Food You Can Eat: Hearty Noodle Soup

Grandma's soup is mmm, mmm, good.

It doesn't look like soup but it also doesn't matter.

First things first:  There weren’t a lot of soup recipes in my grandmother’s box, but this one looked like it might work, in spite of all the mid-century convenience ingredients.  I was not disappointed.

A caveat before we get started:  The recipe calls for bouillon cubes but my tolerance for convenience ingredients goes only so far.  I went with beef stock instead.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Lb. Ground Beef

8 Cups Water, hot

4 Beef Bouillon Cubes

16 oz. Can Diced Tomatoes

2 Envelopes Onion Soup Mix

2 Cups Celery, diced

1 tsp. Oregano (optional)

2 ½ tsp. Salt

¼ Cup Butter

12 oz. Pkg. Egg Noodles

Brown ground beef and drain off grease.  Stir in hot water, bouillon cubes, tomatoes with juice, onion soup mix, celery, optional oregano, salt and butter. 

Note the half stick of butter. That’s the real deal, baby.

Bring to boiling.

Add egg noodles to boiling soup and simmer until tender.

The noodles absorbed almost all of the broth.

This is not a brothy soup at all.  It’s almost not a soup—more like a pasta dish—but she calls it soup so that’s what it is.  It is pretty tasty, although a little too salty.  If I make this again, I’ll probably just omit the extra salt from the ingredients because I’m sure the onion soup packages alone have enough salt to put @KeitelBlacksmith in a box.

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