Fallin’ Into Saturday! [DOT 16/10/21]

Hi Gang! I hope you are all doing great and had a good week. My week was one thing after another at work, and I was over it at about noon on Friday.

Headed to the Annapolis Boat show today for a bit and then dinner with my high school boyfriend’s brother. Say that 5 times fast!

What do you guys have going on this weekend?

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This fucking guy.

The Clean Electricity Performance Program, the cornerstone climate policy in Democrats’ massive social safety net package, will likely be dropped from the final budget deal after pushback from Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, three congressional sources told CNN.


Dow jumps 380 points Friday, posts winning week after strong start to earnings season


Would robot umpires have prevented the Wilmer Flores Giants-Dodgers controversy?

Bad parents showing their whole ass on Twitter today.

Here’s a palate cleanser thread!

Brain Drain will be along shortly… Have a great day!



  1. I have always wanted to meet the person or group that comes up with those someecards.

    I will be submitting a photo of The Faithful Hound forthwith! I used to submit an occasional photo to GroupThink before kinja pulled the plug. If you were on GroupThink you might remember him.

    • I mean, what other options did he have after refusing to vacate the Working Families’ Party Line backfired and the same voters who rejected him for an impassioned newcomer rejected him again in the general?

      (Apart from hundreds of others, of course.)

  2. The Clean Electricity Performance Program, the cornerstone climate policy in Democrats’ massive social safety net package, will likely be dropped from the final budget deal after pushback from Sen. Joe Manchin

    welp sorry kids…not gonna do anything about the problem whilst the old farts are still getting rich from it

    sucks to be you

    also the guy what stabbed the torie was apparently somali…soo its just getting called islamist terrorism


    not what i figured at all…i figured angry white lefty headcase….guess they are still too busy being angry white lefty headcases on the interwebs to actually do anything….good thing i didnt put money on it

    • As usual, you hit the nail on the head, farscy.

      Joe Manchin collects a half-million dollars a year from coal. OF COURSE he doesn’t want to support any type of cleaner energy. One article I read said the Democrats should just include a $500,000 payoff each year for 10 years to all the people making money from coal in their bill, including Manchin. It wouldn’t add much to the total cost, and it would shut Manchin up. As it is, since coal is dying a miserable but well-deserved death, he’s gonna stop making money eventually.


      • in manchins case i was actually aware of his connection to coal….but tbh its the same story everywhere

        we are going to fail spectacularly at reducing emissions coz the rich arent done getting richer and wont be affected by anything short of the world ending….

  3. Hmmm…awfully quiet around these parts today.

    Never fear, Gotham’s Official Court Jester never fails to amuse:


    The gist: De Blasio racked up the bills in 2017. The high-powered PR agency/law firm has given him a pass, basically an interest-free loan, on his 6-figure legal bills. Come January 1, 2022 when he is no longer Mayor (a day that can’t come soon enough) I assume they’ll be dragging his bankrupt butt into bankruptcy court.

    De Blasio blames his non-payment, like everything else, on the pandemic, which, let us not forget, started in 2020.

    • Reminds me I need to fill in my absentee ballot. That set of choices for Mayor is just the least inspiring thing ever. What even is the “Out Lawbreaker” party? And why don’t they run a full ticket of candidates?
      (Don’t answer that…I know.)

  4. If you don’t have a pet of your own you can always post pics or videos from around the web, highlight rescue animals in your area, or anything you see out and about. And they don’t even have to have fur. As we say every week – we will never discriminate against cute!

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