Free For All [DOT 6/2/22]

Happy Sunday y’all! Phoning it in from Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been in a bit of a black hole this weekend and I forgot my iPad; I’ll keep it short and you guys can fill in the blanks.

“Read the room buddy.” I love her

Sorry this is gonna be Tweet heavy, I’m on my phone.
This seems fine and not at all like a crisis situation.

What happens when the $$ runs out?

LOL sorry again. None of us needed to know about this.

Enjoy your day!



    • Apparently we ‘muricans are planning our own, to go from California to DC. I don’t know where I read about this, and now the only source I can find is from Faux News, and the story is how the ‘murican group is whining about how Facebook (sorry, “Meta”) took down their fundraising page. I guess there are Christian grifting byways to explore.

    • The only reason why he doesn’t make it official and switch parties is because he knows he would be just another bozo on the bus as a Republican, rather than wield the almost absolute power he has as a “Democrat.”

  1. TIL about Tina Bell and her band Bam Bam. She was the Godmother of Grunge in Seattle who was systematically erased from its history. It’s not new news and sadly it never really made it to mainstream news because of racism and sexism in the music industry.

        • i have identified the key tho

          they will mask up if it prevents them from dying….they wont if it prevents you from dying

          shoot the unmasked on sight is the answer!

      • It’s almost more ridiculous than that, if you can believe it. In decades past, soldiers in the US Armed Forces were simply lined up and injected with whatever the medics decreed that you needed. GIs that I talked to weren’t even allowed to question it. Seriously. They didn’t fuck around. If they decided you needed a tetanus shot, you got it. If you couldn’t prove you got normal inoculations, you got them again. I’ve never met or spoken to any serviceperson who didn’t get vaccinations. There are like 17 available ones, though not all are administered based on where you’re deployed. But if they decide you need it, you get it.

        I was actually surprised to find out that refusing is even being tolerated. I guess technically it’s not, because refusers are getting thrown out.

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