Food You Can Eat: A Salute to Pride Month Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

Raise your rainbow flag high

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What do you do if someone in the household brings home skewers “because they were on sale” and you have no smoker or barbecue grill? Save them until June, invite people over and serve rainbow fruit kabobs, of course.

This is not cooking, this is assembly, but it’s fun and convivial, like fondue is. Thread a variety of fruits onto the skewers. Vary the colors so you get some kind of rainbow out of them. Now is the perfect time to make them because the first time I encountered rainbow fruit kabobs was over a decade ago at a rooftop party overlooking NYC’s gay pride parade, as it was then known, and it was  a good thing too: it must have been over 100 degrees on that tar rooftop.

Don’t stop there. Make a dip for the fruit. You can just dump a lot of chilled unflavored yogurt in a bowl, Greek or not; soften some vanilla ice cream if you think the kabobs will go quickly but dipping the fruit in soupy vanilla ice cream is not the worst thing; and/or make a slightly chilled dip that consists of cream cheese, sour cream, and confectioner’s sugar in a 5:1:1 ratio. 

Happy Pride to all my LGBQ+ friends and everyone else!



  1. I make a fruit dip that is just sour cream, brown sugar, and cinnamon. It’s amazing. I use the Tofutti sour cream so KidSmacks3 can eat it… he especially loves it with apples. I’ll have to try adding (fake) cream cheese! 

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