…first world problems? [DOT 24/2/20]

…suffer the children, anyone?


…why do I feel like that phrase is familiar to some people who had a hand in some strikingly unchristian aspects of that problem?

probably for the same reason I think they’re a little cavalier about their nuclear options…


…& speaking of cavalier options…the guy that picked the guy that speaks to the president about National Security…that guy represents a clear & present danger to the National Security of the United States…& would understand fully none of the terms in that phrase


…& this sorry-assed once-&-future felonious asshole-on-stilts shouldn’t be saying shit but “Sorry, Ms Jackson” for the rest of his miserable existence


…& maybe if they really want to know they could do worse than take these concerns to orange-a-sore-ass vex… or mitch “I never did” mc-c-word-connell…the bottom bitch’s bottom bitch


…cause you know they all about keepin’ it real


…kind of a shame they wouldn’t know an id if it punched them square in the dick

…but like the song says…beware the ids that march?

…amazingly that seems to be the whole show…so happy monday, people…the ids don’t march till nearly the end, though

…& speaking of marching…this ain’t what the steady march of progress looks like


[& if it’s that one that really spoils your day go on ahead & blame MisterPiggins for dropping it off hereabouts…us gluttons for punishment are going with “thank you kindly”]

…meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle






…quite honestly, I gotta say I hope they’re wrong about that last one…not least since





…when is it the weekend again, again?



    • …sometimes it’s just hard to understand how hard it must have been to be that smart & still have to live through the times being so dumb as to try not to notice that, let alone give it its due

      …she was certainly an amazing lady…& that’s a better innings than most manage, to boot

      RIP (obviously)

    • …in all honesty I haven’t read the whole thing…but just going off the section headings for that first bit with the dotard scrawl at the end

      …easy…by lying their asses clean off?

      • I haven’t seen any analysis yet, except fucking Breitbart and those fucks are straight salivating over living off the dole while pretending they’re so independent and shit. Oddly they haven’t banned me yet, but I’m working hard on it.

        • …I have a friend who…not to put too fine a point on it…trolls breitbart from time to time…turns out the self-proclaimed haven of free speech isn’t big on dissenting voices

          …think he’d had upwards of a dozen accounts banned last time I asked for the count…& when I say troll, I mean a fairly niche form of trolling

          …he doesn’t get angry or try to match their escalation tactics…just responds with courtesy, facts, reason & logic

          …rather him than me…but maybe it’s not as pointless an endeavor as it sounds?

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