Food Mood! [NOT 15/4/23]

What particular food itches do you want to scratch this weekend?

I know because of the good weather, I’ve been hearing many coworkers talk about BBQ. I’m not because I threw out my BBQ a decade ago after it became a wasp nest and haven’t bothered to replace it.

Instead I’ve spent the last week playing around with my new air fryer (which was free thanks to a work related bonus program) so this week I ended up eating a lot of chicken and fish as well as potatoes. Plus I finally am replacing my 20 year old pressure rice cooker (pressure seals are going) with a new nice one (I’m showing off my “Asian-ess” because I’m really picky how I like my rice and I cook brown rice which is why I bought the pressure rice cooker.)

Right now as I type this, I’m trying to figure out my menu without much luck. May go to the grocery store and figure it out as I have fresh veggies but I’m at a loss as to everything else and I don’t really want to cook. Knowing me, I’ll probably end up buying several hundred bucks in food because that is what happens to me when I go to the store indecisively hungry.



  1. I happened to look in the seafood freezer at my grocery store and they had smelt!

    Little fish about the size of sardines. In the spring in a lot of rivers they surge in huge numbers to breed and people catch them and have fish fries.

    These were already cleaned, which was perfect because cleaning a mess of them would be more trouble than I wanted. I just thawed a bumch, tossed them in flour salt and pepper, and fried them in hot oil.

    They’re sort of like fish french fries. You eat them bones and all,  because that small they barely even have bones. I can see why they’re a spring tradition in a lot of places.

    • I love smelt. That’s one of the things I miss about where I lived as a kid. We had a local fishery that provided fresh smelt every spring. I think my parents learned about it from the older couple who my dad boarded with when he lived by himself.

      It was a sign of spring. We used to have smelt for about 2 -3 meals every 2-3 weeks in the spring till my mom was sick of making it.

      That and fiddleheads.

  2. What I want isn’t what I get, but as the great philosophers, the Rolling Stones, said, “I get what I need.”. What I am in the mood for is a rich chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and ice cream on the side. What I have is lo-carb lo-fat cinnamon cookies (at least I baked them fresh today). Also today in cooking ahead news, I made the shrimp ball pasta with extra sauce for freezing from this week’s FYCE, some salmon patties with dill sauce, and prepped a tempeh bacon sandwich.

  3. I ended up going to the local Indian restaurant and got some chicken vindaloo and chana masala take out. My nose is still running from the heat, but I was sick of burgers and fries, chicken, fish and browned roast potatoes.

  4. Lamb meat sauce for us this weekend. If I’m feeling up to it, I might make meatballs later this week. Damn it, Bon Appetit has a paywall now. Luckily I’m a hoarder and probably still have the magazine from 2017.

    Smelt fries sound delicious!

    • Sometimes if you google hard enough you can find a non-paywalled place where someone has shamelessly plagiarized a recipe with attribution. I’ve done it here lots of times. I don’t have a Pinterest account but if you do there are TONS of intriguing results that I can’t get to.

  5. I’m tired of cooking. Nothing sounds very appetizing right now. I’ve been nibbling on deli turkey and cheese and drinking protein shakes to get my nutrients. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Oh I love brown rice and yep it’s a little temperamental.

    I love me some carbs. So I bought a tray of croissants from Costco yesterday. Had a lovely fried egg sandwich for dinner with one!

  7. I didn’t think about the key party aspect of that image. That must explain the look on the face of the woman in white. She’s hoping to get the young Ronald Reagan-like guy’s keys.

    • She will end up with the seated woman for a Smith College situation for just one night and….


      ….it will haunt her in a way the two guys and the woman in the blue dress will have repressed their encounter for the rest of their lives.

      • Oh my God. Has everyone heard that old joke about Smith College? That at least one situational Lesbian encounter is a requirement for graduation? That was first told to me in a moment of drunken candor by a (married to a guy) Smith College graduate. I had never heard that before. She, apparently, had fulfilled this graduation requirement.

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