Feeling Brunch-y [DOT 19/9/21]

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

I was feeling brunch-y and made a French Toast casserole. I put it under the broiler to get a nice crust on top, but alas, I caught the top on fire. Better luck next time.

Happy Sunday!

Wait now the fiance is missing?!?

Search for Gabby Petito’s fiancé Brian Laundrie focuses on Florida nature reserve

Fuck around, find out.

More than 100 part-timers at Indiana University Health left jobless for refusing Covid-19 vaccine

The worst kind of turtle.

Senate Republicans say they will vote to allow a debt default, leaving Democrats scrambling for plan to avert economic crisis

This is a meeting that could have been an email.

Washington DC rally in support of 6 January rioters falls short of expectations


7 ways men live without working in America


Fencer Alen Hadzic was accused of sexual misconduct — but went to Tokyo anyway. Women Olympians say they were not protected.

Get your reading in now folks!

Enjoy the last bit of your weekend!



  1. That Guardian article about the fizzling out of the Capitol rally was interesting. I read elsewhere that the insurrectionists are now (approvingly) described as the J6 by people like the few rally attendees. 

    That 650 were arrested is far more than I would have expected, given that Trump lingered on until January 20th, so a lot of these arrests must have occurred in those two weeks.

    The fact that they were told to eschew Trumpish and other white supremacist paraphernalia is…is it a good sign? I loved how the organizer went over to “Adam from Florida” and asked him to take down his 3%-er version of the American flag (isn’t that flag desecration, etsy-ing your own take on Old Glory?) and if he didn’t it is a sure sign that he is an infiltrator. 

    Meanwhile, here in New York, yesterday a far greater number showed up to swarm Times Square for an anti-mask/anti-vax whoop-de-doo. This is far less disturbing than the similar protest launched by teachers and other educrocracy hangers-on outside the Department of Education HQ*, and one by health care “professionals” outside City Hall. 

    * Do you all know about Boss Tweed? During New York’s Gilded Age he was an enormously powerful political fixer, and his lasting achievement was the construction of an admittedly very beautiful building that employed many multiples of no-shows and went wildly over-budget. It was called the Tweed courthouse, because that is what its purpose was. It fell into decay in the postwar era but somehow wasn’t torn down, was refurbished at great expense and well over budget and schedule, and now, unironically, is the headquarters building of the NYC Department of Education. And nothing could be more fitting.

    • There appears to be a lot going on at the Justice Department to build conspiracy cases related to 1/6, but it’s not clear yet how high up it will go.
      A lot of the relatively minor arrests for things like trespassing appear to be aimed at getting access to phones for filling in gaps in the photo and video record, since the social media postings were just a fraction of the amount taken. 
      Conspiracy cases are starting to be filed and witnesses are entering cooperation agreements, but DOJ is keeping its cards very close to its vest, understandably. Where it’s going, though, is tough to say.
      For a case of this size it’s going very fast considering they’re not simply trying to do a superficial set of trials. But whether that’s fast enough in the grander scheme, I don’t know. Balancing the needs of swift justice versus certain justice is hard to say.

  2. Paranoia will destroy ya.
    The extreme right wingers are seeing shadows and anti-fa infiltrators wherever they go.  They are so disconnected and dumb that they can’t see straight.

    • If it wasn’t so insane, it would be comical.
      ‘Justice for J6’ rallygoers blast Republicans for skipping event: They’re ‘all useless’
      The idiots are attacking each other. Which is fine, but it shows how horribly out-of-touch Republicans are. They keep pandering to these morons, and the morons keep attacking them. It’s like keeping a rabid raccoon in your bathroom because you think it might help you appeal to all the other rabid animals. 

      • It is something that Tory Leader O’Toole is finding out.  Appealing to short tempered paranoid morons is a dangerous game especially if it blows up in his face at the tail end of an election he actually had a (small) chance of winning.

  3. I’m guessing that the media sensation person (not her fault, but more the media) will not end well for anyone involved.  I’ve only followed the cased based on what I’ve read here… it’s the damn fiance.  Usually that’s how it works out.
    All we need is a Nancy Grace pointing fingers at a mysterious Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with a revolver.

    • The whole “disappearing into the wilderness” seems a bit too convenient for me. My guess is the parents are helping Brian flee, and the whole “search 25,000 acres” is a red herring designed to keep the cops busy while he runs in another direction. I’m more surprised that he wasn’t kept under surveillance by authorities, since he was designated a person of interest. 

  4. I don’t like seeing anyone lose their jobs, but those assholes deserve it. 
    At least I got the chance to hang out with my late friend because the hospital and its workers took all the necessary precautions/protocols and I followed them as well.  I wouldn’t feel safe one bit if I knew that even one of the healthcare workers wasn’t vaxxed.

  5. Last night it was stunningly, horrifyingly revealed that several prominent members of this community (you know who you are) have never heard of an “internet message board.”  So, here is an example of one I have used, relating to keeping saltwater aquariums:
    On the left you will find a list of topics.  Click on one of those, and it brings you to a list of discussions on that topic.  As people respond within a discussion, or “thread,” that discussion gets bumped to the top of the list.
    I can’t believe I’m even having to explain this.  Losers.

    • Sorry I could not be there. Hope everyone is doing well. 

    • i feel like i missed something here
      if it was a zoom meeting
      ill consider myself lucky

    • Wait… Wat? Aren’t we on an internet message board? It just has no topic? 

      • I would characterize this as “a comment section on a blog” more than a message board or forum.

    • Did that happen after I left… or am I one of those people and I was so confused I didn’t even realize the conversation was happening….

      • I think you would have remembered……..

  6. What a waste of resources searching for the dude who offed ditched his fiancée. If he is still alive, he will end up at home again guaranteed.

      • Good to know, thanks for sharing! 

  7. Is there anything there ISN’T a shortage of? Food, paper products, and bleach was SOOO last year. Now it’s Tidy Cats, birth control, and books. :/
    This feels like the Republican agenda.

    • The books shortage got me. But I’m at least happy people want to buy more print books and that the demand extends beyond the usual holiday season of book buying. (Spoken like a bookworm who used to work in publishing.)

  8. on the note of something brunchy
    i gots to cook a fishy dishy variant today…yay \0/
    i almost forgot i love to cook as most of the time im stuck making bland shit as my daughter is suddenly a very picky eater….good thing shes not here today 🙂

    • Looks good!

      • thank you 🙂

  9. I was reading about that fencer back during the Olympics!

    Former coworker summed it up perfectly at the time on facebook (dude is in his 50s) – “If you have to have special protocols to keep you from being around the female members of the team to protect them, you shouldn’t fucking be on the team”

    • That was disturbing. The fact that they only set up those protocols after several fencing team members raised hell is even worse. Imagine if something had happened in Tokyo?

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