Food You Can Eat : lazy spinach pie

lazy but tasty

im not sure this one even counts as cooking…theres really nothing to it…hell…it only has 3 ingredients (well okay 4 if i count the parmesan but that stuffs optional) and doesnt need seasoning of any kind…and it doesnt take any effort

anyhoo what you will need

instant cheesy mash (just add water! amazing invention)

frozen spinach chopped (i used 750 gr but it really doesnt matter just use enough spinach to feed however many you’re feeding and enough mash to cover it in an oven dish)

and bacon cubes (well..i actually used spek…its baconlike but fattier)

thats it…anyways first you take the frozen spinach and chuck it in a pan..put it on the heat till its at least dont need to get it properly cooked tho as it will be going into the oven for half an hour anyway)

with the spinach now no longer resembling rocks its time for the mash…it being instant mash i dont think i need to explain anything there…just add a little less water than the packaging tells you to so its nice and thick and somewhat grainy….oh also throw a handfull of bacon cubes in there….for the noms

now you have liquid spinach and something that resembles mash just pour the spinach in to an oven bowl throw as many bacon cubes as you want at it and mix them in

then cover that with the mash…and use a fork flatten it all nicely and make pretty lines…i dunno write your name or some shit (tbh i just like how the ridges made by the fork brown up in the oven..thats why i use a fork)

and now its ready to go in to the oven….buuut…as i had it lying around i sprinkled parmesan on it first…not required at all…but far as im concerned more cheese is better

anyhoo chuck it in the oven for 30 minutes or so at 200c (basically till it starts browning the ridges nicely) and its all done

its probably about as basic as cooking gets….but it is tasty

(is it even really a pie? i dont know but thats what ive always called it and im too lazy to change now)



  1. Mrs. Butcher would skin me alive if I came home with a box of instant mashed potatoes, but I can certainly do this with regular, ol’ potatoes and mash them myself.  I wonder how this would do with mashed sweet potatoes.

    • lol tbh…i normally make it vegetarian…but if the missus aint home the meats come out
      (anyhoo…for the veggi version i replace the bacon cubes with chopped onion,paprika and garlic and salt the spinach…also..moar cheese)

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