Fuck It Friday [NOT 8/1/21]

man throwing paperwork in the air and quote "looks like it's fuck this shit o'clock"

In ye olde kinja days, we had Fuck It Friday posts. FIFs were a fun place to yell or complain or celebrate depending on what you were feeling by the end of the week.

also YESSSSS twitter has permanently suspended Trump’s account

Fuck it Friday, I am cold and it’s cold outside and I fucking hate winter.

Fuck it Friday, I got thrown between 2 groups today on a project and I need people to chill the fuck out while I learn what is going on.

Please, share your fuck its in the comments below.



  1. …I just saw that about the twitter thing, myself…& much as I generally wouldn’t say repeating a point someone already made is a good look hereabouts…I’m here to say I am not above that kind of thing from time to time so I don’t mind admitting it’s the way the DOT will start in the morning…because I confidently predict I will still find that shit worth laughing at by the time breakfast rolls around

  2. I’m taking Hannibal’s advice & ending my day w/ a margarita before I make dinner & move to wine.  Week is ending on a non-fuck it note as I got the Covid vaccine a few days ago & my 94 year old mom got one yesterday!  I’m closer to being able to see her again!  Ah shit!  I do have a fuckit, jury duty notice in mail!!!!!  Fuck!!!!!

  3. My fuck it – I’m very worried about a good friend. He’s been depressed for about a year but lately he seems a lot worse. I’m checking on him daily, trying to keep his spirits up but if he doesn’t get a damn break soon I don’t know what’s going to happen. 

    • I do the same for my sick friend with cancer.  It’s not easy as the line between being helpful and patronizing/insulting isn’t a clear one.  He already snapped at me once for calling him often.
      It’s not easy when the black dog of depression hits.

      • I’m trying very hard not to “mother” him, he’s a grown man. But I am very concerned. You make an excellent point though, I’ll try not to cross that line. The last thing I want to do is add to his difficulties.

        • Yeah I was getting really hyperfocused on making sure there was birdseed in the feeder on my porch recently and I know it’s that winter sucks and I’m worried about the birds because it’s winter. Yes, I know circle of life and all that. I’ve never even had a bird-feeder before this winter. 

          But like it’s entirely weather-related because everything is cold and dead and gross because winter. 

  4. What the fuck is it with some people?
    This week I nearly got into an altercation at work.  At break, there is a group of us who sit together but now we sit at two or three tables due to CoVID spacing.  Whoever comes in first usually wipes down the tables.
    Anyway, I was late as I had some issues with paperwork and my friend was also late.  I sat down at the table and then someone from another dept came in and without asking grabbed the chair at the table I was sitting at.  I wasn’t polite as I asked him “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”  Most people (and myself) usually ask if the chair is unused.  I was surprised, but I wasn’t going to let this pass.
    We got into an argument over this.  I pointed to several other empty chairs within the vicinity.  The guy went away in a huff.
    Ok whatever…  then he and his teammates started sniping at us passive aggressively.  Talking about us as if we weren’t there.  For talking too loud.  For being dicks.  It was at that point I had it.  One of my coworkers said something to the affect of “If you have a problem then say it to my face.” and I finally snapped, “What’s your goddamn problem, Team Food Share?”  Everyone shut up.  Meanwhile you could hear a pin drop in the entire cafeteria.
    The reason I called them that was because these were the same jackasses that flouted CoVID protocols (ie: management said no sharing of food mostly because of no social distancing) and would ignore our angry looks while they did whatever they pleased.  It should be no shock that the main perpetrator got CoVID because CoVID does whatever the fuck it pleases.
    The next day, they did another very passive aggressive thing by taking our usual seats.  Apparently they were really disappointed that I found another block of tables to sit at.  If they think I’m some stupid Donald Trump who cries like a baby because he doesn’t get his usual seats then they’re idiot.  I don’t care about the seats if I can find some place else to sit.
    Fucking kids.  I wish they were teenaged shitheads, but these are middle aged supposed to be adults.

    • My whole workplace is basically a conspiracy- and covid-infested high school cafeteria. I don’t go in the break room because 1) I’m an unrepentant loner and I like to read and not hear other people have inane convos over crap food; 2) I generally don’t like those people even if I did want to be around any people; and 3) absolutely NOBODY gives two shits about distancing even though they insist they do. I have actually had one manager tell me, “they don’t need to wear masks because stay six feet away, you know, unless they have to have a conversation.” They distributed an abridged version of the CDC guidelines to minimize spread, and made a point to include the 15 minute exposure bit while conveniently leaving out that it’s cumulative. So I’m pretty sure all those chuckleheads think there’s is some kind of cosmic covid timer that resets itself every time you talk to someone a foot and a half apart for 14.5 minutes and then walk away.

      • Yesss! I’ve seen a lot of evidence that far too many people think 15 minutes is some magic number, where you have no risk until you hit 15 minutes. 
        Far too many people also say they’re doing everything perfectly, and then it becomes clear that they have no idea what they’re doing or why. There is a shocking lack of understanding about viral transmission. 

        • It’s like that one guy I stopped being friends with because he would do the same stupid shit over and over again and then say BUT I’M TRYING. No, no, you’re not trying. You exert an extraordinary amount of effort fucking yourself and you’re tired from it, but that doesn’t mean you are exhausted from actual effort.

    • These reality deniers claim they care about freedom and liberty, but they don’t respect anyone else’s freedom or liberty, and are trying to impose their convictions on others.
      Any time before the pandemic, if I saw a group of people wearing masks and gloves without good reason, I may have thought that was a bit silly, but whatevers, it doesn’t affect me.  If the COVIDiots just kept to themselves and were personally stupid, I would still be annoyed at them (because making conditions beneficial to a contagious disease always affects more people beyond those initially involved), but it’s an entirely different matter to get mad at other people wearing masks and socially distancing.  This behavior isn’t far off from killing someone over a difference of opinion.

    Fuck my job, a million times over.  I hate it there. I hated it there even before covid made it obvious how little they give a shit about anybody but themselves, as if the 2016 election didn’t make it apparent enough. I hate my immediate supervisor, who accuses me of rolling my eyes every time I look away to think, because pausing to think is not a familiar trait for her. I hate my department supervisor, who proudly agrees that coming to work with those people is equivalent to entering an alternate reality. I hate Teh Scions of Teh Yoyo Empire, all of whom are entitled white dicks who are happy to hire their kin and not bat an eye at them roaming the halls spreading the plague and fascist propaganda, but who can’t stand it if I post a sign about the health department regulations that they are flouting. I hate my coworkers, who say things like Black people were better off as slaves and 5G towers give you cancer and all the lazy people should be euthanized. And I hate – HATE MOTHERFUCKERS – the fact that I can’t even find solace in doing my job properly because everyone has their heads so firmly lodged up their own asses that I can’t get any cooperation in making things work. I found myself wanting to beat my head against the desk multiple times today because I would see something that needed fixing and then check myself. “If you bring this to anyone’s attention, they will ignore it or respond wrongly because they don’t really have any idea how to do things right and can’t be bothered unless an outside agency calls them on it.” I’m in the compliance department, people. I find things that can be made better and they don’t give a shit because they have gotten away with it thus far.
    Man, I hope I get another stimulus check and a big tax refund because I need to bounce for real.

    • …I generally don’t these days, for which I’m grateful…but I have worked for some assholes in some fairly shitty workplaces in my time & (as the saying goes) I feel you on that

      …obviously as a random anonymous-ish internet person there’s not a whole lot I can offer that might in any way take the edge off…but you have my utmost sypathies & I’ll be rooting for the day you come into some fuck you money…hope it’s sooner rather than later

      • Thanks, dude. It wouldn’t even take much – I would just need to know I can pay my rent and take care of my fluffmonsters until the economy straightens out in my favor. I don’t mind working. I just don’t want work to be like banging my head against a wall.
        I mean it’d be nice if I didn’t burn every cent of savings I pulled from that joint after never having any at all. But I’m not counting on it.

        • @k2b I hear you. My worst job ever was a family owned business doing maybe $50million a year in sales. The founder was Trump-like, the last person out of the office won, because he didn’t remember prior discussions, and his truly dumb children and grandchildren delighted in lording it over everyone else. For every family member, there were two additional people hired to work for them, one to do the work and one as a paid friend. I was not surprised when the company went bankrupt. This was during the George W Bush administration- they all thought he was the cat’s pajamas. My stress was insane. I have complaints about my current job, but they are minor in comparison. And, wait for it, the complaints I do have are about relatives of the founder. Lovely people though. I  really hope that you find a better situation and fit.

          • I mean, I cringed when workplaces red-flagged “we’re all a big family” as it was, but then you go to work for a place that mostly is all related and it’s like WHOA.
            And the snowflakery. Complain about some pig sexually harassing your trainees or making AIDS jokes and it’s “we believe in free speech here.” Talk back to them without going through your milquetoast doormat of a supervisor and it’s “you need to be more diplomatic.”

    • Can you get them to fire you so you can collect unemployment and not have to deal with them?

      Normally I don’t recommend trying to get fired, but fuck them. Like if you start making too much noise about things that need to be fixed and make them too angry, what are they gonna do? 

    • all of whom are entitled white dicks who are happy to hire their kin and not bat an eye at them roaming the halls spreading the plague and fascist propaganda,

      Ugh, no. People hiring their friends (and family) is the surest way to assemble an incompetent team. It’s the corporate version of inbreeding: don’t be surprised if everyone the skills equivalent of a Habsburg jaw. (Or Trump chin, as may be more applicable.)

      • *don’t be surprised if everyone develops the skills equivalent of a Habsburg jaw. *
        [I’m royally f%^&ing up this no editing era of commenting.]

  6. Fuck the fact that I haven’t been able to tear myself away from news coverage for more than a few minutes at a time. At one point today, lildamnhero yelled at me “put down your phone!” 

      • 😆😂🤣🤣🤣
        I impulse-bought A BAKERS’ DOZEN DONUTS, by phone, on yesterday’s morning walk with Lily!🤣🤣🤣
        There are only *two* of us at the apartment who can even eat them…. annnnnd there were only six left this morning… I ate 4 donuts over the course of the day yesterday🤫🤣
        I’ve been going HARD on the carbs, and I feel you SO hard, Brighter!😉💖💞
        (Luckily, I’ve *also* worked at the grocery store EVERY day this week, so my blood sugars are a *squidge* higher than usual, but not bad!)

        • …I have a confession to make…I’ve been meaning to put this in the DOT twice now & failed both times to find a spot for it…but I thought of you when I read it…& I don’t know how much you get it from people who can do so in person but I wanted to thank (& commend) you for the time you put in to that

          …you’re so enthusiastic about the teaching side of things it can slip my mind that you do another thing that’s largely not given as much due as it’s due…particularly under current circumstances…but it’s been clear that despite not seeming to value them when the paychecks are handed out both your gigs are the kinds of essential work that the rest of us actually actually can’t get by without


          • Thanks, Rip!💖💞💓
            That’s a great article, annnnd it DOES also hit pretty close to home (not to mention that IS my Union😉 UFCW Local 663, to be exact!)…
            Those stories? 
            YEAH, to all of it–both the good parts, AND the bad🙃
            We kinda ARE “The Island of Misfit Toys”😉 grocery workers–throughout the process–from warehouse, to the truck drivers, to us IN the stores… we’re NOT necessarily “typical” folks.
            I’ve got some REALLY awesome co-workers. A few who’re less helpful than a box-o-rocks, too, let’s be honest😉
            But MOST of them are really good folks.
            A lot like the folks who work in medicine, or at restaurants, or do those other “front line” types of jobs.
            It’s not always easy work, but it’s typically a fun job to have. And I’m not gonna lie–as someone who loathes “going to the gym” to work out on an individual basis, it’s the BEST place to work out–because I GET paid, I don’t have to pay for it😉🤣
            But YEAH, the covid stuff is getting pretty exhausting. Frayed tempers, folks with raw nerves, and others who are just the assholes that like to try to take advantage of any situation they can–those are ALL out there, on the regular.

  7. Some time ago on one of these discussions, we all agreed that people suck except for the marvel denizens of Deadsplinter. Fuck it, thank goodness for all ya all.

  8. Fuck it – I’m jaded and tired this week. I just wanna shut up and not have to deal with people for a few days.
    Oh, and Josh Hawley can go fuck himself with a stale corncob or two.

      • My favorite–and applicable for this!– was one I think I read somewhere in the gawkerverse, yeeeeears ago:
        “…with a steel pineapple. Sideways.”

  9. Fuck people and their lackadaisical adherence to COVID safety because they’re in lockdown fatigue for the umpteenth time this year.
    Fuck not being able to afford to move out of my current place and live alone where I can actually feel safe in my own home. 
    Fuck selfish people who go back on the household safety agreements you set up and are unwilling to even see a discussion on that until some sort of new agreement has been reached. 

  10. im getting a little tired of management coming up with shit to make the shop floor more efficient (tho im used to that one)
    whats really pissing me off is that in this case they asked a few of us beforehand and got told by everyone it would create a bottleneck and generally fuck up productivity
    sooo they did it anyway..(hard to explain exactly unless you work there but they added a non skippable test bay right in the middle of the roller belt previously just used to push finished machines to packaging…used to hold 10 machines..now it holds 2…the backlog caused by that is pretty much causing chaos )
    anyways…now they are surprised production is down and mistakes like orders getting mixed are up….and they are blaming us for it
    *sigh*….we fucking told you what would happen

    • I don’t know what most of your comment actually means, but if they fucked it up to put 2 machines where 10 used to be, what the fuck else could they expect to happen except a logjam???


      • theres a major disconnect between the powers that be and the floor staff at my work
        i guess thats what happens when floor staff doesnt get promoted into the office
        soooo we end up being ruled by a bunch of twits who know best coz whatever they came up with looks good on paper and therefore if it doesnt work in practice it must be the staffs fault….
        i think it should be illegal for people with no floor experience to decide how the floor should work
        (also…anyone that asks staff if something will work and then completely ignores the answers they get should be shot…at least twice…in the back of the head)

        • Things like ☝this, AND the “family members who can’t successfully hold a job are our ideal people to hire, because then we can buy a car as a business expense, and save on gas!”(🙄🙄🙄), are the reasons I changed fields a few years ago.
          I realized that without a degree, there was no way I was likely to get hired by anyone other than “small, family-owned,” businesses anymore…
          And having been through 4 of them, where either arbitrary decisions were being made, by “vice presidents” at the company who had no actual**experience in the positions they were calculating “reasonable quotas” for; OR where people had been hired (husband who kept getting fired, for fighting with bosses)or been promoted, (“Because i was sick of them living at our house, and being noisy & eating out food all the time–i want them to move out, and they need to be able to afford to buy their own townhouse, so…..”), 
          I realized that those small, family-owned businesses are, too often, just a shitshow of nepotism, and while lucrative for the family’s scion-class, complete & TOTAL dead-ends, for anyone who actually wants to move up/have a good job, and a decent life *outside* work…
          **this one was the recently promoted girlfriend of the owner, whose only previous experience had been “retail sales clerk.” 
          She was promoted to warehouse manager “because she’s smart!” and she proceeded to try out every job in the warehouse for 1-3 hours, and then determined from that amount of time, what the various departments’ throughput quotas ought to be…
          The day she worked in my department, the items we were doing were literally some of the simplest we had in our entire process–so YES, she was able to get through a ton of items in her few hours…
          Thing is, she NEVER came back when there were more difficult items to process, so that she got an accurate time assessment…
          Needless to say–like your backed-up belt, there were ISSUES!
          I was repeatedly “talked to” for months, about “not meeting your numbers,” and when I pushed back, was told how my co-workers are ALL hitting these numbers, JUST FINE!
          Until about 6 months in, when it was suddenly discovered (after MANY complaints from the management at our retail locations, and an implementationof actual audits of our work!🤨), that the reason my co-workers “were hitting these numbers EASILY!” was because they weren’t actually doing the job, they were just putting the items through without processing any of them….
          One got fired immediately (the one who’d been having “The BEST Numbers!”😒🙄), and the others all got “re trained”…
          never heard anything again, from the “management class” folks about my numbers, after tge audits started.
          I was just told by my direct supervisor, that my accuracy was impeccable (between 99 and 100%), and that while compared to my *time,* everyone else in my department was blowing me out of the water, no one else had an accuracy count above 60%…. so she told me that I COULD get by with being “just a little less thorough😉,” but that they were ALSO going to be kicking all the high-dollar items *my* way, because they knew that I’d CATCH the damaged stuff, making our high-end customers MUCH happier than they currently were.

          • …your story reminds me of someone I know who ended up being asked to be less thorough with the coding they’d been doing because “we pay people to check code & fix bugs & you’re not giving them anything to do…could you maybe just rush a little & occasionally be sloppy instead?”

            …I’m paraphrasing…but the quote is closer to verbatim than you’d think was plausible

          • lol…that last bit is pretty much why me teamlead is keeping me on final quality check and packaging at the moment even tho i refuse to work at anything but me own pace..its very rare anything i ok’d gets a complaint
            (it is tho aparrantly quite common for the powers that be to complain about me taking my time….what they want is higher output and better quality with fewer people and more steps….im not sure what reality they live in..but it aint mine)
            that said starting next week i should be doing the job im actually paid to do at least part time again as the bigly boss has decided everybody should stick to the plans the office has come up with in their infinite wisdom
            should be fun watching the place grind to a halt coz the people designated to packaging arent tall enough to package the larger machines thanks to the new box constructs the office came up with…lol.. (thats the other reason ive been stuck on final check and packaging)

        • Ugh this is such a common scenario, it drives me crazy. Don’t make changes to a process you don’t understand, asshats.
          Theoretically, I’m not opposed to management that didn’t work their way up, as long as they’re intelligent people who will watch and listen (and not just like, one time for an hour, but continuously) to understand things before acting. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case too often. 

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