Fri-yay! [DOT 25/6/21]

It’s Friday, which is great, and I’ve got a very exciting weekend planned for me (wink wink), but all the news is bad. Sorry.

A+ trolling.

Parkland parents tricked ex-NRA president into a ‘graduation speech’ to empty chairs representing gun victims

The heck! This is terrifying and horrific!

Condo building partially collapses in Miami-Dade, killing at least one and prompting mass search-and-rescue operation

Miami building collapse: one dead as rescue crews say 99 unaccounted for

[Checks notes] This is another whole school! Not just the one we heard about before.

Canada discovers 751 unmarked graves at former residential school

This was a wild ride.

Inside the extraordinary effort to save Trump from covid-19

Everything she says is wrong.


As if we needed more reason to hate Peter Thiel. (h/t to Emmer.)

Lord of the Roths: How Tech Mogul Peter Thiel Turned a Retirement Account for the Middle Class Into a $5 Billion Tax-Free Piggy Bank

Lordt, the comments are killing me!

Enjoy your weekend!



    • I was thinking something much more wholesome, like an OnlyFans stage where a woman about 25 (but looks 45) does solo scenes where she has a specialty like she can wiggle her ears or touch her tongue to her nose, all the while dressed like Sandy from “Grease.” I was once in a bar on San Francisco’s Folsom Street where the main draw was an exceptionally tall and skinny man who was double-jointed and could…well, this was a long-time ago. But his was a solo act and everyone respected his boundaries. 

    • Meg is right. I started down the comments thread and burst out laughing three times. Had to make myself stop reading. 
      The people pointing out the stuff that’s wrong is like finding “Hidden PIctures” in Highlights Magazine. No, Google it. You youngsters need a broader historical perspective. 

  1. It’s so hard to choose who has the lowest IQ out of the repubs – Marge? Boebert? Madison? Gohmert? Jordan? –  the intellectual deficit is staggering.

  2. The building collapse in Miami is frightening because it’s so freaking weird. Nobody has a good explanation of what happened. No sinkholes, no bombs, no erosion. 
    Right now the only thing anyone can point to is that the building was slowly sinking (about 2.5 inches since the 90s). Which is also weird. Was the founding compressing? What does that mean for other buildings in Miami? Was the limestone beneath the building compressing or eroding? Limestone is water soluble. Is this the first sign of beachfront destruction caused by global warming? 
    I don’t know, but I’m really glad I don’t live in an older condo on the beach. And I bet there are people right now who are saying, yeah, might be time to move. 

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