For Real Though [DOT 13/3/23]

Is there a worse day then the day after “Spring Forward”?

Gonna be a fun week…

Yellen says Silicon Valley Bank won’t receive bailout after collapse


A Trump veteran at Fox struggled to balance election lies with the network’s interests

Neat article:

‘It stunned me that people had to live like this’: ​​Baldwin Lee​ on his rediscovered images of the deep south​

Anyone comes to DC, we’ll go!

The Bazaar by José Andrés is his dream come true in Washington

This is a fun thread:

Have a great day!



  1. …think it was after folks had moved beyond the DOT yesterday but as far as the SVB fallout goes it seems like the fed is stepping in to get deposits back to people…though the investors in the thing are another matter, I believe…& a second crypto bank/exchange/platform/thing went down yesterday to add to the stablecoin that had dollar-tethering issues on account of the billions held by SVB it couldn’t access

    …so…that’s fun?

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