Fall Y’all [DOT 5/10/22]

Happy Wednesday gang!

It’s still chilly and raining here in the DMV. Gotta say, I’m OVER it.

Also, all the tires in my car decided it’s too cold and therefore have low pressure. Looking forward to dealing with that this morning.

Hope you have a great day!

Well they are his minions…

Trump asks Supreme Court to intervene in Mar-a-Lago search case

Ukraine Update:

Ukraine continues to liberate territory in east and south, says Zelenskiy


This stock market comeback is unprecedented by one measure


Aaron Judge hits home run #62 and makes baseball history


If you’re into this sort of thing, there is a lot to keep you entertained here…

Today in cute!

To those who observe Yom Kippur, a meaningful and easy fast to you today.



  1. As far as gossip rabbit holes go, I was thinking just the other day (or whenever it was that Odd Couple Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson decided to embark on their brief strictly-for-the-tabloids “romance”) what it would have been like if Twitter had been around when Kim’s Dad Bobby was defending O. J. Simpson. Imagine the white Bronco: “This video has been retweeted 7.9 billion times.” “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit.” “This video has been retweeted 12.6 billion times.”

    Speaking of things in their billions, either this month or next the world’s population will hit 8 billion. That news reminded me of this:


  2. Trump’s Supreme Taliban case will be interesting to watch. I’ve theorized that the Taliban is done with the orange oaf. They got what they wanted and they’re going to turn their collective backs on him. Now we get to see if I’m right.

    Specifically, the case is extremely narrow and doesn’t address any really knotty legal issues. It’s just a cry for help from a buffoon that’s actually looking at indictments (let’s not consider convictions right now). The Taliban would also have to overturn the 11th Circuit, which is mostly Trump appointees as well.

    Additionally, the Taliban is facing massive unpopularity, which isn’t supposed to affect them, but they’re speaking out, so it clearly does. I imagine speaker fees for their “wisdom” are starting to dry up in the face of their hyper-partisanship. I doubt fundamentalists religious organizations provide that much income to them.

    • No kidding.

      Why, exactly, did Roger Clemens meet Lee Harvey Oswald in the Cuban Embassy in September 1963? And what was in the briefcase he was photographed bringing into the Embassy but didn’t have when he left it?

    • FACTS! Little known, but Clemens was used by Oliver North as a courier repeatedly during Iran-Contra; Clemens is a longtime pal of Osama bin Laden; Clemens was among the admitted attorneys who argued W’s case during the 2000 election hearings; Clemens and Dick Cheney had a standing weekly lunch date in the runup to the Iraq war; Clemens has been the worst climate offender in the world since 1996; Clemens’ first contract helped fund the founding of Fox News; Clemens is personally responsible for all of the plastic currently floating in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


      Anyway, fuck Roger Clemens.

  3. The Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to three researchers into quantum entanglement, which fascinates and confuses me.


    Basically, two particles which go through the same process and then are separated get sort of encoded with information. If you then “read” the information of one you now know the state of the other which can lead to instant communication of a type that Einstein didn’t think was possible.

    There is a theory that dogs use quantum entanglement to decide where to poop, based on their alignment with magnetic fields.

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