Fall Vibes [DOT 16/9/23]

I’m headed apple picking this morning so we are in fall mode here! What should I make with my bounty?

UAW on strike!

UAW strikes begin against Big Three automakers

We are S-M-R-T!

US economy going strong under Biden – Americans don’t believe it

Get his ass

Outrage and calls for inquiry into Seattle officer who joked about crash victim


Planet Fitness shares sink after board ousts CEO in shocking move


Jason Kelce addresses Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift dating speculation

Worth the long read, and follow it up with Demon Copperhead if it’s your thing
The Evolution of Tyler Childers

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  1. “Without context, this audio is horrifying and has no place in a civil society. It sullies the profession of law enforcement, the reputation of all Seattle police officers and paints Seattle in a terrible light,” the union said. “We feel deep sorrow and grief for the family of Jaahnavi Kandula as this video has revictimized them in an already tragic situation as they continue to mourn her death. We are truly sorry.”

    But, the union said, “there is much more detail and nuance that has not been made public yet”.


    i would like to know what context and nuance and detail they have not made public yet that would somehow make things not horrifying and have a place in a civil society

    • That was my first thought. I really hope the family calls their bluff and says, “oh, please, do share with us the context which makes this OK.”  At which point we watch the president of the union sputter about confidential information that can’t be released to the public.

  2. Perception is reality…

    It seems when rich people and financial institutions get rich (while we lower orders get fucked) things are great according to the MSM which helps aid perception.

    However, when things get shitty for rich folks and financial institutions then we seem to side with them even if it is good for us.

    Seems the 1%ers are more addicted to low interest rates than us lower orders are. Maybe because of the influence of “tech brahs” who burn thru lines of credit/cash till they “make” a “profit.”

  3. So I’ve joked about my Trump-obsessed idiot father before here. And his alcoholism. Anyways, apparently this week his liver and pancreas decided to finally crap out and he’s been in the ICU for a few days now under sedation while they try to get him through the alcohol detox.

    In addition to all the other usual symptoms of liver failure, some of which they can’t treat while he’s going through detox.

    Anyways, the hospital staff seem really pissy with my mom and I because we’re like no we’re not visiting. Why? He’s under sedation and agitated and strapped down to the hospital bed. I barely enjoy talking with him sometimes when he’s awake and coherent. We’re off to talk to a social worker there today because they want him to go to a rehab program, which hell yeah of course. But also, he’s an alcoholic who easily knocks back over half a bottle of vodka a day and refuses to admit he’s got a problem. I sound like a right bitch here but I think all of this is a waste of hospital resources because he’s going to go right back to drinking.

    Also I think my mom is financially fucked over this because of course that fucking clown couldn’t have a will so his estate will go to probate and there’s a strong chance his siblings will try to get the house and she’ll end up scrambling to find somewhere to live. They’re not married and Missouri does not have common law marriage. Yay, adulthood!

    Moral of the story, if you’re a heavy drinker now, don’t do this to yourself long term.

    • Damn, brighter, that sucks. You don’t owe him your time or attention and it’s none of the hospital staff’s business whether or not you visit. I’m sorry you have to go through this.

    • what? why does the hospital want you to visit?

      are they trying to fleece you for money? people tend to have pretty good reasons for not visiting

      sorry you have to deal with this brighter

      ….i actually am a heavy drinker…that has trouble staying quit

      detox time again monday…(im gifting myself the f1 weekend)

      (by detox i mean just going cold turkey and taking the hit….its not fun…..im also a little troubled by your description of easily drinks half a bottle of vodka a day……thats uhh…considerably less than my dad did..till he died for some odd reason…might be less than i do…but i only drink beer….12 pints a night is not unusual tho)

      • I mean his shakes are so bad and he has jaundice and for years he’s been getting massive bruises because of liver damage affecting his ability for blood clotting. Oh! And they’re going to cut into his abdomen to drain the fluid that’s built up because again…his liver ain’t working well.

        Listen I’m definitely not going to tell people they should abstain from alcohol, but we’re talking moderation. That’s all.

      • Not sure if this is the case, but I’ve noticed during my mother-in-law’s hospital stays that the staff expects family to do basic care if they’re in the room. And I’m talking anything that’s not medication-related, like getting her to the bathroom or onto a bedpan, changing her clothes, feeding her, etc. Once you’re there, they disappear and won’t come back.

        American medicine, yay.

    • Ugh, that does sound awful. It’s obviously an issue with clarity of mind, but if possible it’s worth framing things with them that spending a little bit on a lawyer now for a will would mean NOT  spending a ton more for lawyers in the future. Sometimes hatred of lawyers is a legitimate way to break a logjam, although I realize things may have gotten past that point. Sorry again.

    • @brightersideoflife regarding the drinking it all boils down to his level of willingness.  If he’s not willing to do what is necessary, then no amount of rehab, or 12 step meetings, or family nagging or anything is going to help him.  When it comes to alcoholism, we will either drink or we won’t and nobody else has any impact on it.  So, here’s hoping the pain has gotten bad enough that he’s willing to do something about it.

      Regarding the will, it sounds like your mother is pretty well screwed.  To be clear, even if he did have a will, it would still go through probate (only trusts skip probate, but that’s also why they cost so much money to set up), but at least there would be a clear roadmap for how he wants his estate to be transferred after it has paid off any creditors who come knocking during the probate period.  If he likewise is willing to finally set up estate documents, I would suggest using trustandwill.com.  It costs much, much less than a private attorney, and it’s pretty simple and straightforward.  It also covers the full suite of documents including the health care proxy and POA.  They will even send a notary to you to do the signing of the documents.  Good luck.

    • Oh no!

      I’m sorry, Brighter, that suuuuuucks, and I can only imagine the stress & worry for your mom, too!💔💞💗💓💝

      I hope that *whatever* way things go, that it’s as low-stress as is possible for you, and that things break in the best direction possible for you, whenever there’s a possibility for a situation to “go one way or another”💖💖💖

    • …pretty sure I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t already been said or suggested but wanted to add one more to the chorus on the sympathy front…& hope that you have some of that getting delivered in person because you clearly deserve it

  4. Did anyone else’s reading comprehension fail when coming across:

    Planet Fitness shares sink after board ousts CEO in shocking move

    I misunderstood it to mean that Planet Fitness gave a literal sink to people or let them use their sink. I’m going to blame Covid on this one.

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