Finally! [DOT 21/8/21]

A date (21/8/21) I can type without having to think about it in my head! I was never good with the way I guess every one else writes dates. And I never got used to a 24 hour clock, even after living abroad in college. Oh well…

I’m doing my homework ahead of time since I am going on a little road trip this weekend. So if there’s any big news you guys will have to fill me in.

Have a great weekend!

Something Something Florida Idiots Corona Alabama

Something Something abandoned allies in Afghanistan



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  1. cannot tell if the links arent there on purpose or not…

    but on the note of abandoned allies in afghanistan…seems there is some resistance over there…3 regions taken back by the mujahideen…who are now asking for help
    i have mixed feelings there…i mean..its admirable….but they are doomed

      • I thought we were supposed to fill them in, like doing a crossword. I was going to chip in that Under Armour was the most-traded stock on the exchange yesterday (I assume that was NYSE, not NASDAQ, but who knows) but did not want to delve into why it’s been so volatile during the week. Is it the new GameStop? Don’t rely on me to tell you.

  2. I know an unvaxxed guy at work (part of the healthy woo woo crowd not the angry right wing dipshit freedumz brigade), but he might avoid terrible things thanks to herd immunity as at work I think about 90% of the workforce has their shots.  There are rumblings that we may have a work mandate to get vaxxed though.  Folks are trying (gently) to get his ass vaxxed, but he’s in the thrall of the anti-vax crew.
    I already freaked out on him a few months back when he posted the usual video clip bullshit from anti-vax types.  Got me slapped for being rude from other participants on the chat.
    At this point he’s more a danger to himself than to others (at work).  Outside is another story.
    We have a few of those freedumz types here as well, but thanks to Delta killing their US Amercian thought buddies they have been very quiet.
    At this point the pro-CoVID crowd is costing me money.  I took a shit kicking this week as my energy stocks and manufacturing stocks took a nosedive thanks to COVID fears.  I am seeing that the CoVIDits are pretty much the same crowd of morons that will scream endlessly about government money being wasted, money being printed and ‘tax and spend’ liebruls, but they don’t get that THEY ARE THE FUCKING REASON THIS IS ALL HAPPENING.
    I see this when I read the comments (because I am stupid) on the finance boards where dipshit bros yell “fire the CEO” when that particular stock dips or doesn’t grow as fast as THEY want.
    It’s like reading the comments on sports articles.  Same kind of fucking spoiled greedy morons (as opposed to slightly less greedy but not as stupid or spoiled moron writing this post.)
    I am really disappointed but not shocked that a lot of folks are fucking stupid.  Maybe society (and humanity in general) will be better off in the long run thanks to CoVID.  I try to see the positive, but aw, who the hell am I kidding?

    • hey…i have one of the reasonably unvaxxed at work too!
      he’s waiting it out coz he wants to know if theres long term side effects
      i helpfully pointed out to him we’re going to be underwater in ten years

      • I have a friend who I thought was reasonably intelligent. I found out  he is waiting to get the vax until the FDA gives it “full approval.” As if that makes it safer than emergency use approval. Does anyone think at this point the FDA will say “Aw, shit. 200 million of you got a shot that we aren’t going to fully approve. Woops.” 

        • Ugh, I’ve heard that one too! I feel like that’s just their excuse of the day. Once it’s approved it’ll be “oh they approved it too fast I still don’t trust it…” 


      • being that i live within spitting distance of the bible belt here….im not so sure
        these people would give their only begotten son in the name of ignorance…
        uhh sorry…i meant gods plan

        • One of my English friends and her husband bought a lovely “cottage” in a very nice town that’s just barely in the London commuter belt. Within 24 hours of moving in there a ring of the doorbell and much to their surprise a trio of very enthusiastic people welcomed them to the village, etc. They were from an evangelical congregation in the town. The realtor (the “estate agent”) had warned them about this. They are known as “the happy clappies” because of what goes on at their services, as opposed to what an Anglican service usually entails.

  3. When Andrew Cuomo finally leaves the Executive Mansion on Monday (he generously gave himself two weeks’ notice, “as if he worked at the Gap” as one legislator uncharitably put it) great mystery surrounds where he will now live. He doesn’t own any property of his own, at least according to public records.

    The New York Post has been on Andrew Cuomo like white on rice (maybe “like flies on shit” is a better analogy) for years, so they have been camped out in Albany. First they reported many garbage dumpsters arriving, which were then filled with all kinds of crap. Apparently Handsy Andy is a little bit of a hoarder. Two of his three daughters also showed up but removed a reasonable amount of belongings, so it doesn’t look like they actually lived there, unless their crap went into the dumpsters or…

    Finally U-Haul trucks showed up. The Post, in a great display of civic duty, tailed them. Odds were that he’d camp with his best bro out in the Hamptons, which by the way is under hurricane watch. But no, the U-Hauls pulled up a his sister Maria’s (Mrs. Kenneth Cole’s) “compound” in Purchase, New York. That’s in Westchester and is lovely and pricey. It’s just over the Connecticut border. So at least he’s going to store his stuff there.

    I immediately donned my tin-foil hat. Purchase is also the HQ of Mastercard. I bet Cuomo exchanged quite a few favors with Mastercard during his Reign of Terror and I bet they’d give him money for some no-show job, an occupational category I’m sure Cuomo is quite familiar with through personal experience of creating more than a few himself.

    But why not join Fredo in the Hamptons, hurricane watch aside? I bet Fredo’s wife is getting a little tired of this. Bad enough that her brother-in-law is a letch and is widely loathed in a bipartisan spirit of comity rarely seen in the Empire State. But now great doubts are arising about why her own husband deserves his job, and what can be done to get rid of him? 

    Mom is still alive and living on Sutton Place South but I bet’s that’s an empty-nester co-op where she lived with Dad for a while. 

    When Covid first struck the great metropolis and we seemed to be in the thick of it I got evacuation offers from siblings and had we turned tail we would have gone to one of my sister’s, so I totally get Andy’s decision. My empty-nesting brother offered too but I’m closer to that sister, close as I am to all my siblings. But we remained and the virus caught up so there’s really nowhere to hide, but I had I moved in with Sis I would have had the run of a single-family house with a large yard and a quite fidgety and neurotic dog that The Faithful Hound could torment to no end. Sis mentioned all of these benefits, plus a couple of kids malingering about, but we just stayed where we were and rode (or are riding) it out.

  4. @MegMegMcGee, truely genius use of the DOT format.

    Also, every single time I do a post, which is two to three times a week, more if I am scheduling FYCE, I have to stop and think about the date and time formats.

    Honestly, I try. I tell myself that date is backwards for month and day, and to add 12 to a PM hour. Even so, after all the decades of doing it one way as opposed to the Deadsplinter way, I still manage to screw it up a few times a year. (Sigh.)

  5. Our governor finally reached his saturation point for putting up with bullshit and did a great speech on”freedom to not get Covid” putting it back on this idiots that don’t think it is fair to wear a mask or get vaccinated.  This has caused a stressful week at the clinic for my wife.  Her antivax patients have been showing up crying about how they can’t get vaccinated and are going to lose their jobs and asking for help.  My wife has also reached her saturation point and is now just telling them to get vaccinated or be unemployed, stay home and die.  One of them actually even asked for a prescription for Ivermectin!  These fucking idiots will believe Dr. Hannity & friends over somebody that has been taking care of their family for the last 15 years and all real medical doctors.  I heard on the news yesterday that the main reason for emergency calls in Alabama right now is people reacting to Ivermectin.  The government needs to shut down Fox News and others for attempted murder at this point.

  6. Those order of operations math tweets drive me crazy because they are a symptom of an idiotic bureaucratic mindset.
    If one person is struggling with instructions, that person is the problem. If many people are struggling, the process is the problem.
    I cannot tell you the number of times I have dealt with rulesmakers who insist the solution to difficult to poorly followed rules is to add more nested subparagraphs, more conditional phrases, and more branching decisions and loopbacks in the implicit flow charts people need to navigate.
    If order of operation in a math problem is easy to screw up, then that is a problem with the way the problem is stated. And that goes for terms and conditions for a phone contract or instructions for a toaster oven.
    Bureaucratic thinkers ultimately want people to fail because they care more about maintaining the status quo of impenetrability than fixing the underlying issues.

  7. OHGODDAMNIT!….i had my sheets out on the line all day…all freshly washed and smelling off flowers….finally got them dry…and a bird shits on them
    fuck you bird….i hope the cats get you

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