Fri-yay yay yay [DOT 15/10/21]

Happy Friday gang! Hope you had a good week!

With friends like these…

Manchin and Sinema detail key disagreements over Biden agenda


Merck wants Americans to pay $712 for a Covid drug that taxpayers helped develop

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

GOP lawmaker, banned from flying Alaska Airlines over mask mandate, tests positive for coronavirus

I can’t think of any reason to set foot in Texas at the moment.

Appeals court rules Texas can continue to uphold restrictive abortion law


Theranos hired its president’s dermatologist as lab director in 2014, testimony shows


So this isn’t actually a movie trailer, but I think “shut up and take my money” would be an appropriate response if it was.

New Adele for your Friday listening enjoyment!



  1. Tom Daley…be still my heart and I mean that in a paternal way. Did you know that his father died at just 40, of brain cancer? And then about a year later Tom appeared at the London Olympics? Tom is made of sterner stuff than I am.

    As for the dermatologist turned lab director: Much as we would like to leave the Trump years behind they are somewhat instructional. For Secretary of HUD he chose perpetually-in-REM-stage-sleep Dr. Ben Carson. Who knows why? Ben then chose as his Region II administrator the eminently qualified Lynne Patton. Region II encompasses New York and New Jersey, and thus she oversaw the largest collection of public housing in the country, by far. It’s responsible for other stuff but since we don’t really do “urban renewal” anymore I think HUD mostly maintains things and programs that were undertaken in a more vigorous era. Both Ben and Lynne served all four years of Trump’s presidency, and very few can say the same.

    Before Lynne selflessly entered public service she was a Trump event planner and the high point of her career was planning Eric Trump’s wedding.

    I am not making this up, but of course with all things Trump truth is stranger than fiction.

    • The Arabian Horse Show Planner of Public Housing.  Heckofajob!

      To paraphrase a quote from a movie:  “Where do Republicans get such morons?  They have no experience and skills.  Yet they keep shoving these morons into jobs of great responsibility but have nothing to offer except grabbing the paycheck.  Where do they get such morons?”

  2. I never thought Robin Williams was funny.  The fact that he was overcompensating all those years makes it a sad story, but still doesn’t make him funny.

      • We’re a controversial and edgy bunch.

    • For me it entirely depended in the movie. OG Jumanji? Quite enjoyed him in that.

      Mrs. Doubtfire? Not a fucking chance in hell. Admittedly my dad was an alcoholic who couldn’t hold a job and my mom looked a lot like Sally Field at that age, so like even 9 yr old me was like “all she wants is for you to just shut up and keep a job….for god’s sake just marry Pierce Brosnan!!!!”

  3. Presented for your daily dose of Florida:

    Hollywood horror: Iguanas popping up in South Florida toilets

    Paywall, so excerpts:

    “It’s basically the same thing every time,” said Blake Wilkins, co-owner of Redline Iguana Removal, based in Hollywood. “Someone goes to use the bathroom and they find something greeting them in the toilet bowl.”

    The iguanas usually get into homes through bathroom vents on the roof. Wilkins covers the vents with wire mesh so iguanas can’t enter.

    He said he usually knows when a customer has an iguana in the toilet because they’ll phone multiple times consecutively, desperate to get a voice on the other end of the call.

    “Of all the issues you can have with iguanas,” Wilkins said, “it’s probably the most urgent.”

    • “Of all the issues you can have with iguanas,” Wilkins said, “it’s probably the most urgent.”

      That’s a really funny sentence.

  4. Yikes.

    • ill go out on a limb here and assume someone was just a wee little bit upset with him/tories in general

      • …sounds like it was a guy in his mid-twenties who they’ve got in custody

        • yup…guess we’ll hear the why of it soon enough

          if its what i think it is the guy will be practically shouting it from the rooftops anyways

  5. Your Friday wingnut roundup!  Yeeeehaaaaw!


    • I’d like to star your post more than once, and I’d like to send that shirt to Alaska State Sen. Lora Reinbold, R-Eagle River.

  6. Hiring unqualified people into very technical positions sounds a lot like the current workplace.

    Shockingly, it rarely ends well.

    Last month, I applied for a potential supervisor posting as they want to create a pool of supervisor candidates from the floor which is a good idea (?).  It seems I am one of 30+ people being interviewed… they might be rivals but I am glad they are giving a lot of folks the chance to show off their stuff. Not sure how this will work, but I guess it is better than their usual tactic of interviewing a mere two people (the person they want and the expendable goat candidate–been there.)  I applaud more openness in terms of process… maybe not the result (will have to see.)


    • A Lannister Trump Republican always never pays their debts.

  7. Garden statues turn out to be ancient Egyptian relics, selling for $265,000

    Could you imagine having had something like this in your garden the whole time and not knowing?!? And having had someone just fix one with CEMENT. Makes for a nice retirement.

    • I thought there was some kind of program/movement/legal action to repatriate stuff like that to the country of origin. A lot of it was stolen and plundered during colonialism. I’m surprised Egypt isn’t saying, “Uh, hold on there …”

      • A lot of it depends on when it was looted and the cultural significance of the items.

        Like these are pretty basic Old Kingdom looking statues, no mention of cartouches/etc on them, and they were looted probably 3 centuries ago. It’s not worth the legal costs for Egypt to try to repatriate them.

        • Just to clarify though –

          Absolutely none of what I just wrote out absolves the current owners and auction house of the ethical responsibility to attempt to return it to the proper country of origin upon learning they aren’t replicas.

          • All good points. I should think it would be worth Egypt’s time to at least file a polite request or something, but yeah, legal action would probably be counter-productive.

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