Food You Can Eat: Crab Dip

Mid-Century party food at its finest

To be clear, more crackers were used in the consumption of this dip.

First things first:  Last summer I made some of the other dips in my grandmother’s recipe book and brought them next door to share with our neighbors as we sat out on their covered porch and shot the shit.  Then the weather turned cold and I stopped making the other dips because no way in hell am I eating these all by myself.  But, it’s summertime again, so dips are back in season, baby.

A caveat before we get started:  The recipe calls for 12 oz of cocktail sauce.  I used a little over half of a 9 oz bottle.  So, it appears that not only could my grandmother violate the laws of physics when it came to baking times, but also to volumes as well.  I’m betting she was actually an extraterrestrial, brought to this planet to try and save it.  She failed.

Here’s what you’ll need:

8 oz. Cream Cheese, softened

1 Sm. Can Crab Meat

12 oz. Cocktail Sauce

Spread cream cheese on a luncheon plate.  Cover with crab meat and cocktail sauce.  Serve with crackers.

I will state that this is a good dip—but it is highly dependent upon the quality of all three ingredients.  If any one is sub-par, then the whole thing goes to hell.  In this case, it was the cocktail sauce—too sweet and the texture was off-putting.  So, if I ever make it again (not likely), then I’ll have to get the larger jar of cocktail sauce that is of a higher quality.

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    • Since crab quality in a lot of places is going downhill, I’d definitely think about subbing better quality other types of seafood if that’s an option and the crab looks dicey. Crummy crab isn’t worth it.

  1. Last summer I was eating fresh crab every weekend b/c my friend had four crab pots sitting out at the marina. (BTW, you’re only allowed to have two, so we got a $175 ticket from DNR.)

    Still cheaper than $60/pound for crab.

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