Exciting! [DOT 29/3/21]

Good morning gang. It looks like overnight there’s some very exciting news with regards to the Ever Given.

RIP all the good memes:

Gosh, if only there was something she could have done.

Birx tells CNN most U.S. covid deaths ‘could have been mitigated’ after first 100,000


Ali Patberg leads Indiana, her hometown school, to upset of top-seeded N.C. State

Sports brought Atlanta so much. As voting laws change, it’s time to take something away.

Look, I am An Old and therefore I do not know 100% what is going on with Lil’ Nas X (of Old Town Road, I know that much). HOWEVER, he called Kaitlin Bennet (Kent State Gun Girl) “shitty pants” so I guess I’m on his side.

Was one of his Emmys for this?

Have a super Monday!



  1. Here’s something that will brighten your day ( /s):
    I know, it’s the New York Post, but they have been gunning for Emperor Andreos Maximus for years. I would link to the original Albany Times Union story but I’ve been consuming so much of their coverage these last couple of months that I keep running out of free articles. It is because of these two publications that The NY Times is going anywhere near criticizing His Most Serene Highness. They like to jolly up to powerful people and if the powerful person is a Democrat who’s been powerful for many years, so much the better (and untouchable).
    Yes, I’m still cranky. 

    • This is probably apocryphal, but Oscar Wilde’s last words were supposedly, “This wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. Either it goes or I do.” That pretty much sums up my mood.

  2. I have questions. So how much does a wedding reception at Mar-a-Lago cost? Did Trump pass a hat around while ruining things? Was he invited or did he just wander in like a hobo looking for handouts at a street cafe? What actions would he actually perform at the border that ‘people’ are asking him to visit? Who puts him in a tux (that’s just morbid curiosity on my part)?
    WATCH: Donald Trump hijacked a Mar-a-Lago wedding reception to rant about Joe Biden

    • If you are having a wedding reception at MAL, you are basically hoping that numbskull “crashes” it, so you can imagine what kind of asshole has a wedding recepeption at MAL.

    • Fun story! About 15 years ago I was at a friend’s wedding during grad school and they had it one of Jack Warner’s houses on the lake. Jack Warner was the CEO of Gulf States Paper and married into old money, too, so the dude was a massive richie rich important man in that region of Alabama (for reference — http://thejackwarner.com/about-jack-warner/).

      So, we’re at the part of the reception where the DJ is mid sentence in “And now introducing the new couple…” fucking drunkass Jack Warner walks out with a microphone and starts bragging about his house to all of us. I could see my newly married friends just standing back there with that what-the-fuck-is-happening expression. We heard about the expensive paintings and the real wooden toilet that Queen Elizabeth used during the Renaissance that he had in that house before one of the staff/one of his handlers got him and took away the microphone. 

  3. I did not know who Kaitlin Bennet was and now I do and wish I didn’t. It makes me laugh that the shoes with holy water are fine but the satan shoes makes them clutch their pearls. Pokin the crazy, trollin for trolls, that’s entertainment 2021 style.

    • Oh sweet summer child. The things I wish I could unlearn! 

      Here’s one from the other day: 

      • This is why I know the entire financial system is fucked beyond all hope.  One of the most highly valued corporations in the world can attribute its vastly overvalued status to institutional investors who just can’t get enough of a CEO with the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old.

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