Food Plans [NOT 12/12/21]

I mean, your Thanksgiving leftovers are finally gone, right?

Swedish Chef

Alright gang, let’s get this conclave started. In the absence of @brightersideoflife, I think we carry on with what is obviously — from my 2 minutes of research — the traditional Sunday NOT. The joy that is food planning.

Fortune cookie
Not good.

As the weather continues to cool, except where it doesn’t, what are you getting ready to crank out?

There has been previous discussion of soups and stews, and I know that is where Clan Meme is headed this week. I probably posted this elsewhere, but here is a Tuscan white bean soup that we have discovered and enjoyed twice thus far:

Good stuff!

Also, I suspect that a few people in here might be assembling their holiday menus. Are you one of those planners? What are you planning?

Holiday cooking with a dog.
Pictured: Probably not @elliecoo.

Regardless of what you are making and consuming in the near future, have a great week, all.



  1. My pescatarian is back so this week is back to seafood, tofu & veggie dishes.  Last night I did a Thai peanut sauce tofu with spinach.  Tonight is lobster ravioli in a tomato cream sauce.  Not sure about rest of week or Christmas yet.

    • Damn, @Loveshaq, I’m drooling. And I’m not pescatarian.

  2. That soup looks good.
    Because I’m always out of step with the rest of the world I do my meal planning on Mondays. I’ll go through the freezer in the morning and see what I need to use, then make my grocery list.         Now that we don’t travel to see family for the holidays I don’t cook a big meal. After years of spending all my time in the kitchen I do finger foods for Christmas Eve, overnight French toast for breakfast, and charcuterie to graze on the rest of the day.


    • You’re not out of step, @Hannibal. We don’t even begin to think about meal planning until Monday evening, because the weekends are for relaxing. You’re holiday plans are strong, too.

      • Exactly, why waste a perfectly good weekend thinking about everything I have to do during the week. I feel exonerated.

  3. I dunno what I’ll be cooking for lunches this week, when I cook tomorrow night… probably corned beef, but I dunno quite yet.

    It all depends,on the shape the kitchen is in when I get home later tonight, and how tired I am, after fiiiinally being back at work tomorrow.

    And for Christmas?

    Maybe Chinese?😉

    Because the Chinese restaurant i got my Thanksgiving Chinese at is honestly pretty decent…

    Although I HAVE really been craving the New York Gyro menuNew York Gyro menu since there IS no Mediterranean/African/Middle Eastern up here (yet!)… so maybe it’ll be that?

    I’ve had multiple things from NY Gyro, and basically anything Lamb, the Combo Meal (Lamb & Chicken with rice, a “salad” and cucumber sauce drizzled over *all* of it!😍🥰🤤), Naan, and the Samosas, are alllllways good.


    • Ooh, I have a corned beef in the freezer. Thanks for the reminder, I need to make space.

    • The “Tiktok Tomato/Feta Pasta” will also most likely be on my list at some point this week!😉

      All I need todo is get more Feta (I used everything I had up when I made it earlier this week).

      I got cherry tomatoes at one of the grocery stores up here this week, for 50 cents a pack, and the rest of the ingredients are just a “whatever you have on hand works” type of thing… so it’s simple, and tasty.

      And it works either with a good crusty bread, or pasta–even the Barilla “Ready Pasta”😉



      • My bestie introduced me to that tomato and feta pasta sauce and it is BOMB. It’s so simple, and like you said, it works on pasta or bread, you can add chicken or pork, you can add whatever seasonings you’ve got… it’s become one of our favourite easy meals around here!

    • Update, things are slow, getting out of here tonight, so I’ll end up heading home tomorrow, instead.

  4. We made podvarak tonight.  Oh, it was so good, but it does give me the toots.

    • I had to look that up, @luigi-vuoto, and it would probably make me do more than “toot”. It would involve a haz-mat team, I suspect.

  5. With Ontario about to hit 2000 daily cases of CoVID, it looks like that I won’t be having visitors over the holidays (again.)

    Instead of more Tex than Mex at the local rib/fajita joint and whatever place my friend wants to hit, it looks like whatever I can order from takeout.

    I don’t plan on having a menu.  Whatever peaks my hunger.  Last Xmas, I ended up having Chinese BBQ with some dim sum rolls.

    Maybe thinking Greek or Indian this year.  Or if I’m really daring, Chinese buffet.

    Not sure.  Will cross whatever food river I’m at when the time happens.

    • @ManchuCandidate, I am glad others are as mercenary as I am with regards to holiday eating. Whatever you have, I hope it brings you joy.

  6. Oh, @MemeWeaver, it might be me? Except my dogs would be doing the lunge and swallow as those goodies went by…

  7. I made stock today from a bag of pork neckbone scraps and a bag of assorted veggie scraps out of the freezer and dried chilis, mushrooms, and herbs from the pantry. It needs to chill so I can skim the fat off, and then I’ll make a pot of soup. That should last for a couple of days. I don’t make any specific soup, usually, just whatever veggies I have on hand goes in the pot!

    Made grilled chicken patty sandwiches for dinner tonight to use up some odds and ends… reheated chicken patties, assorted cheese slices, pizza sauce, and assorted breads. Buttered and garlic salted the bread before grilling the sandwiches. They were pretty good!

    My oldest son and his girlfriend have volunteered to take on Christmas Eve duties (that’s traditionally when we do our family celebration… Christmas Day is for Husband’s family), as long as I come over and supervise the cooking and keep Baby occupied. I’ll probably make an appetizer or 2, but the kids are doing the main meal! Passing the torch to the younger generation and all that 🙂

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