#facts [DOT 28/6/21]

Home from my weekend away. There was a LOT of food you can eat, that’s for sure. Wink, wink!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your Monday doesn’t treat you too poorly.

This just makes me so sad.

Records crushed in Pacific Northwest amid historic heat wave Portland and Seattle set all-time highs of 112 and 104 degrees Sunday.
Canada saw a temperature of 116, the highest ever observed.


Stock futures rise as S&P 500 looks to add to record


French authorities open investigation after Tour de France spectator causes massive crash

Over 1M likes! I legit LOL’d.

Have a good day!



  1. My dad’s mental acuity is not so good.  He and I talked about the things I need to do to my house this week and he got upset that I’m going to pay to get my garage floor fixed and epoxy painted (cost somewhere $4500.)  He thinks that I don’t need to dump money into my home because I’m single.
    Wha?  I didn’t get the logic/lojik.
    My sister got pissed with me because she says that he’s a cheap old man who doesn’t want to pay for anything and not as sharp mentally so why would I discuss things like that?
    I dunno, maybe because I just wanted to mention it?
    Sigh.  Family.

    • Ugh. That sucks.
      Is it an attached garage? I think that is the hardest part of home ownership, figuring out what you can do yourself and what is best left to professionals.

      • Or what you want to do yourself. I just had my house painted (outside). Can I do it? Yes, with great difficulty. Do I want to? Hell, no. 

        • When I was a young person I thought I could paint my house myself. I find that thought very amusing now.

          • A comedian once said, “I was a house painter for 5 years…I thought I would never finish that house!”

        • I could do it, but I couldn’t do it well.  Requires techniques and skills and patience I really don’t have.

      • It is an attached garage.
        Normally I wouldn’t even think about this because I didn’t park my car inside in the past, but I have to park my current car in the winter to make charging easier (and not cost me $$$ in elec bills) as it is an EV.
        I don’t spend that much time cleaning the garage so the salt has damaged the surface of the untreated concrete.  So as to prevent more damage… I have to do this.

    • I can kind of see your sister’s perspective. This might be apples and oranges but my mom and I have a difficult relationship. I just don’t tell her a lot of stuff because she will either: dig needlessly for details, forget I told her completely only to “you never told me that!!!” later, or twist it in her mind somehow to use it against me later. So it is easier to just omit a lot of day to day details about my life. She’ll get worked up about POINTLESS SHIT, we’ll fight, etc forever. 

  2. @MegMegMcGee I have no doubt you ate delicious food, drank fancy cocktails, listened to good tunes, and had fascinating conversation during your weekend with friends. #goodtimes

  3. Yesterday NYC’s annual Pride festivities were held. There’s normally a lot of Pride-related stuff throughout the month, but the last Sunday in June is when the parade is held and there are parties. It was mostly “virtual” this year, again. There’s a breakaway group that started having an alternate parade three years ago free of police presence, political figures, and corporate sponsorship, and theirs went off in person.

    Anyway, I learned a nifty new term: trans-cesters. Or trans-esters. I’m not sure how it would be written. It refers to trans people who lived their lives before 2021. The historic Stonewall Riots of 1969 were mostly sparked by trans people who were finally fed up and didn’t go quietly into central lockup . To them we owe a great debt of gratitude. 


    • …for what it’s worth my guess would be -cestors…as in ancestors…what with the shared letters I guess I’d find it easier as a whole word rather than trying to remember where to put the hyphen?

      • …need more coffee…think I meant phonetics…like if the s worked in place of the hyphen transcestors would be pronounced much the same way as trans-cestors where it would perhaps be tempting to skip either the s or the c when you wrote it out…but it’s entirely possible that’s just me?

        • Oh, speaking of needing more coffee, yes, trans-cestors (with the o) is the most viable guess. My (feeble) excuse is that this morning at an unreasonable hour I was taken on dog-walking training, caffeine-free, and hadn’t loaded up sufficiently when I left that comment.

          I’m doing this because we were invited to Fire Island for the 4th of July weekend. I’m shipping off Better Half and staying behind with the dog. “I’m not showing up on that ferry with a fucking rollator, and those boardwalks are death traps for even the most agile among us.” “Nonsense, Mattie, men your size do it drunk out of their minds in six-inch heels–” “You go. They’re more your friends than mine. I have to learn how to live alone with the dog, you’re going to start circling the globe again for work at some point.”

          “Hmmm. I think you’re making a mistake. A weekend away might be the best thing for you. Plus you look great, you’ve lost the weight, everyone in the house is fully vaccinated, and–“

          “‘Lost the weight’. And what?”

          “Well, they’re, we’re, having an open house on Saturday, and they’re going to buy all the food and everything, but we were thinking you could…help out.”

          “Oh no, Bertie Wooster, Jeeves is taking the weekend off. Just buy bags of chips and salsa at that supermarket in Sayville and be done with it.”

          • My friend’s parents have a house on Fire Island that they can’t afford anymore, can’t use (because they are in their 90s) and absolutely refuse to sell. She was able to rent it out for the summer for $40K, which barely covers the taxes (that they can’t afford either…) Not sure of my point, other than does anyone want to buy a house on Fire Island? 

    • I saw something about the NYPD doing one of their mass bull rushes in part of a celebration in Washington Square. What was that about?

      • I don’t know because it’s total mayhem down in Washington Square Park, and public drinking (and drugs, and sex) has been going on for months, fireworks, dance parties into the wee hours, notional curfews entirely ignored. I don’t think it was necessarily homophobic, I don’t think the NYPD would really dare at this point, especially not yesterday, but maybe mine is a Pollyanna-ish view from afar.

    • Or they could be transistors, because they amplified the signal about trans rights?

    • @MatthewCrawley Our Pride festival has been postponed to September this year. I hate that it’s not during Pride month but will not miss the heat. I always work the event, handing out water. September will still be hot but hopefully not as bad. 

    • Oh, like ancestors. I get it. I am active on IG and follow some feminist/gay stuff and I am always learning new terms. Haven’t seen that one yet! 

      • @PumkinSpies can you recommend some feminist/gay IG accounts?

        • @mattxiv
          And honestly, sometimes I just see stuff by scrolling past the “you’re all caught up” thing and basically wading into the algorithm. 

    • I unabashedly love this: 

  4. In a bit of good news, in French elections Marine Le Pen’s party had a big slip in support.
    In one of the signs of how broken political reporting has become, the gap between her and the GOP has almost vanished, but while the press freely calls her party things like “far right” and “ultranationalist” they still maintain the stance that the modern GOP is solidly mainstream and not a radical separatist party.

    • They (like in some ways Joe B) are stuck in a time when the GOP actually cared about responsibility and reason.

      • I think there’s been a pretty disturbing shift in the way the political press thinks about the GOP in recent years. You can hear the dynamic clearly in live interviews on cable and NPR, but reading between the lines in print media it’s there too.
        The old dynamic during the Reagan years and earlier was the GOP was hard right, and the media could swallow their spin, but the GOP was still responsive when the press discovered something.
        More recently the GOP decided not to defend against press investigations and simply return fire or stonewall. And now the press has internalized that dynamic so that GOP talking points are incorporated automatically, and by default the “analysis” completely skips the real life effects of policy and simply restates that nothing will shake the GOP so why bother.
        Which ignores the fact that the GOP does in fact depend on the mainstream press for a lot and they absolutely have a ton of leverage if they would use it. It just isn’t as easy as the old days in 1990 when a zinger to Marlin Fitzwater might lead to someone getting fired.

  5. Yesterday was hot around here but today is supposed to be our hottest day ever!  We are supposed to max out around 99 but most of Seattle will be 104!  People are freaking out, closing all the businesses, and people will die jumping in freezing rivers to cool off.  So far, aircon is holding up pretty well & most of garden is handling but have to check the greenhouse often as it is 10 degrees hotter in there.  Sounds like it will cool off tomorrow & I’m taking my Hawaiian visitors into mountains for some relief.  

  6. wooo spectators are finally allowed again!
    *spectator imediately makes a case for why they shouldnt be*
    zomg spectators should be banned! why are there no fences?
    that was pretty much the gist of the tv commentary over here
    ….im honestly surprised it doesnt happen more often…considering half the crowd has been camped by the road all day drinking

  7. oh man..watching the last john oliver made me rage spickle…

    makes me apreciate the health care system here that i think kinda sucks i guess….
    fucking hell..thats some arse backwards shit..

    • also in unrelated news….whom ever invented peanut puffs….needs to be taken out back and shot…
      its impossible to stop eating these fucking things once you start

    • Oh that reminds me to watch the episode because I recorded it last night, thanks!

    • Hahahahhah @farscythe my father who hates anything he believes to be socialism totally fell for one of these bullshit companies a few years ago

      Now he has Medicare, which is totally not socialized medicine by fucking idiot boomer logic.

      • i dont think im ever gonna be able to wrap my head around americas stance on socialism….
        but luckily..theres a gif for that

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