…fools rush in [DOT 13/9/20]

or out as the case may be...

…so…I don’t know as I’d have called it a post…but I seldom find time for those beyond the DOT & it’s possible that I may have been pointedly reminded that my long-winded ass could turn most comments into a fullblown post & probably carve those DOTs up into several apiece…so for the record this started out as a reply to a comment by KC Complains a Lot

…only…it ran a little long…& the Brexit stuff has been running away with the idiot ball…so now it looks like this

…if I had to guess based on the way he went about things before having a go at playschool politics…& the way that Boris Johnson originally wanted the Brexit thing to go (because it’s sort of a mirror image in some ways) then I’d guess it all stems from what originally catalyzed a slew of things which had been building to a somewhat inevitable head after simmering for a few generations

…in Boris’ case what he wanted to do was co-opt the bit of the party that had caused his predecessors so many problems & he thought Dave Cameron had handed him the perfect lay up…become the Brexit Messiah™ (& don’t pay too much attention to where that nice chap Aaron Banks is getting all the cash or how people are managing to do such an effective job making Nigel Farage seem like something other than a witless bore talking out of his arse) because none of that will matter when the nation dashes their hopes by voting to remain (hopefully by a close margin) but they’ll love you forever for making a good show of trying to carry their water

…surely then a nice chap with a suitably floppy haircut & a penchant for saying things like penchant (with a smattering of sic transit gloria mundi here & there) could swoop in to command the votes of the best part of half the voting population that were pissed at staying in Europe (including all the racists & helpfully the shittiest bits of his own party) a lot of the staunchest of whom had been stewing about it since the 70s & were going to “age out” of the population pretty soon & void the advantage they gave to his team…with the added bonus of all the Tory voters smart enough to know Brexit is a mug’s game

…& thusly just about guarantee to sweep first to the leadership of his party…& having thus become Prime Minister without the tiresome business of the wider electorate having a say in it…continue to blame “Europe” or “Brussels” for anything he didn’t want to be held responsible for while doing whatever he fancied to widespread acclaim until people got over not leaving…maybe even beat Thatcher for tenure at the top & get compared to Churchill a lot

…except instead some smarter & more ruthless interests co-opted the plentiful supply of greed & blinkered self-interest to lock in the course of maximum stupidity & set out to do a bought-&-paid-for thing that even Boris knows is incredibly fucking stupid & bound to make life worse for a great many people

…not Boris, obviously…or most of his chums…if one wasn’t above such concerns how on earth could a chap be expected to airily make decisions to help out people who show no signs of needing it instead of helping out the ones who so conspicuously do

…it would, I’m almost certain he imagined, have given him the whip hand in negotiating with Europe by being able to threaten the EU with a second referendum that would result in Brexit (much as the SNP has been doing on the subject of Scottish Independence, ironically enough) if they didn’t accede to his party’s actual goals which would have been walking back various things “business” didn’t like & ultimately neither would most would-be Brexit voters…if they ever troubled themselves to understand how they’d been fucked over

…not unlike the way Boris was himself fucked over in his first bid to become leader…which lead to the tenure of Tereasa May during which the party’s majority in Parliament was cut back hard enough to sweat those Brexit voters into turning out in the right places to provide him with his current majority

…only now the nearest he has to his dreamed of leverage is essentially a case of threatening to rekindle The Troubles™ over in Northern Ireland as part of a signature No Deal Brexit…in an attempt to force the EU to offer terms that don’t make an absolute mockery of the delusions of the pro-Brexit crowd…because you can not seperate the placement of any border between the majority of the island of Ireland (that will be remaining in the EU) & the UK without instantly being bound up in some of the most contentious points of disagreement between those who wish Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK in exactly the way the UK wishes not be part of the EU & the side of things that was all for Ireland just being Ireland even before that came with a side order of EU membership…so now we all get to watch as people try to justify a very niche & carefully interpreted reading of a clause is in fact the obvious reading (it is not) while the one everyone else seems inclined to agree on is the one you have to squint to see…despite leading off with an admission that theirs would indeed involve reneging on a binding agreement in contravention of international law

…none of that would have been possible without his being in a position to surf a wave of misguided & systematically misinformed opinion & sentiment regarding the relative value, utility & fundamental nature of EU membership…not to mention the standing of the UK absent such membership…the cultivation of which he himself contributed to in no small fashion but whose roots pre-date him

…now the stable genius had spent his years learning to grift (badly) in a parody of his father’s virulently corrupt & largely amoral business practices where Boris (whose father is very possibly not a bad sort even if he maybe could have scored some extra points if he’d steered Boris away from that Churchill penchant & done us all a favor) spent his lying to the people of his country on a professional basis…& just as the lying got him fired from time to time the way Dolt45 ran casinos (plural) into the ground they both doubled down on their wore out schtick repeatedly…until running into some unexpectedly deep pocketed “friends” & getting introduced to some ideas the short term consequences of which got them something they wanted & only risked shit that wouldn’t make much difference to them if it all blew up

…the long term consequnces they didn’t give a shit about that were certain to make a certain balding V.P. in Moscow a very happy man…those they may or may not have had the wit to consider…but it would seem clear weren’t anything they troubled themselves about at the time…so both of them ran to lose their big campaign…to set them up to ride their gravy train of grievance all the way to their heart’s desire

…only to wind up having to drink from the very chalice they were instrumental in poisoning

…difference being that where Boris is haunted by the oncoming train of his Brexit deadline heading for the No Deal cliff he’s so painstakingly pointed it towards…there’s a different clock running for Mango Unchained…if he’d lost he could have evangelised ad infinitum & run over & over…& so long as the GOP paid up for an eventual endorsement when he bowed out (in the fine tradition of the protection racket model he’d like to have locked down) they’d have kept him capable of servicing his insane debt empire until he maybe crawled out of the hole his serially bankrupt ass has been digging since he first started pissing away his family’s ill-gotten wealth…but he won

…again thanks to some assistance he was likewise dumb enough not to really examine because he was “smart” enough to well understand that he needed to keep as much as possible of it as quiet as possible

…& by the time he’d won I don’t doubt it had been made quite clear to him that he owed some serious people for some serious favors that were going to wind up costing a lot more than the cash he was so proud of having snatched out of their hands as fast as his little fingers could clutch hold of it…so he needed that opaque perma-campaign-finance structure as a financial instrument from the off to be another money syphon that would let him funnel cash in & out & roundabout with about the least scrutiny available – that bit was probably what hooked him on the notion of running in the first place, after all

…sure he’s been pumping money out of the public purse & into his businesses every place he can but those are Trump™ businesses…so they hemorrhage cash badly enough that traditional money laundering probably has a lower attrition rate over time…with the amount of paying down he needs to do just to tread water I don’t think even his offensively prolific grifting can have raised his bottom line to anywhere near where he’s been claiming all these years

…he’s probably managed to stay ahead of the debt imploding on him but I think he’s managed to keep a lot less in his pocket than you’d expect given how much he’s been pumping in his own direction…it would shock me a good deal more if most of his mis-spent campaign cash hadn’t gone to cover debts he wouldn’t admit to in public to people he’d claim not to know…but this is a wildly self-destructive campaign by a wildly self-destructive man who has spent decades fucking shit up & leaving others to live with it while he spends money he essentially doesn’t have on a flotilla of lawyers so they can have it declared not-explicitly-illegal for him to continue claiming to be rich & not broker than a busted flush

…something which is apparently very much one of Bill Barr’s #1 priorities as “the people’s lawyer”

…but if the unPresidented president is trying to do anything at this point it’s surely to make quite sure that shit will be bad the next four years so he can go back to being the saddest Muppet parody ever conceived

…if you’ve read this far you definitely deserve a bonus

(on twitter & no doubt on tv…maybe even his own brand new channel if someone doesn’t give him OANN)

…& I know it’s not a fair comparison but I did say parody…I happen to be fond of these loudmouthed old dudes

…he won’t stop spouting this shit…& as long as the MAGA faithful provide the GOP with a figleaf behind which to fuck up the institutions of government in general & the judiciary in particular they’ll keep their white-trash-whisperer out of prison & keep trying to excuse his inexcusable shit

…& if it does turn out that he can game &/or fuck with the election enough to tip things his way…he’ll never be able to run again which means he wouldn’t care how badly all the shit he’d stirred up got because it would all ultimately be somebody else’s problem while that “judiciary” made him & whatever he could steal during round two untouchable in perpetuity…so ultimately it’d just be a matter of disclaiming responsibility & tossing people under the bus now & then until leaving office & reverting to claiming it was somehow the Democrat’s fault…meanwhile he’d just keep making it worse & preaching to his choir about what a fantastic job he was doing while picking every pocket he can wedge his tiny fingers in

[…to be clear…I don’t think it has to go that way…& I for damn sure don’t think it should…but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the above passed for the broad strokes of how he sees the thing]

…when you consider how much those two parallel bonfires of vanity have done to make the dreams of a youthful Vladimir Putin come true…so much more than either has done to realize their own, let alone those of the nations they putatively lead…it says a lot about the power of overweening arrogance to blind you to the reality of a situation that appears to give you what you want so long as you only look at the parts that you want to see

…& even more about the staggering levels of irony to be found in the fact that these architects of catastrophe (& their supporters) claim to be more patriotic than those they ideologically oppose while continuing to mutilate their own nation on a daily basis



  1. i’ll just got with the ot today (oh wait…have i ever gone with the topic?)
    anyhoo..yesterday me ex neighbourlady asked me to go shopping for her…i know this because i saw the message pop up on me phone
    havent actually touched the phone so the message should still show as pending… im probably an asshole for ghosting her
    shes fucking needy…anyways…since she moved out of my street and in to a street thats fucking spitting distance away from a supermarket i feel like shes kinda taking the piss… (tho tbh…i know shes just finding reasons to bug me so she can try and pry out info about whats going on between me n the missus)
    anyhoo…i fucking hate bored nosey people….
    here have a very dutch commercial im finding much funnier than it probably is

  2. As far as Trump and Johnson — When I was a kid I played a bunch of games like Monopoly, Trouble, Go Fish, that are a mix of skill and luck. And what I learned is that skill helps you win more, but luck can still come through.
    What dumb people like those two never get is that one in five can still happen, and the more you play, the more likely it is to happen. Likewise for the smarter people who backed them, knowing the bad things that would happen if they won. They thought the two or three to one odds against them winning was the same thing as impossible.
    The same thing drove the financial crash of 2008 — people bet giant amounts of money on small risks, and had been doing it for years, on the expectation that double sixes would never get rolled, or the Ace of Spades would never get drawn.
    We are in a mess becuse some very smart people have convinced themselves that odds don’t exist any more and they refuse to engage in even the most basic risk analysis, and they have gone all in with dumb people who believe the same thing.
    You can’t expect dumb people to start working out complicated probabilities But I think one of the critical policy changes we need to make is to ramp up the explicit costs on smart, powerful people for pretending that 1% is the same as zero.

  3. 1. if there was a unification referendum in northern ireland, how do you think it would go? no? yes? close?

    with the added bonus of all the Tory voters smart enough to know Brexit is a mug’s game

    mug’s game? explanation please?

    • …bluntly my concern isn’t so much with the potential result (although EU membership worked out pretty well for the southern section of the island & being a part of a post brexit UK in which Scotland is eyeing the door is a less attractive prospect than the unionists started out fighting for) as with the fact that factionalism turned parts of Northern Ireland into a de facto war zone & the IRA were fond of blowing shit up closer to Westminster when they & their unionist counterparts weren’t kneecapping their own back in the day…& if you’ve ever looked into why they called the song Sunday, Bloody Sunday you’ll see the authorities didn’t come out of things looking much better than the terrorists so pretty much everybody has some sort of legitimate grievance they’ve been struggling to put behind them & the border has ever been a raw wound to go poking at

      …the war on terror may have been declared by W but I remember a time when people I knew lived with a source of terror much closer to home well enough to know that only a short-sighted fool would look to destabilise the progress towards something approximating peace in that region which the Good Friday agreement broadly represents

      …a mug’s game is one you’d need to be a mug to play…& if that doesn’t make it any clearer consider what it means to get mugged by someone

      …in addition to which if you add an extra -g (& maybe even an -e after that) you get a Scandinavian word (I’m guessing archaic but I’m not honestly sure) for a drinking vessel that used to often have an ugly looking face on it…so whether in the cup or the drinker there’s overtones of the head being empty of any brain but full of booze so there’s some “you’d need to be stupid drunk not see that’s a shit idea” in there too, I guess

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