Food You Can Eat: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Your dentist will thank me

Image via See note at end of recipe.

Have you ever wanted to slip briefly into a diabetic coma? One small slice of this may induce one. At a family gathering a distant relative showed up. If I am Matthew Crawley she would be about as distant to me as Rachel, Lady Sinderby, was to him. She brought one of these and told me how to make it. I did once, by adapting, and I doubt I ever will again, but many people have a much higher tolerance for/love of things like this than I do so I thought I’d share because it’s so simple.

Make whipped cream using 6 to 8 oz. of whipping cream, so you’re making a lot, some sugar, and a little (maybe 1 tsp or less) vanilla extract. Refrigerate this for a while so it gets and stays nice and thick.

Pulverize two dozen or maybe slightly more regular-size, regular (no exotic flavors) Oreos. You can use a food processor for this but where’s the fun in that? Put them in a sealable Zip-loc bag and smash them with a hammer. Melt about 4 tbsp. (1/2 stick) of butter. Mix the Oreos with the butter to make a paste. In a 9” pie plate or a 9“ X 9” pan press the Oreo/butter mix on the bottom and up the sides using your fingers. This is your crust. Lady Sinderby says Oreo crusts exist pre-made in supermarkets but I’ve never seen one. Then again my supermarkets only carry about half a dozen types of cereal, not half a gross, so if you patronize one of those football field-size suburban supermarkets you might bump into them.

Get out your whipped cream and put half in a bowl with 8 to 10 oz. of peanut butter ice cream. The only reason I made this pie was I was having people over and I noticed my supermarket had peanut butter ice cream and they hardly ever do. I took this as an omen and I’m a big believer in omens. Mix this together with an electric mixer. Lady Sinderby used Cool Whip™ and hearing that I almost walked away from her but I’d never met her before and I thought that would be rude. Put that in your Oreo pie crust and make a flat top leaving a little room from the top of the pie plate/pan.

Next, spread the rest of the whipped cream which hopefully hasn’t started liquifying. 

Top with refrigerated mini peanut butter cups sliced in half. These I got at the local CVS which always has bags and bags of them. You can do this beforehand if you don’t think you’ll be moving quickly enough. Then, drizzle on some hot fudge sundae or other chocolate topping. I happened to have a bottle of chocolate sauce so I was able to just squeeze some over the pie. It’s easy enough to make your own sauce though by melting chocolate or dark chocolate chip and pouring it in with half and half or cream and letting come to room temperature.

Put your diabetes bomb in the freezer and freeze for a few hours. Lady Sinderby lived really close to our gathering venue so she raced by us when she arrived and stuck it in the host’s freezer. Presumably it had lived in her freezer until she set out. I like a person who takes risks.

Enjoy and don’t send me your medical bills. I have enough of my own.

A note about the image: I stole this from, which recipe is different from mine/Lady Sinderby’s. They mix the peanut butter with…butter, not whipped cream, which is somehow worse? Also I think they used caramel topping, not chocolate fudge. Your peanut butter filling will look a lot lighter than this.



  1. Oh interesting, it’s like an ice cream pie. I’ve had something like this at diners before and it’s more like a peanut butter mousse. This seems much easier, especially where my grocery store definitely carries pre made oreo crusts. And I could make it with coconut whipped cream so as not to murder my husband. 

    • I had a version of this in a diner in New Jersey once. They mounded it in the middle so it looked more like a conventional pie, rather than giving it a flat top. At its tallest, so the part from the center, I swear it was a foot high. And it cost something like $2.50. This was a while ago but still.

    • Because my favorite grocery store is the size of a suburban living room (slight exageration.) The variety is very small but the quality is very high. This can lead to Soviet bread line mentality, where if you find something you buy it, because you never know when you’ll see it again. And it was this mentality that drove me to buy the peanut butter ice cream in the first place. The store literally never carries it, but they did for about two weeks one summer.

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