‘fore tomorrow comes… [DOT 24/12/19]

“I’d trade all my tomorrows, for one single yesterday”

…smart lady that Janis…guess Bobbie was maybe a different story..seems like she was maybe right about Kris, though

…still & all, I prefer the Joplin joint, if I’m honest – either way, we can’t get yesterday back

…speaking of yesterdays

Banksy’s nativity – with bullet hole in place of star – unveiled in Bethlehem

It Seemed Like a Popular Chat App. It’s Secretly a Spy Tool.

Johnson visit to Lebedev party after victory odd move for ‘people’s PM’

…not exactly a bundle of festive joy, is it – hence the yesterdays thing, I guess – but at least we get some bits of your actual good cheer to go with the festive season.

Inside Wayne LaPierre’s Battle for the N.R.A.

…eh, who am I kidding?



  1. Anybody else getting spam emails from mariangeorge45 who claims to “work for united nation”? If it wasn’t so laughably bad I’d take it more seriously, but still I wanted to see if anyone else is having a spam problem. Never had that problem with Kinja so not sure if this is a structural issue with WordPress or something else.

    • It’s been handled on the back end. Have you gotten anything recently? As opposed to Kinja the powers that be here are willing and able to block spammers. Let us know if you see issues so we can improve the experience for everyone. Thanks for joining!!

      • Actually, as far as I can tell, that’s the only one I’ve gotten. I wanted to mention it because we’re all new to this thing and just wanted to see if it was just me. Thanks for all the hard work on making this such a great place to hang.

    • Thank you for pointing this out.

      Please delete and disregard any spam. We are dealing with spammers on an individual basis as we implement more spam prevention.

      you’ll notice there is no spam in the comment section, only via pm (working on that). kinja’s solution was to have no pm option…we, on the otherhand, are willing to do the work to have a no spam pm capability so please bear with us.

      • I also forgot to mention that the DeadSplinter username of this spammer is “spammer bout to get educated”, so at least they’re up front about it.

        • …that might be our resident prophet having a bit of fun at their expense…

    • …that is excellent news

      …thank you kindly

  2. If you suffer from Premature Exonneration for longer than 24 hours please consult Roodi Ghouliani

    • can you imagine…that would be excruciating…

      even before involving collude-y rudy…

  3. Bill Hicks was the best.

    • …he really was

      …I miss that dude

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