Food You Can Eat: Cheese-Apple Turnovers

These breakfast pastries are easy peasy

I need to eat 17 of these.

First things first:  The first time I started choosing which recipes from my Grandmother’s collection to make, I passed by this one because it didn’t sound good at all.  Now that I’m taking my 2nd pass, I decided that these didn’t look as heinous as I initially thought and I’m glad I decided to give these a try.

A caveat before we get started:  You’ll notice the distinct lack of sugar in this recipe (except for the glaze).  I’m betting that good ol’ fashioned mid-century applesauce had a shitload of sugar in it, but I used unsweetened apple sauce.  I made this decision with a certain amount of trepidation, but everything turned out (over) just right. Also, I used butter instead of shortening because I’ve got bloodwork this month and no way did I need to tank my numbers.

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 Cups Flour

¼ tsp. Salt

1 Cup Shortening

1 Cup Cottage Cheese

1 Jar Applesauce

Sift flour together with salt.  Cut in shortening with a pastry cutter. 

Let the butter soften just a wee bit before cutting it into the flour to make it easier to handle.

Mix in cottage cheese until fully combined.

The dough will be soft and a little sticky.

Roll out dough onto a floured surface and cut into squares. 

Save the scraps, then mash them together again and roll out for more turnovers. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Place applesauce in one corner of each square. 

Don’t let the applesauce sit for too long because the juice will run out and make the dough difficult to close.

Fold squares into triangles and seal with a fork.

No, these are not pretty, but I’m only testing proof of concept here, not trying to win any awards.

Bake in a 400-degree oven for 25 minutes or until golden.

They took the full 25 minutes and came out perfectly.

Frost with Powdered Sugar Glaze.

If I make these again, I think I’ll use apple pie filling instead.  I like the texture of apple pieces in my turnovers.

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  1. I love apple turnovers. I don’t think I’ve ever had one with cottage cheese though. Cottage cheese has come up before. As a huge fan of vintage magazines I know that in the 1950s and 60s it seems like it was everywhere.

    Here’s an unrelated and very weird article that briefly details that Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis usually had cottage cheese and fruit for lunch:

    One of the strangest things is that notice how she had a maiden name, Bouvier, and she took her second husband’s name, Onassis, and then for years she lived with Maurice Tempelsman, whom she never married but everyone in New York knew, I mean I certainly did, but she’s always referred to posthumously as Jackie Kennedy.

    There’s kind of a famous story about Mrs. Kennedy. When she was an editor at Doubleday (yes) she produced some really beautiful and well-edited books about art and architecture and interior design. They’re still consulted, she was no one’s fool, and she spoke French fluently and had excellent connections. But one of the things she did was endlessly pester her socialite friends to produce autobiographies, which she, being a friend, would edit to put their memoirs in the best possible light. One of her friends, and it’s really not known which woman this was because it’s attributed to more than one and indeed may never have happened, once snapped at her and said something like, “Why don’t you write your own [expletive deleted] autoboigraphy, you’re the most famous of all of us!”

      • Excellent! That I didn’t know, and I love Presidential trivia of all kinds.

        I’m really waiting for someone, maybe it’s described in Jared Kushner’s of-dubious-reliability recent book, to write what happened in the last day of Trump’s tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

        On the one hand people were resigning right and left immediately after the election was called, that took a little while. There are photos of them carting crap out of the executive offices. On the other hand, there’s a small cadre of loyalists who seemed to have hung on until the bitter end, and there was that weird MyPillow guy who I think joined Der Trumpenführer in the bunker, apparently unbidden.

        And then there was Mel. She could have pulled a Magda Goebbels and cyanided a few people, but I think it’s pretty well known that she’s the foreign asset and in it for the grift (and, at the risk of death from her handlers), and she’s no more of a Trump true believer than I am. She has open contempt for Daughter-Wife, Half Scoop, and Dumb-Dumber-and-Dumbest, that much is clear. She probably couldn’t pick out Tiffany in a lineup, just like her husband, Tiffany’s Dad. As for Barron, her Only Begotten Son, I suppose he would have been spared.

        What a strange family that must be. And I think mine is strange for believing that Manhattan is an irredeemable hellhole and only very reluctantly stay with me.

    • As has been mentioned before, I think the cottage cheese is being used as a substitute for cream cheese because–certainly back in the day–it was less expensive.  These days, if you’re going to make a cheese dough, it’s pretty much always cream cheese.

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