FREEDOM [NOT 23/12/21]

Hi, friends!

It happened! I made it through the week. We have tomorrow off so THREE DAY WEEKEND!

And another one next week for New Year’s holiday!

I don’t have kids and family is basically just my parents, so I have Christmas Eve dinner with them tomorrow and then they come over for Christmas day brunch at my house. And that’s it. Delightfully low effort and not taking all my weekend.

To those with massive time commitments this weekend, I commend you and salute you.



  1. 3 day weekend?


    i havent worked the days between christmas and january third since ive left the kitchen

    shit…ive been kinda annoyed my current job doesnt just give me the whole week running up to christmas off and made me work till yesterday…

    lol….im spoiled apparently

    • I do have some vacation time left (that I’m rolling over to 2022), so I could take a few more days off if I had wanted to.

      But yes, my company only has 8 observed paid holidays – MLK Jr Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

        • Yay!

          I was hoping they would add Juneteenth because it should be a holiday for folks, but no luck so far. Also, it would be a very very easy way for a company to look like they value diversity and inclusion more.

          • Your comment made me panic to see if I shared a birthday with someone gross like Todd Akins or Governor HeeHaw or Josh Hawley or Eric Schmidt. Good news, doesn’t look like it.

            Bad news, when I searched “birthdays (date)” all the inital responses were tiktok and youtube personalities, so that was an unexpected ohhh fuck I’m old moment.

      • ive got 5 weeks paid holiday of my own choosing….i think 11 days paid of the companies choosing (which basically covers the holiday season and a couple other days when it suits them to shut) and the national days off

        • Yeah I get 3 weeks PTO anually plus the 8 paid days off.

          I do have a fuckton of sick time I’ve accrued over the last few years, so at least that’s separate if I do something bad like get really sick or break a limb. Some companies are like “oh we have 3 weeks PTO to use as needed for anything” but then like if parents have to take off to take care of sick kids or get sick themselves, it’s used up real fucking quick.

          • i dont have sick time….thats always been a wierd concept to me

            sick is sick….stay home get paid

            even as an agency temp it would only lose me 1 day of pay…to discourage sickies

            tho the company has the option to send a doc out to you to confirm…and if you arent sick………..well you’re probably fired

            i think even long term…im entitled to 75% pay for at least 6 months

          • Our company does the blanket PTO thing, but they allow us to roll it over from year to year. You will max out at 125% of your annual accrual, but that grows with every five years of employment. So I have a potential limit of something like 300+ hours of PTO. I try to keep at least 200 hours in the bank to use as a self-insured cushion to use against short or long term disability. I get 60% of my wage if temporarily disabled so I make up the rest with saved PTO. Came in very handy when I had shoulder surgery.

            • Yeah I think we can roll over unlimited sick days until we hit something like 20 weeks accrued. I think I get 15 sick days each year. Honestly it reads to me like “welllllll we’re just gonna let people accrue that many days so we can point to that when women ask about decent maternity leave.”

      • I used to work somewhere where they first took President’s Day off the calendar of paid holidays. The following year, they removed MLK, Jr. Day. The racist fuckers (that isn’t just a joke–they really are).

        I’m surprised places are starting to not include Veteran’s Day (Remembrance Day for ROW). Why don’t Conservatives get worked into a righteous rage about that one?

          • In my experience, yes. Memorial Day and Veterans Day used to be considered sacrosanct (because you must show deference to the armed forces in the U.S.). Places were much more comfortable taking away MLK, Jr. Day, President’s Day, etc than dare touch something honouring the armed forces, especially during the W administration. But, of course, capitalism and corporate greed overtake everything, so buh-bye, Veterans Day.

            • Interesting! I always assumed the reason we got Memorial Day and not Veterans Day off was because Memorial Day Weekend is the start to summer here and so many of the upper management folks are going to go to the lake anyways etc etc.

  2. Looks like we may get a white Christmas but our weather people are not known for accuracy.  I’m stocked up on wine & beer & maybe enough food to survive a good snowstorm.  I think I’m taking the rest of the year off, fuck it!

  3. ugh.

    I just tried making that hasselhoff/haberdashery chicken that @matthewcrawley posted recently, and I managed to screw it up.  multiply.

    It’s okay, I like chicken breast, even just plain unseasoned baked chicken breast (I’m one of those monsters)…

    for some reason, I thought I should get sandwich slice pepperoni, instead of typical pizza type.  I suspect the pizza type would have fit in the slits better?  I did end up cutting up the larger sandwich slices, so I just made more work for myself.

    Also, store didn’t have sliced mozzarella that I could see, so I just tried using some shredded that I already had at home, and that just made a great big mess.  I imagine bits of slices make it easier to jam in the chicken breast slits?  Then I tried to compensate by adding more of the shredded mozzarella (plus, it was from a small bag, and I touched it with my raw-chicen-tainted-fingers, so I figured I better use the whole bag….) And then tried to cover all that up with extra pasta sauce.  So everything is sitting in a bit over 1/4″ of ret liquid with cheesy bits in it.  not the worst problem to have…


    I also got a pack of what I think are actually thin chicken breasts, and might try the cordon bleu recipe @elliecoo posted a while back.  I tried it before, but with the wrong kind of chicken breast.  I’ll see how bad this attempt goes…


    This is all a bad idea, I should know by now to stay away from anything more complex than:

    1. turn oven on to X temp

    2. put ingredients in container.

    3. put container in oven

    4. leave in oven for Y minutes

    • Sorry this is such a late reply, I didn’t se this last night.

      You are correct on all counts, I’m afraid. You need a plump chicken breast, those are often sold singly or in pairs, not the skinny chicken breasts that come layered, maybe 5 to a package.

      I should have been clearer about the pepperoni. It can only be as wide as the slit, and you fold it in half, so yes, pizza pepperoni.

      Theoretically I think shredded mozzarella should have worked, but you normally would tuck a whole quarter slice into each slit. Again, the mozzarella should be no wider than the slit.

      Well, you know the old adage, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That is my Julia Child-ish motto.

  4. My daughter just got a couple of extra days off of school after New Years, with the reason to allow for more time for Covid testing. Which is nice, but I hope they’re not priming for another bout of virtual learning.

    Although if it turns out it’s needed, then so it goes. Fortunately she’s old enough to be able to stay on top of things.

    • One of my daughters got the same thing & is not happy.  It seems counterproductive to me & just prolongs it.  Kids won’t stop seeing people during that time.  Give boosters at school or require them to return & move on.

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