First tomatoes! [NOT 13/6/21]

Hi, friends! I’m trying not to think about the dumpster fire that I’m walking into tomorrow morning with work by distracting myself with things I’m actually excited about.

Today I got my first tomatoes!!!!! Gonna slice into those beauties in a few minutes. It’s that Better Boy I got from Costco already a few feet tall with flowers blooming in mid-April. It’s definitely going to be a heavy yielder if the squirrels don’t go to town on it.

Anyways, how’s everyone’s weekend rounding down? Anything good planned for the week?

Also, I’m still looking for someone to cover the NOT on June 21st. Any takers?



  1. Sigh.  I miss being able to harvest tomatoes in June.  I do not, however, miss living where I was able to harvest tomatoes in June.

    Got some long-standing projects done this weekend, which was good.  Feels like one less thing hanging over my head.  Nothing planned for the week, but work.  However, Mrs. Butcher and I will be celebrating our Anniversary next weekend.

  2. I have a centimetre-sized Roma tomato and if a squirrel wants it, they can have it. I’m just elated that I can actually grow stuffs.

    I am growing a couple other kinds of tomatoes but to me there is really only one tomato…the rest never live up to the task, imo.

  3. I was supposed to go grocery shopping today, but was lazy and stayed in bed and watched youtube videos.  I don’t think there is anything I absolutely NEED this week…
    Eventually here I’ll take a shower and go get some pizza.
    I did find this video from Sleater Kinney that I thought was pretty amusing:


  4. Boggs and I were just out on my patio with two bunnies. I was admonishing one for eating my decorative grass (I don’t actually care, the stuff grows like crazy, but I WAS RIGHT THERE, HELLO, at least pretend to respect my human authority?) when another bun rolled up on us and didn’t even see me. Boggs was very excited and wanted to meet them but overall was a good boy (I was holding him or he would indeed have done cat stuff). Then they chased each other under a bush. 

    • When I had pigeon problems, I threatened to eat them if they didn’t knock it off.  I don’t think they really understood me, but I meant it, and was willing to carry through on it
      I’d probably try the same tactic with rabbits, but I don’t think they are as smart as pigeons.

      • Squab! Related to this comment, if you’re ever in an Italian restaurant with no English menu and the server speaks no English, be aware that the word for rabbit is coniglio. I have a strange mental block on that word and always think it is something else. 

          • It is thought that Coney Island came to be called that because the Dutch settlers found a lot of rabbits there. The word for rabbit in Dutch is Konijn. When the English took over and ruined all the fun (Nieuw Amsterdam was a very freewheeling, anything goes kind of place, by 17th-century colonial outpost standards) they Anglicized all kinds of place names. 

        • we have a bunch of mourning doves at work, and they are far dumber then the typical city pigeon.  I have no idea why, when they are so closely related…
          Somebody’s got to keep the hawks and foxes fed…

  5. We have a bunch of bunnies in our yard & neighborhood & it sure does seem they are bolder than previous years.  I had one come right up to me like it gave no fucks!  Maybe this is their power play?

      • We had one of those that lived in the pine island in our front yard. She was huge. She blended in really well and she would charge at you as you tried to get from the car to the front door. I jokingly did the Runaway bit from THG in front of my much younger sisters when the rabbit charged one day. They had no context for it but thought it was hysterical – so anytime they saw the rabbit they would all run from it yelling “Runaway!” at the top of their lungs. It was highly amusing to hear them out in the yard reenacting MP without even knowing what it was.

      • I sure hope you have more than one.  I heard our family a few nights ago, hear the owls every night, see the eagles & roadkill bunnies in our road but still they are producing at crazy levels this year.  

  6. my arm is sore…..i think its a side effect of 5g..
    anyways…no plans here…. just work to do and football to watch
    for a couple weeks im going to be an average footie watching joe
    long as the footie is on i probably wont even be the most hungover guy at work….for a change

  7. Oh, I meant to post this last night. It is a self-invented recipe for one of the best and most satisfying open-face sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. Better Boy aren’t the best tomatoes for this, but you can Make It Work. Recipe assumes you have free time on your hands and makes 2 sandwiches.

    Toast 4 slices of multi-grain bread, the thicker the better. Put them on a large plate. Take a squeeze tube of sriracha-horseradish and write your name in loopy script on each slice. You do this because a little sriracha-horseradish condiment goes a long way.

    Next, get out a slab of extra-sharp cheddar cheese and cut to size into 4 pieces so that you get a windowpane effect on each sandwich slice, 16 cheddar squares in all.

    Quarter a small avocado that’s one its way out. Place one quarter on each slice and with a dull, flat knife, smear to make a paste. Shake a little salt over this.

    Next, slice 8 cherry tomatoes in half. If you imagine your bread as a square, place the tomato halves in a diamond pattern, so each one ends up in the middle of a slice side.

    Now cut your sandwich like an X so you have 4 triangular pieces, 16 in all, with the tomato half in the middle of each. These sandwiches were so good. I don’t exactly throw afternoon teas but the next time I have people over these are what I’ll serve, paired with a medium-dry California white.

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