Friday Mood! [DOT 28/1/22]

Happy Friday gang! Hope you all had a great week.

Remember when she was the craziest the GOP had to offer?

Sarah Palin, unvaccinated and having tested positive, again dines out, flouting NYC health measures

He was so good in Inspector Lewis.

Susan Collins has concerns.

Biden plans rapid Supreme Court push as Breyer announces departure


Terry Pratchett estate backs Jack Monroe’s idea for ‘Vimes Boots’ poverty index


As if I needed more reasons to never leave the house.

This thread is both hilarious and horrifying. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!



  1. If you head down that customer service Twitter thread, plan to be there for a while. There’s some weird shit lurking there.

    • They’re both worried about obstruction of justice charges.

    • No but he did try to kill you with Covid.

    • I think I’ve told this story before but years ago when I lived in the area there was a particular bridge that was in terrible shape. When PennDot decided to shut it down and fix it there was a huge outcry from the many, many people who used it every day. So they just didn’t do it. Closing it would have caused major traffic headaches and delays but there are so many bridges in the city it’s not like you couldn’t cross the river without it. Every time I drove on the Smithfield St Bridge I was terrified. I don’t know if they ever did the necessary work.
      Anyway, I know this bridge well too, I’m glad nobody was hurt.

    • Republicans: “that bridge had been suckin on the government tit for a while now, bootstraps people!”

  2. The sex-trafficking investigation that’s zeroing in on Matt Gaetz, explained

    Here’s an update if you haven’t been following this as obsessively as I have. The TL;DR for this week is that one of Joel Greenburg’s accomplices, Joe Elliccot (Big Joe, because of course) has reached a plea deal on drug and fraud charges. Allegedly Big Joe was a witness to Gaetz admitting to having sex with a 17-year-old. That’s not unusual, because apparently Gaetz bragged about his various conquests to everybody, including showing pictures. But in this instance he apparently referenced the girl and her age specifically.

    The noose tightens. And I need a shower. 

    • You beat me to it. But what is off about that Post article is how narrowly it focuses on Gaetz and sex with a minor. It’s not clear that’s the biggest story.

      • I doubt that it is. There have been significant hints that it extends further and involves more Republicans than Gaetz’ bro gang. The question is how hard they are working to build firebreaks between themselves and Gaetz’ sordid predicament. I’d wager they allow Gaetz to go down to protect the wider network of scumbags.

    • Gaetz’s ringtone.  Probably should have changed it before the FBI got to his phone.

      • Naw, the Stray Cats are too cool for someone like Matt Gaetz. He’d probably have that one Winger song with a similar theme and age. (I won’t bother posting it, no.)

  3. “Big Joe” Ellicott, another associate of Matt Gaetz, has entered a guilty plea, suggesting cooperators in the case now number at least three, also including Gaetz’s ex and also former Florida tax official Joel Greenberg.

    The big question is what is the case, exactly? Is it only about Gaetz and sex with a minor, as a lot of top line reporting suggests? Greenberg is known to be well connected to Roger Stone, and he kept copies of communications with Stone over the encrypted app Signal about a pardon after Trump’s loss — and before 1/6. Greenberg’s communication included mention of $250K for help from Stone. One of the mysteries of 1/6 is where funding for Stone’s violent allies came from.

    Maybe this case ends up limited to illegal sex stuff in the end. The pace of pleas and grand jury appearances suggest we’ll find out more soon, at any rate.

  4. I’ve been ruminating on this for awhile, and I have a request, one that Myo has made at least once before.  If you are lurking here, please chime in once in awhile.  If you are a regular commenter but haven’t contributed an article, please consider doing so in the next month or two.  Let’s talk about sprots, gunz, carz, fishing, baseball strategy, Marxist philosophy, your family lineage, dogz, anything, ANYTHING besides politics and recipes.

    That is all.  Carry on.

    • Excuse my ignorance, but is there a way to see what’s scheduled? I can think of stuff to post on a spot basis but don’t want to drop something on top of another post that’s coming out 30 minutes later.

      • …I think if you’re logged in to the post editor there’s a dashboard that shows you when the next few things are scheduled to go up…but it’s possible that doesn’t work the same for everyone?

      • Not sure that everyone can see the dashboard, but Myo can set you up with author privileges, and you will definitely have access to it them.  It’s pretty easy to navigate and you can see all scheduled posts once you figure out how to sort them.

    • Long time since I’ve posted anything but I just read that The Root recently got straight up Spanfellered. I got kind of a weird nostalgia reading about it. It seems like it’s exactly the same thing that happened at Deadspin, on a somewhat longer timeline.

      I don’t know if anyone wants to write a full on post about it, but I thought it was kind of interesting.


      • …hello, there

        …& yes, it does seem like this is the feature-not-a-bug part of the patented spanfeller ™ destructive “development” business model…I don’t think there’s a single one of those sites they have wrought this upon one way or another…but that they eventually managed to brute force the attrition of theroot seems like the bigger deal

        …it definitely made money being the thing it was so destroying it supposedly for “business” reasons is mealy-mouthed bullshit & indistinguishable from vandalism as far as I can make out…for reasons both supremely petty & the worst sort of ideological, too

        …if the man knew shame I expect that would cause a terminal overdose…but sadly I expect he’s exceedingly pleased with himself…& he & peter thiel probably have bruises from all the mutual backslapping?

        • They’ve basically killed The Onion too, which adds to the idea that it’s just vandalism.

          I keep coming back to fact that The Athletic was recently sold for over half a billion dollars. The real money in internet content is like real estate — if you want to sell it for a big profit, you have to maintain it.

          Buying a house in the hopes of stripping half of it for scrap metal but hoping to keep it up to code just enough to rent out the basement is a ridiculously complicated business model that only makes marginal money if you’re lucky, and destroys all of the resale value.

          There are people who do this stuff to houses, of course, but 99% of them are suckers who got reeled in by a guy running scam seminars.


      • Hi Throbbin, good to see you!

        • Hello! Likewise! I still keep an eye on this place.

      • Something similar is/has been going on at Jez, just more slowly. Unlike at the Root, however, there is a noticeable decline in quality. Yes, I miss every Root author who left but *most* of the n00bs seem to still have the mission in their hearts? Idk wtf is going on at Jez. It’s like toddlers in tiaras over there.

    • 👆🏼 This

    • Alright, here’s something I’ve been wondering about: If you had your own duck army, what would you do with it?

      • I’d have to take them to the governor’s mansion and let them shit everywhere so I could make sure he knows I think he’s a chickenshit.

    • Right you are, Lemmy. We must be a more interesting bunch than the post may present, eh?

    • I would like to, but

      1) Not much time.

      2) Haven’t asked for posting permission.

      • No one’s asking for a weekly commitment or anything.  Take your time writing something and throw it up here when you have a minute, even if it’s just a one-off.

  5. weeee ive got 4 hours more weekend than expected as one of the anti vaxxers tested positive…as they’ve been huddling together not wearing masks that caused quite a panic amongs the rest of them as they all immediately needed to get tested and quarantine till the results come in

    really…i thought it was just a little flu…whats all the hubbub about?…wierdos

    anyways..figured id take the rest of the day off as there really wasnt enough staff left to do much more than sweeping anyways

    welp…gives me time for that customer service thread 🙂

  6. Hmmmm…this is interesting…

    I’m not a cat person but I know we have a bunch here…

    This is just awesome!


    • Ha.

      Johnathon Harris (who probably got a lot of grief  with “Lost In Space” jokes) is dead bang on.


    • I tried to buy a signed print of that painting but he releases them in limited quantities and they sell out immediately. I love how the its message is on the nose and powerful.

    • Aw, Willow is one regal feline.

      Jonathan Harris’s painting is bang on. Conservatives and racists (and the Venn diagram that includes both) are playing a game of Tom Sawyer with their CRT whitewashing, convincing everyone it’s fun and not work, that it’s worth paying some schemer for the privilege of participating in.

  7. okay i dont have hbo max…but this looks like it might be fun

    • Thanks for this, I do have HBOmax and will be watching this.  The captain looks like the guy from Drunk History?

      • lol anytime

        tbh..i know him from something….but no clue what…just recognize him

        (im terrible at recocnizing people)

      • It’s Rhys Darby from Flight of  the Conchords. He played Murray, their manager.

    • I cannot wait for this.

  8. Dick Butkus still over there laying out QBs.

  9. I was offered and accepted the team lead job I interviewed for (internal, been in the department for 6 yrs). Got several emails and notes of congratulations but since we’re all still remote I couldn’t see if anyone actually panicked lol. We were on a call when my boss announced it (thanks, guy) so I unmuted myself to say “OK now don’t everyone resign at once.”


    This’ll be fine. It will be fine 😶😶😶

    • …congrats

      …& possibly good luck, if that seems applicable

      …but mainly congrats

      • Thanks, I’ll take the luck. I’ve never been a boss before. Bossy, yes. But always an individual contributor. Something about approaching 40 and seeing people who started at my comp the same time as me (and same age) and now they’re directors made me feel some type of way. Plus, MO MONEY.


    • I’m sure you’re up to the task, but you just don’t know it yet because you haven’t had the role before. It’s always the people who shouldn’t have impostor syndrome who exhibit it, and never the people who should have it, eh?

  10. Frampton comes alive!

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