Freaking Friday [DOT 18/11/22]

I haven’t left the house since Monday so suffice it to say I’m going a little stir crazy. As I type this I’m dying my hair somewhat purple. Fingers crossed it turns out alright.

Schadenfreude anyone?

Hundreds said to have opted to leave Twitter over Musk ultimatum

She’s tough but it’s time.

Pelosi to depart as top House Democrat to make way for ‘new generation’

Take the L.

Election denier Kari Lake refuses to concede Arizona governor race she lost

Did no one notice he was missing???

Officials have identified the partial foot discovered in one of Yellowstone’s deepest hot springs

OMG, so cute.

Have a great day!



  1. If that elephant trunk had attached itself to my face I would have gone into cardiac arrest. Imagine if you felt something similar aboard your space station while starring in a Ridley Scott movie.

    Here’s something interesting, and since there is no FYCE today I’ll leave this here: In the UK (and maybe elsewhere) there’s another bout of bird flu, so eggs are hard to come by and are being rationed in supermarkets. This article (yes, it’s the Daily Mail) tells you how to make various egg-free egg dishes.

    Note that it’s in the “Femail” (get it?) vertical. It’s nice to see that “Women’s Pages” are still around.

    One of the hassles of cooking in metric, if you’re an American, is converting amounts. There’s a recipe there for an egg-free omelet that uses two cheeses, 55 grams of each. Well, how much is that? It turns out that is the equivalent of 3.667 tablespoons, or 3 tbsp. and 2 tsp. That’s also kind of nonsensical so I converted it another way. 55 grams is the rather more prosaic 2/3 cup. Is the cup really unknown in the UK nowadays? I thought with Brexit they floated the idea of going back to the Imperial system. Whatever happened to that?

  2. The Twitter disintegration is truly incredible. What’s even more incredible is that I heard some morning DJs today basically chirping that “Elmo has a plan.” No, he does not. In case you can’t get past the WaPo paywall, I present this segment from the article:

    “I know of six critical systems (like ‘serving tweets’ levels of critical) which no longer have any engineers,” a former employee said. “There is no longer even a skeleton crew manning the system. It will continue to coast until it runs into something, and then it will stop.”

    Workers offered varying estimates of how many people remained employed at Twitter, ranging from 2,000 to 2,500, down from the 3,500 or so believed to have remained after an initial round of layoffs affecting roughly half the staff this month. Access cutoffs have been delayed, because they are not sure who is gone, because most of human resources left, according to one of the employees.

    Among those who were said to have declined to sign the pledge was half the trust and safety policy team, including a majority of those who work on spotting misinformation, spam, fake accounts and impersonation, according to one employee familiar with the team.


    Twitter employees weren’t the only ones saying goodbye Thursday night. As news of the depleted engineering teams spread across the site, Twitter users began preparing for the worst — exchanging contact information, trying to download their Twitter data, and posting potential “final posts” in case the site were to go down permanently.

    As of 9 p.m. Eastern time, the top trend on Twitter in the United States was “#RIPTwitter,” followed by the names of alternative social networks such as Tumblr, Discord, and Mastodon as users mulled life after tweets.

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