Fall/Winter Projects [NOT 16/9/21]

Hi, friends!

It’s 99 days until Christmas, so if I plan to crochet or make anything as gifts for people I probably should start like…now.

(welp looks like I’m not crafting anything because I am lazy)

I used to love crocheting, but between work and arthritis my stupid hands aren’t up to it really anymore. Which sucks, because of course I have a shit ton of partially used yarn in the stash. Oh well.

I’ve also been working on decluttering myself from crap I don’t need. This has been a slow process and embarrassing honestly. This week’s goal was to figure out the makeup situation. Years ago I worked in a makeup store, and I love makeup. I also had an Ipsy box subscription for a long time. And then about 2 years ago I started dealing with rosacea and contact dermatitis issues on my eyelids, so I really drastically was cutting back on wearing makeup and then PANDEMIC so like … most of my makeup I hadn’t worn in about 2 years. Anyways. I made a command decision and threw away basically everything that wasn’t a powder formula unless it was in unopened packaging. A lot of the eyeshadow palettes younger me *had to have* but haven’t been used in years? Also thrown away. Fuck, y’all, I threw away a couple thousand dollars’ worth of old/expired/partially used product. That’s embarrassing. Next week’s topic might be *old clothes I would wear except I’m too fat for them and won’t be able to fit in them any time soon yet I struggle to get rid of them.*

Anyways, any of y’all have fall or winter projects you’re getting started on?



  1. My fall project is paying for the epoxy garage floor.  So far, the contractor’s done a really good job of smoothing out the really rough walls (original home builder did a really shitty job of smoothing out the concrete walls) and all the damage on the floor.  Again this isn’t something I would have the energy/ability/patience to do so I am glad that I hired out for this one.  Already had some of the neighbors come around to peek at what he’s done.
    Winter is basically model building time except when it is too cold to vent out fumes.

  2. Waiting for others to set the tone in the comments isn’t going well…I guess I plan to work on myself this fall/winter. Something I’ve been putting off since I was…a toddler?

  3. Theoretically, the cesspool situation is supposed to get dealt with this fall, but I’m having a hell of a time getting decent communication from the soil engineer so who the hell knows.

    I think our main project this winter will be trying to teach Butcher Dog how to pull a cart.  When the lake freezes over she won’t be able to swim anymore and will still need something to burn off all that energy she has.  If I could bottle her energy levels I could power the house for a year.

  4. I’m planning a major garage cleaning, then new flooring and new siding on the house. I also need to do an attic purge and some smaller home repairs but they’ll have to wait until spring.

  5. I’ve got way too many to think about & now that we are empty nesters my wife will switch to project mode.  Her top few will be:
    -replace old sewer line
    -fix greenhouse glass that slid down
    -fix leak in slider frame
    -clean garage
    -clean & get rid of my 3 boxes of old software, computer parts & random electronics
    -winterize yard & greenhouse

  6. I feel you on the clothes not fitting but I’m stubbornly holding out hope for them (it helps that I have a mild hoarding problem). Since the since my injury (and Pandemic life), I’m two sizes bigger than my usual. Now that the cold and wet weather is starting, I’ve accepted that I will not be fitting into any of my regular pants. I definitely can’t survive being outside at playgrounds all Fall and Winter in the moomoos dresses that I’ve been coasting in this summer. So I bought 4 pairs of pants at H&M last night.

  7. As for Fall/Winter projects… I’m tempted to learn calligraphy in hopes that when Xmas card season comes around I won’t feel so embarrassed by my handwriting. I’m hoping that I can also use calligraphy practice as a form of mindless meditation (oxymoron?) and relaxation.

    • We got solar in January.  Biggest advice I can give is find a local company that uses its own people not outside salespeople & contractors.  We had a really good one that we are very happy with.  

  8. im gonna be carving pumpkins….and decorating a goddamn christmas tree if it kills me
    gone without for 2 fucking years now….as the home situation requires everyone to be miserable….apparently (tho the first of those 2 years we didnt have a tree coz we werent going to be here for xmas anyways so it was judged more economical to not have a tree…i hated it…i need my winter tree apparently)
    bout done with that shit
    as im still paying rent and stuck here..i figure i gets to set some ground rules
    im getting my fucking pumpkins and tree
    be merry or get the fuck out

  9. I’m not giving up on summer yet. Despite the possibility of SNOW on Sunday, I’m going backpacking in E. Oregon this weekend, to a lake above 7000 ft. As a concession to my middle age, a new 15-degree sleeping bag showed up at my front door today. It’s going with me. 
    I will have plenty of fall projects. But I’m making them wait until then before I start planning.

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