For The Love of [insert deity here]…

I’ll start… yesterday for St. Patrick’s Day one of my neighbors went outside on our cul de sac and played accordion and sang Irish songs for us for an hour. While the kids ran around and the adults all stood an appropriate distance from each other. It was fun!

Please share what is good in your world today…



  1. I checked in on everyone I give a damn about in my life the past few days via txts or voice–even my ex (who I still care about even if she doesn’t feel the same for me.) Nice to know that they’re all right (for now.)

  2. I just got back from Canada before all this craziness happened and they restricted travel across the border. Canada was pretty awesome, but sweet baby Jesus, the traffic in Toronto was worse than any I’ve encountered in the States. Tailgaiting is a way of fucking life there. If you don’t tailgate, you get honked at. If you follow the speed limit, you get glared at. If you’re 10 MPH over the speed limit, you still get glared at. None of the exits have appropriate signage. I was so happy just to deal with US asshole drivers in Buffalo.

    But man, seeing those falls up close is fucking amazing, man. Kinda puts all this coronavirus shit in perspective. If you get a chance to when all this insanity calms down, go. I’d recommend going in the off-times. Sure, there’s not a whole bunch of shit open, but I can only imagine how annoyed I’d be with more tourists around.

    • Welcome to the GTA. Yeah, driving aggressive is a way of life here. It is a matter of survival.

      1. Tailgating… not safe, against any safe driving training, but sadly necessary in the GTA. Why? Because one learns first hand that the guy trying to change lands in front of you is a) going to drive slow or b) a fucking jittery idiot who hits the brakes every time they have a bad feeling so to prevent anyone from jumping in front of you, one usually keeps the distant to the car in front to less than a car length (especially in heavy traffic.) Crazy.

      2. Many of us speed like MoFos here. 20+ kph over. However, I’m usually flying in the left hand most lane. People who stay in the left most lane while driving slower than the traffic to the right gets the GTA death glare. When I’m driving longer distances in my Nissan Leaf and driving slower than my usual leadfoot Larry antics to increase endurance/save charge, I stay in the right hand lanes and let everyone pass by (it doesn’t bother me… too much.)

      3. We seem to have a fair number of small dick trolls in the GTA, especially those who drive slow in the faster lanes and then speed up when someone tries to pass them on the right.

      Yeah, I’m guilty of the 1st two behaviors. When I drive elsewhere, I’m not a complete GTA asshole driver and try to be polite (not always.)

  3. Only good thing I can come up with is my homebrew shop is still open and I can now call in my order, call them when I am in the parking lot and they come put it in my car without ever touching anybody or anything! So at least I WONT run out of beer anytime soon!

    • Ours are doing that too. But I don’t drink beer. We have a cidery I really like but I’m not sure if they’re still brewing and selling. I need to check their Facebook.
      Yesterday one of the college bars was selling $5 growlers of green beer out the door. That included the growler bottle. They’d laid in supplies for March Madness and St Patrick’s Day. And were trying to make any money they could off of the surplus.

  4. It was a good Funbag this week:

    Unfortunately, Vice has no comments, so I’ll have to provide my own.

    — One dog is the right answer. My family sometimes fosters a dog on top of our permanent dog, and every time the foster gets adopted I sigh with relief. They’re fun and all that, but two is too many.

    — I think I *might* knock out the heavyweight if my life depended on it, but I would definitely break both my hands in the process.

    — You gotta put your wet clothes in a plastic bag before you put them in the gym bag. Then your bag doesn’t get all stinky.

    — I agree, pickled onions are fine but dill pickles really add sourness that’s missing otherwise.

    — The one time the late beer is OK when you’re stuck in the dreaded situation where you don’t need to work but you have to stick around just in case you need to answer a question. For instance, there is a conference call with someone in another time zone and someone just has to know something you know (they never do).

    — Why the hell wouldn’t you take the no fart pill??? Minor lost opportunities maybe, but so much piece of mind to be gained.

    — I think a Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellan MNF team would be pure gold.

    — Chicken Twisties in the back of the car? Yeah, that’ll do it.

    • You’ve got to have at least 2 dogs! To keep each other company. I only have 1 right now but I’m considering adding if we survive the apocalypse.

      • Our main dog seems to like being her royal highness and has the same reaction I do when the fosters are out of the house. She has fun, but likes being able to catch up on her sleep and not needing to keep an eye out for trouble.

    • I have 4 dogs – I had 5 – three weeks ago – but one passed on to the next plane of existence. One is a medium to big size hound dog mix – two are what I call “stumpies” – and one is basically the size of a large rat. I do not recommend this particular number of dogs for other people – but I prefer canines to humans so it works for me.

    • We have a “dogs can’t outnumber people rule.” I did negotiate us up to three so we could have a “transitional dog” as one of my dogs is not long for this world and I don’t want the other one to be lonely. However, we were holding off on that for financial reasons and may be holding off indefinitely.

  5. I took Fanny to the park today and a couple of her friends were there. This is the first time she’s gotten to play since she sprained her tail. Then we took a 40 minute walk before it rained.

  6. I thought a friend of mine was going to be trapped in Spain for the foreseeable future – not because of any travel bans but because all her flights were getting canceled. But she is home today safe and sound.

  7. Yesterday I took an amazing 4 mile walk on a usually busy local beach (I only saw four other people). Today I mowed the back yard, dug up and replanted some ferns, and noticed that some of seed pellets are sprouting. Here’s to a bountiful garden! Oh, and one of my artichoke plants actually has some babies growing.

    On the bad news front, I’m going to have to channel my inner Bill Murray because I can’t seem to kill the stupid mole who is running roughshod between my front and backyard. I’ve tried the little poison pellets and the smoke bombs. Next up is the poison worms. Does anyone have a surefire way to get rid of moles permanently?

    • …I don’t know about foolproof but my grandmother used to have several small windmills – just blades that spun on thin metal stakes that she would shove into molehills

      …took a while & she seemed to have a somewhat arcane system for when to move them from one to another but I believe the idea was that the stakes vibrated when the wind spun the blades & the moles didn’t like it so after a while they went in search of a less noisy neighborhood?

      …it’s possible that it might also have made a bit of dirt fall in the tunnels but I don’t think I remember them shaking enough to seem like they’d have been more than an irritant to the moles…seemed to work, though

            • …well…the other thing I remember (dimly since this was before the days of the windmill stakes) was a truly vicious looking thing that resembled a scaled up staple remover with sprung jaws on a length of chain…wedged open & placed in a tunnel (by digging up a molehill & then replacing it) once the trap was set to spring closed next time the mole ventured that way

              …honestly not sure if that sort of thing is considered acceptable for sale these days but I expect a farming goods place would know?

    • Sounds like a lovely day.
      My neighbor had a vole problem and they had to get professional assistance.
      On a side note, nice to see you and thanks for stopping by!

  8. News from the grocery store;
    Shelves are stillllll pretty bare. But the customers were REALLY understanding about it (especially once they understand that the giant warehouse which we get *our* supplies from also serves ALL the rest of the grocery stores in our region, AND the Target & Walmart warehouses!😉).

    And the even BETTER news for us grocery store employees is that, backing up to… I believe it’s the 15th?… we’re all getting a temporary bump of an additional $2.00 on top of our regular pay, for every hour we work until…. April-something (I forget the date), AND we can work all the hours we want, AND-AND get overtime, at 2× pay😉😁

    Yes, we’re slammed.

    But thanks to the fact that we’re union, management is doing everything they can to keep folks happy & willing to work🤗

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