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Childhood Mementos

This past weekend was the great garage clean-out. I have been storing some odds and ends for my mother. Included in her things were two bins full of old photos and mementos from my brothers’ childhood, and mine. Old report cards, birthday party pics, hand prints on burlap, and newspaper clippings. One of the funnier finds was my class project poetry book.

So let me soothe you with my wonderful words and blind you with my horrible handwriting from 10 year old Keitel.


What is yellow?

A bright sun is yellow

Yellow is a nice warm bed

Yellow is a kite high in the air.

Apparently I liked the color yellow when I was younger. And here is the clerihew (I had to look up the meaning) that proves my liberal bona fides.

Ronald Reagon

Thought about the people who were beggin

He gave them a dollar

and started to holler.

That seems to be my fill of over sharing for the day.

For those that are interested Sports Talk is scheduled for 1pm est today.



  1. A while ago I found my brother’s “Student of the Week” page from 4th grade. It started off strong with “I have an ugly sister named Megan”. He also said that he “likes giving hugs (not including sister)”.

    He also said he used to have two turtles (turtle content!) but they “walked away”. LOL

    I texted it to him and he said he was sorry he called me ugly. So there’s that.

  2. I like trail running, I like the Lake District in the UK, and I like poetry. This is one of my favorites where the three are combined.

    A Shepherd’s Hand

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