Friday Already? [DOT 14/1/22]

This week feels like it went by slowly but here it is Friday already. I’ve been working from home so maybe that is causing the ‘time warp’ feel for me.

How’d the week go for you?

Better than these guys!

Takeaways from the landmark sedition indictment against the Oath Keepers and why DOJ acted now

With friends like these…

Sinema and Manchin confirm opposition to eliminating filibuster, likely dooming Democrats’ voting rights push


Here comes the royal bus! Beep Beep

Prince Andrew loses military roles and use of HRH title


Biden to nominate Sarah Bloom Raskin as vice chair for supervision at Fed; Lisa Cook and Philip Jefferson as governors


MLB lockout: League economic proposals make little headway with players

Ready for the long weekend?

A major winter storm is set to wallop the central and eastern Lower 48

I don’t know what is going on here but this totally cracked me up.

Have a great Friday!



  1. I honestly have no idea why Chuck even bothered trying to pass the voting rights bills. Anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together knew it wasn’t going anywhere.  Did he think he could shame S&M into eliminating the filibuster? Those two have proven over and over that they have no shame. S will still get replaced by a Republican in her next election. M is bulletproof.

    • …I wouldn’t claim to know…but if I had to guess I think they were hoping at the outside to actually get those two to allow a specific exception to the filibuster for these particular bits of legislation…since at times they’ve said they support one or both acts

      …but mainly they wanted to force the senate’s hand to the point where the GOP couldn’t keep denying the part where they got debated on the floor & then they had to go on the record as voting against it…which in a sane world would mean it was harder for them to deny the underlying reasons for their obstruction being entirely bound to trying to stack the electoral deck in their favour because they can’t win any other way?

      • The thing is, we’ve heard that argument about forcing the GOP to admit to their fuckery for literal decades.  It has zero impact as evidenced by the fact that they still wield so much power and are primed to take over Congress next year.

        • …not trying to gainsay that part…but I don’t think I’m entirely persuaded that means not doing it is better?

          …the current incarnation of the filibuster is a low-effort tactic for the GOP which allows them to get a lot of obstructive result for a paltry amount of actual doing-of-stuff…so making them actually have to show up & sit through some speeches & having something show up in their voting record might be close to being all it really does…but something seems better than a steady diet of nothing, even if it makes little difference to the outcome…otherwise it seems like the official line is “why bother – it’s all for nothing anyway” & that seems like an approach that does the GOP yet more favors since it suggests they’ve already won & there’s no point voting for team do-nothing

          …I don’t know…I’d struggle to come up with much in the way of arguments to say the biden admin has a lot of successful stuff to point to but I still think them being in a position of trying & failing is qualitatively better than the GOP in charge & the dems being in a position of failing to stop them fucking shit up however their whims dictate…which seems like it’s very possibly the way things are inexorably headed in defiance of all logic or reason?

          • I’d rather they spend their time doing other shit that actually has at least some hope of passing rather than this constant mutual masturbatory exercise.  They’ll get accused of being “do-nothings” no matter what.  They should at least focus on shit that they can actually do.

            • …what kind of things?

              …not being facetious…but the senate passed a thing the other day honoring emmet till…& I don’t have a problem with the idea that he be honored but I don’t exactly see that as either gaining them votes come election time or addressing any of the various things it seems we could consider to be matters of urgency

              …the extent to which the GOP have made it their primary goal to prevent anything getting done that has to pass through both houses is seemingly pretty extreme & has been for a while…if all you can pass is stuff that noodles around in the margins when there’s a bunch of stuff being set alight out where everyone can see it I’m not sure that really sounds likely to be more advantageous to team D come voting day?

              …in the absence of manchin &/or sinema spiking their guns as a party/admin this would have seemed like a no-brainer move to make…so with those two in the equation I guess I still fall on the side of trying & failing being the lesser evil if the other is not trying

              …if there’s something they could get passed that actually would resemble a positive on their side of the ledger that’s a different matter…I just don’t know what that is?


                To be sure, most of these aren’t particularly sexy.  But I think the ALS funding and the ability for the Capitol police chief to now be able to unilaterally request military assistance are pretty big deals.  I think that second one will most likely come into play, if not next year than in 2024-5.

                The mandate for a GAO study to look at racial disparities in VA benefits is something they could get some mileage out of, even if it’s just a study.

                I don’t have time to look at the rest.

                • …forgive me if I have the wrong end of the stick…but that seems to be a list of stuff that did pass both houses rather than bills that are on the books (or indeed could be introduced) that could (but have yet to) make it through a successful vote in the senate in time to be an asset in campaigning for the mid-terms/’24

                  …I’ll mess around with that site when I have a bit more time to spare, so thanks for that part either way…& just in case it wasn’t already obvious…I do get where you’re coming from & have a lot of sympathy for that point of view even if I don’t think it’s quite where I think I’m at?

  2. No loss on this Kuczwanski thing. But it leads me to:


    Okay, y’all, gonna do a Florida public service announcement here. Everybody is armed. Let that sink in. Everybody is armed. Gonna repeat it one more time for anybody that’s still having trouble. EVERYBODY IS FUCKING ARMED.

    Do not start shit here. If shit is started with you, GET AWAY. Everybody is armed.

    Part 2 of this PSA: They are allowed to shoot you. Legally, they can SHOOT YOU for almost ANY reason or no reason whatsoever. All they have to say is “I felt threatened” and they get away scot-free. NO REPERCUSSIONS.  No, they don’t actually HAVE TO FEEL THREATENED. They just have to SAY IT. Even if you have witnesses saying that person couldn’t have possibly felt threatened, THEY WALK. Those witnesses can’t attest to state of mind.

    If you’re not treating any situation in Florida like you have wandered into the OK Corral, I guarantee you are not taking it seriously enough. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the shootout between the library assistant and the guy on a motorcycle. They got into a traffic confrontation and she drove home for her gun, he followed her, she shot at him, he pulled his gun, and killed her. He is still happily tooling around on his motorcycle. If she’d killed him, she’d have been perfectly fine and gone back to the library the next day, because I’m sure she felt threatened. In either situation, a person is dead over nothing and nobody gives a fuck.


    This has been your Florida PSA.



    • Yup. The GOP herd culls one of its own thanks to its gun fetishism.

      Bonus points for this (emphasis mine):

      Previously, Kuczwanski pleaded no contest to assault and disorderly conduct charges in 2014 related to a separate road rage incident at the same intersection, as first reported by Tallahassee Reports.

      • Yeah. My read on that first incident is that he got cut off or some silly shit and decided to point his big-boy gun at the other driver. Incidentally, I know two people who have had the exact same situation happen to them. One knew how he pissed off the other driver, the other had no clue.

        It also certainly appears that Kuczwanski was both at fault and the aggressor in the incident that got him killed. The moral of that story, and the library assistant one, is that the other guy may be both A. better armed (the fact that he or she IS armed is a given; please see PSA above) and B. a better shot.

        I’m often amused by the deference afforded to me in traffic by the fact that I drive a pickup truck with a toolbox. I guess statistically that provides a 98% probability of being armed. My wife doesn’t get treated so deferentially, and neither do I when driving her little SUV. The funny thing is that I strongly suspect that women are armed more than most people assume simply because they are more vulnerable (see library assistant incident). My anecdotal sampling of women in my (redneck) family runs at about 80%.

        My wife had to tell one librarian to stop bringing her gun to the library (see library assistant incident). And that was the one she found out about. I bet there were others. A TON of the patrons (largely elderly) had concealed carry permits.

        Everybody is armed. Your weapon provides almost zero advantage. If you confront someone and they don’t IMMEDIATELY back down that means they think they can take you. It’s gonna come down to speed, skill, aggression, firepower, and a bunch of other factors, but it won’t be because you’re armed and they aren’t. You pull a gun, you’re not threatening an unarmed person; you’re starting a gun battle.

        Be nice. Don’t confront people. You’ll live longer.

      • There’s definitely a climate of fear. It manifests in some not-so-obvious ways. If you get in a fender-bender, it’s extremely likely the other driver will take off. Not because they’re necessarily a bad person or don’t have insurance — they’re scared you’ll shoot them. If you get out and walk up to their car, keep an eye on their hands. If they start rummaging for something, run. They can kill you on the spot, and the fact that you’re outside your car and they aren’t means you’re the aggressor and they walk.

        A few years back I did get into a fender-bender. The woman took a photograph of my truck and took off. I sat there for 20 minutes waiting for her to come back. Then I went home. Popped out the dent and touched up the paint. Couple weeks later I got a call to report to the police station, where I got a ticket for fleeing the scene. I was like, dude, I SAT THERE. He said I completely believe you, but she drove a couple miles, pulled over, and called the cops. She also didn’t give the actual location of the accident. She said it happened where SHE was. He was like, you should have called us. Lesson learned there. Don’t try to talk or negotiate. Call the cops and wait in your car.

        Some other things:

        1. You see two people get into it at McDonalds or in Target, get out immediately. If it’s a Karen and a worker, you’re probably okay. If one of the two people isn’t in subordinate position and they’re going at it, get out. Shit is going to jump off and not everybody is a good shot.

        2. Service workers expect rage. You go up to a customer service counter and say, hi, how are you? and you can watch them visibly relax. I’ve had a ton thank me for being so nice and reasonable. As an old white guy, I’m literally expected to be a confrontational asshole. 

        3. Don’t put your hands in your pockets around a cop. Ever. 

        4. Don’t be black. That’s considered proof of aggression. 

        5. You’re okay if you have to go through metal detectors. Theme parks, Broadway shows, government buildings, state legislature, you’re safe as houses. Movie theaters, libraries, schools, grocery stores, malls, retail stores, restaurants, parks, any roadway, any public place really, has armed people wandering around and statisically a significant chunk are assholes looking to kill somebody. 

    • Without having delved too much into it, my first thought is that it’s an incredibly fucked up and wayward approach to: the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun…

      • It’s more of a “mutually assured destruction” scenario. If I must assume you’re armed, then the basic response is that I must also be armed, or I’m at a disadvantage. Then we move into who is better trained, has practiced more, and so on. I can enter the arms race or …

        The reality is that many “casual” gun owners don’t put that much, or any, time or thought into it. They buy a gun, maybe shoot a few rounds at a range, and stick it in their purse, car, pocket, etc. assuming they will be the armed one in any scenario and thus will win. As the library assistant and the GOP asshole found out, that simply is. not. true. Not here. They both came up against people who were better.

        The other problem with some weekend warriors is that they will choose to put themselves into confrontational situations assuming that they have the upper hand, because they have a gun. Think about Trayvon Martin and that fuckwit Zimmerman. There’s 50 different ways the fuckwit could have engaged with Martin and uncovered the fact that his father lived there. Instead he chose belligerence because he had a gun.

        That’s what I was alluding to with the Disney World story. The only reason to carry a gun into a place where there are NO guns is because you’re planning to be an asshole and you think you’ll need it to protect yourself from the consequences of your own behavior.

  3. That CNN article on the arrests for seditious conspiracy is a good read.


    One of the good things it does is lay out how badly apologists, hacks and denialists have been thinking about 1/6 — that it was just a random mob that got too angry, spurred on by a narcissist doing his usual pouty schtick for a doomed legal effort.

    Underneath the deliberate fuzz, it was a serious coup attempt that came scarily close to getting to a massive crisis stage. They were minutes from giving Trump a hostage crisis — and a pretext for federalizing the National Guard.

    Just this month both the NY Times and Washington Post were running their analysis through the denialist filter. The reason is the DC press corps is captive to GOP sources who have been deliberately spinning this away from the party. Their sources have been lying to them, but odds are none of them will be rejected — if anything, the DC press will think their sources’ loyalty to party spin over truth makes them more valuable as news about the crisis continues to emerge, not less.

  4. So basically our only chance of not losing the house in the next election is:

    A) 100+ members of congress go to jail for sedition

    B) So many Trumpers die of Covid that they can’t even cheat their way to a win with all the rigging they have done

    I’ll take either one but not too confident of either.

    Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!

    Jordan is my hero!

    • People watching the Gaetz case have noted that the grand jury appears to be wrapping up its work by interviewing his ex, who would be a key witness in addition to the known cooperating witness who pled guilty last year.

      They are said to not just be looking into the underage stuff, but obstruction of justice charges too, which might just be limited to efforts to block her testimony, but may also extend further.

  5. I think it was yesterday RIP had a link to NPR’s interview with Trump where he hung up after getting followup questions.

    This column gives a good outline of how it worked.

    NPR insisted on taping so they could provide context leading up, and they then followed up with more context. The interviewer was clearly prepped for what Trump said during the interview, and countered Trump with specific facts that undercut what the interviewer openly identified later as lies.

    The challenge of course is that this takes longer to pull off, since putting things into context takes additional production and research time.

    The stupid thing about how most journalists operate is that the news value — and ratings — are much higher when they do this too. When they simply fill time with softball interviews, audiences tune out.

    I’m sure NPR won’t get any more chances. But what the typical idiot Chuck Todd type doesn’t get is that NPR had been making this request for SIX years. They were getting stiffed all along, so why not make the most of it?

    Chuck Todd types stupidly think that getting a crumb once in a blue moon means they’ll get another crumb tomorrow, instead of being strung along for another eternity.

    • I had to stop listening to NPR a couple of years ago because it stressed me out too much in my car listening to politics. However, it was very apparent that basically aside from a few never Trump republicans, they couldn’t get republicans above local levels to talk on their shows. Like need to talk to a mayor or lt gov after a natural disaster? Sure. But nothing on politics. I always assumed it was because that party was not willing to deal with an actual interview where the journalist was prepared.

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