Fuck It Friday! [NOT 5/2/21]

man throwing paperwork in the air and quote "looks like it's fuck this shit o'clock"

Hi friends! We fucking made it!!! FRIDAY!!!!!!

I don’t have anything going on, but damn I’m glad to be done with work this week. We had a week with a lot of self-inflicted wounds, like not testing code effectively or not checking work. I got nothing done because I was cleaning up other folks’ stuff.

Time to relax and do weekend-ey stuff!



  1. Fuck lazy project managers. There I said it. These are my customers but they can be lazier than a turtle on weed.
    I’m bidding on some sizable construction projects and it never fails me that the GC or consultant will throw drawings and data for EVERY discipline on every bidder, wasting everybody’s time with them having to sift through 10,000 drawings for their stuff. Then they sit on every goddamn thing and make all their subs late before they even see the bid packages. And we’re supposed to eat your late penalties? Fuck outta here.

  2. I got a call to interpret for a group therapy session that lasted nearly TWO FUCKING HOURS. I think I managed to get through it because I knew that I’d be taking a 15-minute break after it ended, and then coming back for what turned out to be one more hour of work before the weekend came, or else I’d been in a struggle, let me tell you. (Also, thank Gawd the participant in question had some earbuds to plug into the device, or else my rendering would’ve been even less faithful than it was.)
    Anyway, now that I’m done, I’m gonna shut the fuck up as much as I can for the next two days or so, and not use my mouth except for eating things like the Deluxe pizza I’m picking up from Imo’s after I finish typing this.
    Fuck it – it’s the weekend now!

  3. i actually had a pretty good week…only had to work for 2 days of it
    granted i had to take a rona test and break a toe to get all that time off…so maybe just asking for a few days off would have been easier..but hey its time off 😀
    i will say…im already kinda bored of limping…and im developing a burning hatred for putting on shoes
    welp whatever…with the snow and ice expected tomorow ill probably end up with a better injury to bitch about…long as i dont break my right arm im happy (i need that one…for right arm stuff)

  4. My fuckit is cashier’s at the grocery store, and just general frustration with the ways I DO NOT understand wtf they’re doing there…
    I don’t understand why things are being run the way they are… or why we seem to be CONSTANTLY cutting grocery hours, when we’re shorthanded, and already can’t get our shit onto the shelves….
    I dunno if the reason I was given for moving me up to the front lanes is real, or if they just decided I’m too much of a pain in the ass, and wanted me out of grocery.
    All I know is, my back CAN’T take standing still up on the lanes for a shift (which was why GROCERY is my ideal spot!🙃).
    Between the “too many moving parts” part of the front lanes (having ADHD means I’m constantly forgetting to check the bottom of carts (even IF my short ass *could* see over the belts!), and I ALWAYS feel like I’m scrambling…
    But my ADHD creates *another* problem, physically, up there too…
    When I have an almost continuous line of customers, I end up in a “hyperfocus” state–like I did last night–and I will LITERALLY go three goddamn hours without moving more than a few inches…
    NOT noticing (because of said hyperfocus, AND a correlating ability to hypo-focus on painful stimuli**
    It’s a GREAT ability *sometimes,* but in certain instances–like yesterday–the block CAN eventually be overwhelmed and then fail… and when/if that happens, it’s a bit like a dam break/collapse. 
    Everything crumbles in an instant, and you suddenly get hit with an 11/12-level of pain (out of 10).
    Yesterday, it literally dropped me to my knees, before I could even get all the way over to my front-end manager, to say I needed help.🙃
    Because I was in hyperfocus, and didn’t NOTICE that it’d been almost three hours since the start of my shift (time-blindness comes with the hyperfocus, and I thought I’d only been up there an hour and fifteen, maybe an hour and a half!😕)… I just had customers–and they kept on coming up–so I kept doing what I was supposed to do–Helping them…
    Until, on the last customer, suddenly I *started* to feel breakthrough pain, and realized that I was gonna be in trouble soon…. and then, after I got them their reciept & tried to walk up to the manager, and just couldn’t walk another step.
    Because my lower back/hip area sized the fuck UP, and all I could do was crouch down into a ball, and try to breathe through it, so I didn’t start screaming.🙃
    It was exactly what I’d tried to explain to our ASD, that I was afraid of happening, when I was told I was being taken off of grocery, and put up front.😕
    I honestly expected that my back would crap out in a few weeks, not on the second shift up front.
    It’s ached low-grade all day, and I work in a couple hours…
    I don’t know quite what I’m going to do… probably call my union rep, to see what can be done, but I’m not sure yet,beyond that.
    **I know I’ve had conversations with Smacks, when we were over on GT, about an ability I share with at least one of her kiddos–where we’re able to focus for a little bit, then simply decide to “block” the reception of pain signals from various parts of our bodies…

    • I hope the union rep has some ideas. Also, the whole situation above is a management failure – no one should be working for 3 hours straight like that. FUCKING SHAME ON THEM for not pulling you off for at least a 15 min break at 2 hours. I know that wouldn’t probably have avoided the problem, but at least you could have moved around a little bit and loosened up muscles/joints. 

  5. Thanks, Brighter!
    I’m hoping the Union folks have some ideas(or at least info), too.
    If worse comes to worst, my old grocery manager told me I’m welcome on his team ANY time I wanted to come back… and there ARE a bazillion other stores around the area who’re constantly looking for stocking help.
    Heck, I was basically offered a position one time, when I was AT another of those stores!😉😆😂🤣
    it happened after I’d brought him something I’d pulled at my store, and let him (overnight manager) know that they’d want to check that item over, because it seemed to be a bad batch from the warehouse, which the warehouse hadn’t rotated properly😉🤣💖
    I let him know that they were all expired at my old store, or close to it, and that I’d *also* pulled them for short-sale at my current store, because they were the same… told him I saw them on his store’s shelf, and done a quick check, noticing they were the same, so I wanted to give them a heads-up.
    He asked me which stores I was from, and told me, “Are you SURE you don’t wanna come work for us? We could USE someone like you!” 
    Which is another reason I’m willing to stick things out for a bit… but JUST for a bit, at the current store…
    I KNOW I’m an anal-retentive pain in the ass to deal with sometimes!!! and that YES, my ADHD can totally be a problem. AND that i can absolutely rub some folks thr wrong way…
    But I also know–because I was told repeatedly by my old grocery manager–that I can be an invaluable asset for my managers, because of how my brain works.
    That if I’m utilized properly, and “allowed to do your thing,” (according to him😉), my particular skill-set is a massive asset to a store.
    Because I’m good at customer service, just by being myself.
    I put folks at ease, I help them get *exactly* what they need/want to find fast (because i memorize the whole damn store–not on purpose!🤣), and because, since i used to do inventory control & purchasing, I learn the “flow” of the shipments, so I can tell folks when they should come back in to check if we’re out of the item they wanted…
    And, because I learned it  from my old grocery-crew teammates, I’m also someone who does tell customers where the closest places they can find their item, if we’re out of it… which makes those customers happy, and will being them back to our  store in the future–Because we were helpful, and got them what they wanted.
    Otoh, my memorization, knowledge of which items come from what warehouse (and shipment days), the fact that I’m constantly straightening out SKU tags,and bringing un-sku’ed items up to pricing for tags, AND that I’m willing to ask questions like “Why haven’t we gotten in _____?, is it on the “outs” list?” are  all things that DO tend to frustrate/ anger folks who are trying to obscure the fact that they aren’t doing the parts of their jobs that they’re supposed to be doing….
    But they’re really useful & helpful, for folks who ARE doing *all* of their job–And for folks who are secure in their own skin (like my former Grocery Manager😉).
    I’ve gotta be TOTALLY honest, too, and say that YES, I’m terrible about starting my shift on time (time-blindness again!), but I’m also more than willing (and OFTEN do!) to stay that same amount of time I was late, past the end of my shift–or to stay & work longer if it’s needed because of call-outs… I’ll put in 100% of the expected time–it’s just that I may not get there *exactly* on time…. buuut it’s also a grocery store, and we’re open 24/7/362-ish… so there ARE other folks there, and it’s not like the customers would be 100% without assistance. (I’m not super late, but it’s either that I’m there 30 minutes early, OR 5-15 behind…. and he’ll, even if I AM early, I’ll still get distracted & end up clocking in late!😖🤪🙃)
    Loooong essay short; I KNOW I can be a complete PITA…. but I also know that to my grocery managers who did their jobs well, (two night time, now, and that one daytime one), I’ve become a favorite & extremely depended-on employee.

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