a pizza, but wtf. No. Even cherry tomatoes is a huge stretch, but what nut job put cherries on a pizza and thought, “yup, this makes sense.” I was a pretty incompetent fast food employee in my own right, but cherries on a pizza, actual cherries, should have sent a red flag up in the pizza makers head and not have happened. Wild world we live in.

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