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Kids’ TV Shows

There is a tv in the breakroom where I work. Usually someone has Fox News on. Needless to say I change that real quick. Lately I have been putting on the Cartoon Network for everyone’s enjoyment. Who doesn’t love the Care Bears?

That got me thinking about the different shows I used to watch. The one that stood out was a weekend show called “Kids Are People Too”. It was an offshoot of the show Wonderama. Kids ran from 1978 to 1982. They had a lot of interesting guests during their short run, One of my favorites is Patti Smith from 1979.

Speaking of kids’ shows, I’m really really really hoping @MatthewCrawley was a Do Bee.

Don’t be a food fussy.



  1. I loved cartoons as a kid (and as a man child.)

    Instead of newz at noon, they had cartoons on at noon.

    Terrible animation.  Silly stories.  Didn’t matter.

    Ibid. Made in Canada by the same studio. Later episodes done by Ralph Bashki (all weird psychedelic shit that melted my 5 year old mind.)

  2. …truthfully despite my folks not really being fans of the telly…& getting packed off to boarding school for a substantial chunk of each year while still in the single digit age bracket…once I get to thinking about it I remember a lot of kids’ tv that I watched enough of to think of as stuff I liked…so if I started trying to list them I’d be at this longer than I have to spare today…plus I had siblings…& there were re-runs…so I’d be naming things I should have been too old for mixed in with things I shouldn’t have been alive for & it could get confusing…but unlike the delights of things like mazinger z…I seriously doubt that this one made it across the atlantic to a US audience & I always kind of admired having this be the intro to the show you were hoping people would stick around to watch

    …it actually was pretty good, too

    • I had a friend who dated a woman whose father was a producer of “Zoom” up in Boston. She hated it because whenever they needed kids to fill scenes (there were many “rap sessions, if you recall, and backgrounders watching them do things) she was drafted. She said every single cast-kid in every single season was unbearable. She once was seated next to some celebrity with a reputation for being a total asshole, I forget who, and she said that celeb was far more gracious and friendly than any of this lot.

      Here’s the original cast:

  3. When I was young enough to be watching Romper Room I most certainly was not a Do Bee. I was the second-to-last youngest in my family and by the time I came along in summer we were just sent out and told not to come home except maybe for lunch. I can’t believe I lived through my pre-adolescence. Although to be fair all the kids were treated that way and all the stay-at-home mothers were an informal Watch Society, so it worked out fine.

  4. My Kindergarten class went to see Bozo the Clown being filmed. I just looked on Wikipedia and it looks like there were about 50 different franchises, so I can only claim to have seen about 2% of “Bozo” if you think of him as some kind of collective creature like slime mold or Portuguese man o’ war.

  5. Hanna-Barbera all the way.

    Best cartoon ever. Also best theme song:

    Best villains:

    Best science fiction universe:

    Best sidekick (Avenger, not Bird Boy):

    Best love triangle:

    Best dog:

  6. As a native yinzer I was, and still am, devoted to Mr. Rogers. Touring the studio as a child and seeing the trolley was one of the highlights of elementary school. A friend of mine ended up working at the studio after graduating college and said Fred Rogers was a lovely man.
    I was also a fan of The Music Scene with David Steinberg, anyone else remember that short lived show?

  7. There is a tv in the breakroom where I work. 

    about 2 weeks ago the powers that be decided that the cantine needed 3 flat screen smart tv’s to be used mostly as bulletin boards for company propaganda

    so they had them installed

    what they did not do is setup anything to stop anyone with a smart phone and the wifi password (read everyone) casting to device

    that first lunch break was glorious chaos and probably caused a mountain of complaints to HR for inapropriate shit on the tvs

    • In 2016 the city installed these kiosk-like things around town where people could access the internet, charge their phones, and make calls. On the sides there was LCD advertising interspersed with useful info, like nearby tourist attractions, local trivia of interest, and real-time subway train info for the nearest stop. It was, of course, a deBlasio disaster™, one of many.

      They’re still around but their offerings have been severely curtailed. Oh well, for some it was fun while it lasted.

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