…from the horse’s (ass’) mouth [DOT 24/1/20]

…no, really…he said that shit…this fucking malignancy of a misnomer that thinks he’s king of the fucking world & is currently in the middle of attempting to excuse the forthcoming acquittal he’s set to receive on two counts of impeachment one of which has been demonstrated to be both true & accurate beyond any reasonable (& even most unreasonable) doubt & the other which involves his attempts (doomed to failure as they most explicitly were) to forestall there ever being an acknowledgement of that fact by withholding information pertinent to proceedings from the highest authorities in the land by virtue of the well-established “don’t wanna” loophole known formally as the petulant toddler modifier to the 5th amendment

https://www.needtoimpeach.com/corruption/trump-fifth-amendment-michael-cohen/ […I know, I know, we did that part already but I’m not smart enough to embed the video & otherwise it seemed to be hosted on facebook…&…#fuckzuck?]

…that guy went in front of a camera & told the press things were going well


…strongly suggesting that he had not, in fact, been monitoring the coverage from Davos but at most ingesting the Faux News Digest while fondling his twitter-fueled dopamine receptors like a relapsed alcoholic with a serious liver deficiency…among other things

Three female House managers say public will think Trump trial ‘rigged’ if he’s acquitted

…but mostly making it just one more day on which…despite all the other days that seem to stretch back to the dawn of fucking time at this point

…& certainly long, long before the god-forsaken fail-son of all fail-sons threw his fraudulent hat into the presidential ring

I know I had it coming, I know I can’t be free…

…when somehow the fact that no one is slapping bracelets on or carting off this obviously criminal example of what anthropomorphized self-interest absent intelligence or introspection might look like if you poured it into an an orange skin suit that fit only slightly less badly than the carefully crafted bespoke suit over the top of it with the counter-intuitive property of making an elderly man look like a child in his daddy’s clothes


…despite the fact that the staggering levels of bone-deep delusional stupidity recquired to not realize that that bit isn’t even the quiet part but the “ostensibly silent” part surely ought to be grounds for removing the man simply on the basis of straightforward fundamental mental (not to mention moral) incompetence


…when do I get to get up in the morning & at least make it through the principle headlines about the supposedly developed world of free, democratic societies without being brought up short by the spectacle of people contentedly reporting things that are demonstrably lies without providing the truth by way of comparison on the fallacious principal that not treating your readers like morons is somehow incompatible with an objective reporting of the news?


…if something is objectively, veritably false & you report someone saying it without going on to explain how & why it’s inaccurate that isn’t being objective…that’s your ass getting beat like a drum to accompany the dog-whistle bullshit you’re helping to peddle on an audience that maybe should know better but is mostly too busy trying to keep their head above water to spare the time to get to the bottom of this shit for themselves


…to a statistically significant proportion of those folks that last bit is their idea of the job description of the ones giving it the just-reporting-the-“facts” defense about how it isn’t & it shouldn’t be & – until & unless we get our collective shit together to the point of making sure every single kid grows up to be in a position to do that shit for themselves as a matter of course before they even get old enough to vote – failing to acknowledge the functional duty of care involved in the dissemination of what passes for accepted fact is descending from tragedy to farce on its way to crashing & burning in what I’m honestly scared may be an all too literal bonfire of the vanities


…seriously – if his middle east peace plan turned out to be written in crayon on a burger wrapper & consist entirely of the single question, “any of you guys ever heard of The Rapture?” I don’t know that I’d even be surprised at this point

there is no monopoly of common sense / on either side of the political fence…

…I may have been less than complimentary yesterday about the putative deity responsible for foisting us upon creation but it’s funny how things can look starkly different from day to day

…right about now I simply can not for the life of me conceive of a way that these assholes who are supposedly the pinnacle of public service could adequately be punished for their transgressions without requiring some sort of burning-in-everlasting-hellfire option on the table

Doomsday Clock moves closer than ever to midnight. It’s not just because of nuclear weapons.


…I repeat

Arron Banks drops two parts of libel claim against Carole Cadwalladr


Johnson met Murdoch on day he signalled general election bid


US drinking water contamination with ‘forever chemicals’ far worse than scientists thought


White House unveils plan for major projects to bypass environmental review


‘Click I agree’: the UN rapporteur says prince tried to intimidate Bezos with message


Greta Thunberg [bringer of “it” & knower of things] clashes with US treasury secretary [aka Stinkin’ Munchkin knower of nothing worth knowing] in Davos




  1. Fun fact: when Johnny Cash did a show at San Quentin Prison, there was an inmate there serving time for armed robbery whose life was turned around by that show.

    The inmate’s name? Merle Haggard.

    • …did not know that


  2. For those that know Washington state politics will know Tim Eyman. Eyman is a RWNJ and loves to get initatives on the ballot to lower taxes and fees. Of course, those are very popular and since most people vote against their interest they pass almost every time.

    Many moons ago a wise man gathered 50K signatures for a ballot initiaive to offically proclaim Tim Eyman “a horse’s ass.” He turned it into a pretty good local blog.


  3. Fun fact, I almost ran over Tim Eyman in a parking lot when he tried to get my signature for one of his dumbass initiatives (yes, on purpose)! I think he loves to get initiatives on the ballot because he steals money he raises from these to use to support his lifestyle. A watch salesman? How is that a thing today? That guy is so sleazy he should have the last name of Trump.

    • …I’d like to see the definition of a trump card switched to mean something that destroys your own winning hand instead of scooping the pot?

      …but calling anyone beyond a certain level of shady a trump works, too?

      • I have told people ‘don’t trump it up’ before – they usually knew what I meant!

  4. He brags about obstructing justice while he is on trial for obstruction and the soulless monsters who run the Senate will just ignore it and move on.

    I hate it.

  5. I love that song! (I took it to class for my history prof when it came out.) Points out a lot of painful realities, and I think it’s how we all felt then/feel still.

    I guess diamonds in our water were too expensive for a forever gift, hmm? I’ve got a story on that. 😉

    And not to add to our Friday worries, but that pigfishbird flu Coronavirus is much more airborne than previously thought (oops); the incubation period was longer than originally thought, so thermal sceening wasn’t always effective (oops again); and there are now 2 confirmed cases in the US, 1 in Seattle, 1 in Chicago:


    • I wouldn’t worry too much about the Coronavirus as this point. My wife is a medical provider and has seen a ton of panic filled patients the last few days (we live near Seattle) and tells her patients this: “Have you been to Hubei Province? Have you had your flu shot? So far in the U.S. this year their has been up to 17,000 deaths from the common flu & in all of China so far 26 deaths from Coronavirus. So, you will be getting your flu shot now, right?” I know we may not be comparing apples to apples but the larger point is you can’t worry about something that is still very rare when you have something right in front of you that can definitely kill you and can be prevented or at least lessened.

      • Wow, this aged poorly. In the last 12 hours, we have 63 patients being tracked in the US and confirmed cases in the EU and Australia. Mode of transmission is unknown, incubation is several days long… and your wife is snarking at patients in an affected area about getting flu shots? Sure, mathematically a car accident is more likely, but shouldn’t you encourage people who think they may’ve been exposed to a contagious disease to come forward for testing? Congrats, your wife is why people hate medical professionals.

      • …funny enough – despite what our illustrated friend seems to think – it remains the case that those who haven’t been to the region from which the illness stemmed would do better to be concerned with the flu?

        …this why medical professionals hate people?

        …perhaps in a week or a month those concerns will prove valid but for the time being I’d be a good deal quicker to take your wife’s advice than the wisdom of this finger-wagging sage…not least since they seem to have jumped to a number of conclusions without checking the landing first?

    • Don’t worry, I am sure we will lighten regulations on all medical research and pharma to make sure we can react quicker to the virus. Everybody knows its those pesky rules and regs that get in the way of innovation!

  6. “the spectacle of people contentedly reporting things that are demonstrably lies without providing the truth by way of comparison on the fallacious principal that not treating your readers like morons is somehow incompatible with an objective reporting of the news”

    So much of the reporting reminds me of the way the civil rights movement was covered.

    You would have a situation where 20 people would peacefully assemble in a park preparing to march to city hall, cops would swarm in swinging night sticks, and the AP story would read “Police arrested 20 people on charges of inciting violence and resisting arrest. The mayor charged that outside agitators led the protest and warned of the threat of spreading violence. A spokesperson for the protestors insisted that no laws had been violated.”

    Reporters on the scene would witness what happened, but insisted that reporting the facts would be unfair and inflammatory, and retreated into the formula of one side says/the other side said.

    • …really meant to reply to this when I first saw it because I think it’s an excellent – if entirely chilling – point

      …insane making as the current spectacle undoubtedly is the sad & sorry truth is it isn’t the first time…& looking around it sure seems like it isn’t fixing to be the last either

      …when are we going to learn?

    • …thank heavens for good critters…there’s entirely too many of the other sort in the news these days.

    • Thanks for the link! I have a hard time finding it sometimes.

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