Everything Is Fine [DOT 4/10/20]

I used to work with a klutzy woman who would knock stuff over, drop stuff and generally make a ruckus most days.

People would come running to make sure she was OK and not crushed underneath her filing cabinets.

After a while, we had her trained to yell “EverythingIsFINE” anytime there was an ‘incident’.


Trump says he is doing well, after chief of staff says next 48 hours ‘critical’

Have a great Sunday!



  1. …is pallid still the right word to describe a man whose lack of excessive orange fake tan explains most of his lack of color?

    …& if he’s laid up in a suite of rooms at Walter Reed so he can continue to get things done he seemed to claim he would somehow not have been able to do from the White House…which is hard to wrap one’s head around…but which includes a TV that still gets Fox News…& apparently still has access to twitter & presumably no less “executive time” on his hands than ever

    …what are we to make of the fact that between his two “look how healthy I am” video clips he’s produced three tweets & seems to have forgotten how to re-tweet the usual dross that account likes to point credulous idiots towards?

    …one exhorting the necessity of the stimulus shit getting done in (nearly) ALL CAPS…uncharacteristically ending with thanks…one even more uncharacteristically ending with “LOVE!!!”…& one in between with a shout out to the staff at Walter Reed

    …even if the one in the middle did use the word plague…does that really sound like the torrent of gibbering lack-of-syntax we’re used to seeing spew forth from that account?

    …enquiring minds want to know & all that

    • I guess since he was never really truly running the country in the first place, it’s easy for the powers that be(McTurtle and other Federalists Society yahoos) to continue with the charade. 

    • His “tweets” are clearly being written by someone else, as you point out. There are clear differences in grammar and tone.
      That’s what convinced me he’s actually sick. If he was lying (my original assumption) he’d be tweeting and “isolating” on a golf course. He’s far too stupid and arrogant to successfully pull off any sort of deception for any length of time. That’s why he surrounds himself with enablers. It’s why he pays for “fixers.” He’s too inept to clean up his own messes.
      The question is, how bad is he? It’s clear that it’s a LOT worse than his gaggle of bootlickers wants to admit. And I’m not sure his top-flight health care will save him. Presumably Herman Cain had access to similarly stellar care, and look where he is now. 
      Another good question is whether or not he managed to infect enough of the GOP to derail the SCOTUS hearings. 

  2. Today’s NY Times has a miserable both sides are dividing the country article, front page, above the fold. I won’t bother to link.
    It is, of course, out of their national political mood desk, those brainless  narrative humpers who parachute into dinerville harvesting quotes to fluff out a story they already wrote in NYC.
    The byline includes Trip Gabriel, who wrote this notoriously stupid piece a year ago (as critiqued by Tom Scocca):

    The Diner Menu Will Never Change

    Gabriel idiotically tried to capture the mood in Youngstown Ohio by hightailing it out to a diner in an all-white suburb instead. It’s all the same in Hicksburg to these reporters and editors.
    The NY Times investigations team is responsible for the Trump tax reporting. They do fantastic research and analysis. But the patronizing fabulists who push this idiocy always have the upper hand on the news pages. Good reporters have to research and analyze and that can take a year or more. The hacks like Trip just recycle their own waste stream.

  3. welp if he dies i hope he does so on monday morning….mondays need all the help they can get to be good
    anyhoo..in much more important news..today is national animal day in the netherlands so i bought my cats some meat sticks as a treat (they’re like..cat pepperamis)
    its fucking adorable watching them trot around with their little sticks like little doggies having growl offs with eachother when they get too close to eachothers meaty snacks for comfort..lol

  4. I remember loathing the Brady Bunch as a child, back when it first ran. They were a bunch of richy-rich goodie two shoes, I tell ya! I was more a Partridge Family kind of gal.

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