Exit Only [DOT 26/7/20]

Given the number of RIPs I’ve got below in the news, I guess today really is the ‘day of rest’. I don’t plan to be dead, but being dead to the world might be OK for me today.

While you’re resting up for the week ahead, maybe you can use some time to catch up on this, or this, or this. If you’re me, perhaps you are still laughing at this.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great day!

Keep up the “Good Trouble” in honor of a real American hero.

At memorial service, John Lewis’s family urges Americans to keep his legacy alive

On Sunday, Lewis’s casket will be part of a procession across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. Lewis will be accompanied by a military honor guard on his final crossing of the bridge.

[I’m not crying, you’re crying.]



Coronavirus ravaged Florida, as Ron DeSantis sidelined scientists and followed Trump

And effect:

A Florida mother said two of her adult children died of Covid-19 within 11 days of each other.

Maybe 2020 could take a chill pill, eh?

Three separate storm systems are threatening the United States and the Caribbean this weekend. They are Hurricane Hanna in the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Douglas in the Pacific Ocean and Tropical Storm Gonzalo in the Atlantic. 

All it’s going to take is one of these Feds or Boogaloos with an itchy trigger finger and this is going to be bad.

America ‘staring down the barrel of martial law’, Oregon senator warns

From former Gawker writer, HamNo:

This is what happens when the war on terror is turned inward, on America

RIP Regis, who by all accounts seems to have been a funny and a decent man.

Peter Green: Fleetwood Mac co-founder dies aged 73

Man, sorry for all the bad news today. Maybe this will make you smile. Sound ON!

Get some rest!



    • …feel free to unredact it & call it a post if it’d help to get it off your chest?

      …it may not last for long but in my experience there’s a mildly cathartic element to that sort of thing…& it’s always helpful to be reminded that it isn’t just you that has a hard time with how to deal with things that are unacceptable continuing to form an ongoing element of the only reality we’ve got

      …it’s been pretty much the world’s shittiest catch-22 for years now…the Sunday thing is appreciated, though

      • …I know “wednesday steel” is spoken for…but I can’t help feeling like maybe you could start a column entitled “animal is my spirit animal” with the muppet drummer as a header pic

        …or maybe ginger baker if you don’t like the puppet thing…feels like animal is maybe more friendly…I dunno…maybe the drummer thing isn’t you but in my head it kinda works?

        …it might not be quite the kind of catharsis I had in mind in that other comment…but…you know…horses for courses & all that sort of thing?

        • Please, not spirit animal. It’s highly offensive to Native Americans. I used to encourage people to use Patronus instead but I hate JK Rowling so now I don’t know what to use!

          • …fair enough on the spirit animal thing…didn’t seem like a disrespectful thing in context but I will admit that the agnostic thing does make that kind of stuff something of a blind spot so I guess I’ll try to remember that in future

        • Was that rude of me? I’m sorry, I know you would never intentionally give offense. Probably less likely to than I am. 
          I’m wracking my brain trying to come up with an expression that conveys the same idea. The best I can come up with is guiding star. 

          • In Hawaiian culture, our family protector is called your Amakua.  I used to think ours was the Honu (sea turtle).  I’m starting to believe it is the Pueo (Hawaiian owl).  Much the same as a spirit animal, it would probably offend most Hawaiians to use it for your purposes.  How about you just use “spiritual guardian”?

            • …ideally I think I might even skip the spirit element entirely but now that I’ve started trying to think of how else to put it I admit I’m finding it hard to find the kind of shorthand I’d like?

              …it’s not exactly an alter-ego…or quite the same as an avatar…or a familiar or anything much I could pull out of Brewer’s Phrase & Fable but I feel like there must be a word or a phrase that would serve without a side-order of inadvertant offense?

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